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As I mentioned, my husband and I (along with a few friends) have an April challenge going – no sugar and 4000 pushups.  9 days in, I’m right on track.  14 push ups ahead of schedule actually :)  My hubs is doing 3 days on, 1 day off to get his total. I am just going for 134 a day.

I like challenges like this – I like the sense of working towards a goal.  Keeps me motivated.

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April’s challenge

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my kids and I just got back from a 2 week road trip.  We visited family and best friends.  And thankfully we call family best friends too! I know that is not always the case and it is something I treasure immensely in our lives.

Our 1st stop was at best friends’ house just up the road in lower Alabama.  While my 3 and her 2 were playing in best friend bliss after not seeing each other since early December, us Mamas were enjoying catching up.  As we talked through my no sugar February, I told her I would love to do it again with her – ya know, for accountability and support.  At this point it’s March 17 and I am on the front end of 2 weeks on the road AND 2 of my kids’ birthdays March 29 & 30.  So April 1 was a logical start date.  She did text me this morning making sure I wasn’t pulling a cruel April Fools joke!!

When I got home a few days ago, as we thoroughly enjoyed A LOT of birthday cake …
DSC_0722(my cakes may not look pretty but you CANNOT go wrong with homemade chocolate icing … you know, chocolate, butter, powdered sugar – and the blue & pink is to make the 3 year old birthday boy on March 29 and 5 year old birthday girl on March 30 both HAPPY with 1 cake! – we’ll see how many years I can get away with 1 cake!)

as I was … eating lots of cake, I asked my hubs if he wanted to do no sugar April with us.  He immediately says, “sure and we do 4000 push ups” – and he was being SERIOUS.  Being competitive and loving a challenge, I say “SURE!!!”

Our discussion was pretty comical as he realizes no sugar means no coke which really means no Jack and coke and over the course of the night he decides if he drinks a Jack & coke he takes a 50 push up penalty. And for the record, no Jack and coke is fine except for the 4 days his boss/really good friend will be staying with us.  Their “thing” is drinking Jack and coke together.

He also says maybe I should aim for 3000 pushups not 4000, which of course makes me go “Oh you watch me I’ll do 4000!!! Wanna make it 5000?!” and then I come back and realize 4000 is plenty and I really may not make it!

Then I realize he’s texting some of our other best friends in PA to get them on board.  Oh and the husband of my friend who I started this with is on board – he and my hubs really are attempting 5000 pushups.  Our PA friends are doing the push ups but not the no sugar.

Anyway, I love it! I’m crazy and I love a challenge and reaching a goal and having friends involved just makes it PERFECT!! :)

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season in review

Looking back at my “season” – it’s been long, fun, successful – and no wonder my body is tired and excited about some down time of just running rather than training.

I have set PRs in every distance I have raced – 5K, 4 mile, 10K, 15K, half marathon and marathon.

I started my training build up for the Pensacola Marathon back in mid July.  After the marathon in November, I took a week off and then ran easy for about 3 weeks.  I then ramped it back up training for the Seaside Half Marathon.  After Seaside in March, I took a week off and the jumped right back in with intervals training for the spring 5Ks and Gate to Gate.

It has been a FUN year!  And yes, my body is ready for a break! I know I need a break to become a better runner and lower my PRs even more.  At the same time, taking a break is a bit scary.  This past year has been the most intense and most successful and it’s hard to not to feel like I’ll loose it all if I back off.  I know that’s not true – it’s just hard to trust it some times!  I’ve been very blessed in that my only breaks have been during my 3 pregnancies.

I still have not decided what the plan for the Fall is – in part because I do not know where we’ll be living!  If we stay put, I have my eye on the Huntsville Marathon on December 8th, with Boston to follow in Spring 2014.  If we move to who knows where, I’ll have to wait and see what races are possibilities.

Regardless, June will be a month of lower mileage, focusing on core and strength.  July, I’ll start building my mileage back up.  August will bring tempo and speed workouts.

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Heritage Museum 5K

Several friends and I ran a small local 5K on Saturday.  Several of our kids did the 1 mile run as well.  It was fun to share a race with friends!

This was my first 5K since June of last year, and this spring I have been training much more focused on 5Ks, so I knew a PR was possible.   My speed workout has been specifically geared towards 5K paces – I’ve been doing it at 6 min pace, which would be 18:38 5K.

