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going the distance

You’ll notice on the side bar, I have 2 sites that I like.  My brother just told me about the GMAP measuring tool.  I’d used in the past … but is better!  It’s a great tool to plan a run.  On Wednesday, I used it to map out a run.  It said it was 4.25 miles.  When I ran it, my Ipod chipsaid the distance was 4.18 miles.  Only .07 difference between the 2 on a hilly course – not bad!  Now I might think otherwise on a 20 mile run when I thought I should be done but had .35 miles to go! Yet all said, I was impressed at how close the 2 were.

I do like running with my Ipod chip – it not only tracks distance, but pace per mile.  Being a type-A runner, I like to know my pace about as much as my distance.  And I never say, oh I’m going to go on a 30 minute run. I always set a specific distance. It gives me more motivation to push myself – the faster I’ll run the sooner I’ll be done! (I drove my highschool teammates C R A Z Y with that philosophy)


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the week

I felt like a real runner this week. I still have a ways to go before I am in good shape – but this week I finally felt like I am getting there.  I ran 4 days this week, 16.66 miles total – my highest week in a long long time. None of the runs were spectacular, but all were good.  I have decided that I need to drag my butt out of bed in the mornings to take advantage of the cooler temps.  Wednesday afternoon I felt like I was stumbling in the heat near the end of my run – not safe on Scenic Hwy!

This blog will get more exciting once my team comes back and coaching ramps up.  I’m excited to be able to run with the girls. Last Fall, being pregnant, I would run with my faster girls on their easy days. It’ll be fun to work hard with them this year! That’s 1 of the things I love about coaching – going out and doing the tough workouts with them. It’s motivating for the girls and it’s good for me!

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As I’ve been getting back in shape, a hurtle I’ve wanted to clear is to run over 5 miles.  I finally did today – and overall, felt good.  I did feel like I was towing a truck behind me the last 1/2 mile, but that’s ok. Running through that is how you get in shape.  It’s both sad and inspiring to know that in the Spring of 2008, I ran the same route in 36:51 (7:05 pace) and today it took me 44:21 (8:31 pace).  I’ll get there!!

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Why this blog

I have our family blog which mostly chronicals our 2 little girls and family life – and let’s be honest, people who check it want to see pictures of the girls! – not hear about my running adventures.  Yet I want a place where I can talk about 1 of my passions! So this blog is mainly for me, yet I invite 1 and all to pop in any time and read about my latest runs.  I’ll probably talk about other things from time to time as well.

I’ve been a runner since I was 12 years old. It came naturally to me.  Over the years, I’ve gone through highs and lows, as you do in any long term commitment.  At times loving running, at times hating it, at times taking extended breaks.  I am in a time of loving it.  Before I became pregnant with our oldest daughter I was saying that once I got pregnant, I would hang up my running shoes and retire.  Quite the opposite has happened! Since having Sarah in December 2006, I have fallen back in love with running – more so than any other time in my life!   I ran my first 2 marathons in 2008 – Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville Beach in Febraury and Boston 8 short weeks later. I hope there are more marathons in my future! My next goal is the Philly Half Marathon in Novemember.  I’ve never raced a 1/2 (I jumped from a 10 mile race to the marathon!) so I’d like to give it a shot.

Running Boston was the most incredible running experience ever.  Everyone told me “you don’t PR in Boston” and I told people I wasn’t aiming to – I was just excited to be running! The week of the marathon, my husband called my bluff.  I’m competitive (an understatement).  Of course I was going for a PR.  And I did :) I ran 3:29:58 – bettering my previous time from 8 weeks prior by 3 minutes and 34 seconds. Shew.   The picture on the top of the page is from the final stretch of the Boston Marathon.

We had 2nd daughter 3 months ago. I ran much longer into Cora’s pregnancy than Sarah’s, and gained 10-15 less pounds.  Thus, I’ve been able to jump back in much quicker this time.  While I hate being out of shape, it has been such a joy to “be back out there” running again!


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