Looking back at my training logs from my last marathon (Fall 2012) it is amazing how much more base I have this time around.  BTW, I love Running Ahead and how easy it is to keep track of my miles, miles on specific shoes, and to look back over the past weeks, months and years of training.  In 2012, I was coming off a low key summer and did not have a base at all. I just jumped into the marathon training build.  This time, I really focused on my base.  Speed came next, while still putting in more miles.

When the doubt creeps in, I remind myself of this.  I’ve compared long runs and weekly mileage and it really is a BIG difference this time.  I have also done so much more core and other strength stuff.  I sure hope all this is reflected in a big PR in 16 short days!!! :)

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week 4

Race day is 3 weeks from tomorrow. WOW.  I just wrapped on my highest mileage week of training.  The next 3 weeks are taper weeks.  YAY!!  I texted my brother today (he’s a 2:30 marathoner so always had great tips) asking about his taper. I think I tapered too much for my last marathon.  His advice will be another post soon.

I had 58.5 miles for the week.  This was my highest mileage week ever. In my life.  In 2012, I never even cracked 50 miles. This was my 3rd week of 50+.

This week was a bit different – my kids were on spring break so we went out of town for a few days, and my Mom was visiting, so I didn’t have to wake up in the 5am hour AT ALL! I got so spoiled :)  I also did ALL of my miles on the road – no speed on the treadmill.  I opted for 1 tempo run this week, rather than 1 speed & 1 tempo, and focused on getting lots of miles in.

6.5 miles, 8:28 pace

8.1 miles, 8:27 pace
my splits were all over the place – 2 miles slow on trails, 2 miles more steady on the beach, then 4 miles closer to tempo pace on the road

10 miles, 7:23 pace (2 miles were sub 7!) – lots of long rolling hills – great run!!!

6.5 miles, 8:19 pace – found an old logging road to run on – great to be on soft surfaces – ended with a mile on the beach

3.5 miles, 8:20 pace
then 1.25 miles with my 8 year old :) 9:31 pace – a record for her on longest run without stopping! :)

22.6 miles, 8:02 pace
I did a point to point run, which was nice – my amazing husband picked me up :) My legs felt tired basically the whole run – which is understandable.  Yet I ran solid. I ate 2 Gu (60 min in and then again at 105 min) which helped.

I was slack on core work this week. I missed the gym! I need to be better about going it on my own!! My favorite core class also does squats – which I feel I should back of off during the taper. I need to figure out a plan for the next 3 weeks!

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week 5

My plan was to back off ever so slightly this week … but that didn’t seem to happen!  Next week is my last week before the TAPER starts!!!  My body is R E A D Y!  Actually, my mind is even more ready.  I am tired.  Hard to believe Fall 2012 was the last time I trained for a marathon. I forgot how worn out marathon training makes me.   It really is like adding in a part time job.

Another solid week of 50+ miles :)  51.4 miles

6.1 miles, 8:17 pace (I had tummy “issues” during the night, and had to swing by the house after 4.5 miles to use the bathroom but then finished the run. I think my body was MAD at me for what I splurged on aka Easter Candy / bread)

10 miles – speed on the ‘mill
2 miles w/u
5 x mile w/ .25 jogs
6:59 – 6:57 – 6:54 – 6:51 – 6:38
2 mile c/d

8.1 miles, 7:40 pace – intentionally ran hills
it’s amazing what having a Gu before a run does – that little bit of caffeine for this addict and just a big of energy to get me going
yoga – it was a sub teacher and really was more stretching than yoga.  I was bored but it was also probably really good for me :)

8 miles, progressive tempo, on the ‘mill
2 miles w/u, then dropped pace each 2 miles
18:02 – 16:00 – 15:00 – 14:11
CXworx core class (knees were achy during the squats/lunges part)

3.3 miles, super easy, 8:37 pace

16 miles, 8:41 pace
“Best of Seattle” loop
I ran slower than normal so I wouldn’t get lost! :)  It was good to have a relaxing long run though!

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week 6

Several people I have been running with on Saturday mornings have hit their taper for the Boston Marathon. I am not only jealous they are running Boston, but jealous they have reached the taper phase!! I am not far behind though :)

I FINALLY got in a 50+ week!   52.1 miles for the week

5.6 miles, 8:32 pace

woke up early like normal, and it was raining.  I decided to run anyway. But this was not the typical Seattle drizzle/light rain. It was POURING. After 2 miles I felt like I had been swimming, I was soaked and miserable, so I headed in with the plan of going to the gym later to finish on the ‘mill.  I did 5 more miles on the ‘mill, varying the incline. So 7 miles for the day.
CXworx core class – and it was TOUGH this week!!