Going out, we were running into a nasty wind coming in off the water.  My legs were feeling heavy and I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen.  There were 3 guys in front of me.  I hit mile 1 in 5:53 – no wonder my legs felt heavy!  That was exactly where I wanted to be.  Just before the turnaround, I pass a guy and am closing on the next guy.  The leader is enough out in front that I know I’ll never see him.  I pull even with the guy in 2nd and we run together.  Mile 2 is 6:05 – a bit slower than I wanted but still in good shape.  I love having someone to work with!  I pull ahead probably around 2.75 miles.  I was pretty sure he’d have a good kick.  Sure enough, when we round the corner for the final stretch, he bolts past me.

I hit the line in 18:39!  Exactly the pace I’ve been training for – and a 15 second PR!!

I felt really good, and honestly felt like I had a bit left that I could have used in that last mile.   Normally I finish a 5K and think “Ugh I hated that! I hate 5Ks! Never again!”  But this time it was “Wow, when’s the next?!”  I guess the speed workouts are working!! :)

And I guess I need to start doing speed workouts at a 5:55 pace (18:22 5K).

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Spring plan

The Seaside Half Marathon was a serious HIGH for me.  I floated on cloud 9 for several days.  Actually, until the throw up bug knocked me and the kids out.  My body was whipped.  Every part of my body was sore – even my arms!  And then being sick, I had ZERO energy, and was forced to rest a few more days than I wanted or planned.  Which was good!

My loose plan has been to do some local 5Ks (had hoped for a 10K this weekend but based on recent runs and lack there of, it isn’t worth it), ending with the Billy Bowlegs on June 1 where I hope to defend my title from last year!

I’ll then back off for the summer.  Fall is undecided.  Partly because my body is tired and I don’t know if I’ll be ready to train for a Fall marathon.  I wonder if it makes more sense to spend the Fall building, and then train for a Spring marathon (hopefully Boston!!!).  Yet also, I’m not even sure where we’ll be living this Fall – could be still here in FL, or could be anywhere.  So it’s a bit hard to plan.  So back to focusing on the present – hopefully a 5K PR this Spring!!!!

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what’s next?

It’s been almost a month since the Pensacola Marathon. I took a full week off.  Since then, I’ve been taking it easy.  Running about 4 days a week, not too hard, not too far.  I’ve needed this break – physically and mentally.  Next week is my last week of down time, and then I plan to pick it back up, training for 2 races … Pensacola Double Bridge 15K on February 2 and Seaside Half Marathon on March 3.  I am still chasing that [somewhat] elusive sub-1:30 half marathon, so that will be my focus as I train.

In an attempt to reach that goal, and to be stronger in general, I plan to add more core and strength work.  I’m the first to admit it – I am a slacker when it comes to any exercise but running!  I rarely stretch, rarely do core, and never do leg stuff.

My initial leg routine is this: 20 squat-jumps, 30 lunges (with weights), 40 single leg toe touches, 50 second wall set, 100 second jumping jacks, 50 second wall set, 40 toe touches, 30 lunges (with weights), 20 squats (with weights).  I could barely walk for 3 days after the first time I did this!  The 2nd time went much better :)  My goal is twice a week.  Plus twice a week for core.

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65 hours

In just over 65 hours, the gun will fire for the start of the Pensacola Marathon.  It’s amazing to look back at my training log and know that I have done everything in my power to be ready.  While yes there have been runs I have cut short and goal times I haven’t met, overall, I have stuck to my plan pretty darn well.

In my previous 2 marathons (Feb and April 2008), I trained with other people for a lot of it.  This time, it’s all been on my own.  That is a pretty cool feeling.  Yet don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer to have people to run with – but the 1 person I’ve found to run with in this small town (who is an amazing training partner) – had knee surgery this Fall.

So I’m resting my legs as much as possible, stretching, staying hydrated, and seeking to make every calorie I eat to be a calorie my body can use for good (which is HARD with our bucket full of Halloween candy!!!)

As for my time on Sunday – I’ll be happy with a PR (3:29:58), but I REALLY want to break 3:20. That’s my high goal.  Training’s done.  All that’s left is to run a SMART race!

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