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still going

The road to getting in shape is a long, often not fun road.  I’ve always said “I hate running when I’m not in shape.”   And how do you determine when you are “in shape?”  Compared to people who do not exercise, I am in shape.  Yet I am nowhere near where I’d like to be.  My body feels weak – primarily my lower back and abs.  Pregnancy and a c-section sure do a number on your body.   I’m trying to be consistent in doing core work.  I’m trying even harder to be consistent in my runs.  Here’s what it’s looked like so far as I begin my 6th week of running …

weekly mileage totals of 5.4, 11.4, 12.6, 8.9 and 10.5
I haven’t taken off more than 2 consecutive days (an accomplishment I’m proud of at this point!)

Overall, I’ve been feeling better and better.  There are, of course, those runs that feel like a step backwards. Yet that is normal. You can’t feel good on every run all the time! :)

My biggest issue is when to run and I won’t be able to get into a truly consistent pattern until little Andrew gets into a consistent sleeping pattern. Whether or not I can run in the morning before Jon leaves for work ALL depends on when the little guy wakes up.

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