11 miles on the ‘mill, intervals, 8:12 average pace
2 miles w/u
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:58 – 6:57)
20 min = 2.59 miles = 7:44 avg pace
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:53 – 6:47)
1.5 mile c/d
S P E N T yet H A P P Y :)

5.1 miles, 8:33 pace
legs were tired and heavy and got too late of a start to get in the 6+ I wanted :(
CXworx core class again

3.5 miles – ran 3 miles super easy then did 4 accelerations to flush out my legs

20 miles, 2:48:18, 8:25 pace
slightly slower than last week, but a lot more hills.  A VERY solid long run!!

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week 7

Getting that 1st 20 miler in always feels so good! This week was a bit different since I had done by long run last week on Sunday.  That meant 18.5 miles and 20 miles in a 6 day span.

While I count my weekly miles Monday-Sunday, if I counted my week Sunday-Saturday, I would have had 64.6 miles.

BUT in typical counting, I ran 46.1 miles last week.  I seem to be holding steady in the mid 40’s.  I keep wanting to break 50, but it just isn’t happening.

Monday – rest (after Sunday’s 18.5 miles)

Tuesday – 6.2 miles, 8:34 pace

Wednesday – 7.3 mile tempo. I totally overestimated my ability with this and cut it short – or maybe I quit. But either way, it wasn’t happening. I got a decent run in but not what my goal was…
2 mile w/u, 4 mile “wave tempo” = 29:35 (7:23 average pace)
1/2 miles were 3:45-3:30-3:44-3:28-3:55-3:40-3:59-3:32
plan was 5 miles alternating each 1/2 mile 7:30 pace / 6:58 pace yet couldn’t hold it, slowed a bit, and cut to 4 miles
cooled down 1.25 miles

Thursday – 7.54 miles, 8:03 pace

Friday – 5.06 miles, 8:20 pace

Saturday – 20 miles, 8:18 pace


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week 8

The next 4 weeks are CRUCIAL.  I had a *great* week.  Then Friday late afternoon, I was feeling off. Before bed, I got cold and stayed COLD for hours.  I wasn’t sleeping. Then I got HOT.  I took my temp and it was 100.1. What the bloody shinhj hkherh hkthth?!?!?!  I just got over being sick. I CAN’T be sick again!  I googled running with a fever, got some healthy fear, a lot of frustration, and turned off my alarm.  I woke up Saturday morning with no fever, and feeling so so. I got better as the day went on. So, being the runner I am and having that irrational runner mentality that not running is horrible and will ruin everything, I got all my run stuff ready once again and set my alarm for 5:30am, to get some food in me and be out the door by 6:30 for 18 miles solo.  Knowing my body wasn’t 100% was probably a good thing, because I ran my 18 miles at a comfortable long run pace. Last Saturday’s run was too fast and I hurt for days.  Train to race not race to train.

So here was last week … 46.5 miles

Monday – 5 miles, 8:45 pace
holy moly my legs hurt so dang bad from Saturday – I was slow on the uphills, but downhills hurt SO bad!  Was supposed to run 7 miles, but ain’t no way that was happenin’

Tuesday – 10 miles, intervals, treadmill
2 miles warm up, 3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:20 – 3:17 – 3:19)
20 min @ 7:53 pace – 2.52 miles
jogged 1:30
3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:18 – 3:18 – 3:17)
cool down ~ 1.2 miles
This was a new workout for me – breaking up the intervals like that – it was GOOD!  I was spent but felt awesome by the end!

Wednesday – 6 miles, 8:30 pace
quads finally loosening up

Thursday – 7 miles tempo on the treadmill
2 miles easy warm up, 3 miles tempo (2 miles in 14:59, 1 mile in 6:55)
2 miles solid pace (not cool down pace) ~ 8:15/8:00

Friday – yoga

Saturday – notta

Sunday – 18 miles, 8:22 pace

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week 9

Back at it!

43.4 miles total

Monday – 5 miles, 8:07 pace
Tuesday – speed on the treadmill – 8 miles
2 mile warm up, 6 x 1/2 mile with 2 min jogs, 2 mile cool down
3:20 – 3:15 – 3:18 – 3:17 – 3:13 – 3:07
Wednesday – 6.1 miles, 8:19 pace
planks: 1 min elbow, 1 min each side, 1 min elbow
Thursday – tempo intervals on the treadmill – 8 miles
2 mile warm up, 2 x 2 miles with 2 min jog in-between, 1.5 mile cool down
14:14 and 14:13 (2nd got HARD)
CXworx core class
Friday – yoga
Saturday – 16.3 miles, 7:48 pace
I think I over did it a bit :) 

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