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weekly recap / May 9-15

Last week was a solid week! – 41.2 miles

6.05 miles, 50:18, 8:19 pace
BodyPump* at the gym

8 miles, 1:01:46, 7:43 pace
(it sure is easier to run a bit faster at 9am not 5am and on a flat trail not our hilly neighborhood!)
CxWorx** core class at the gym

4.1 miles, 34:29, 8:24 pace

8 miles, 1:03:44, 7:57 pace
(great run for 5am in the ‘hood!)
75 minute hot yoga
(it was 106 in the yoga studio – I was struggling! 8 miles + yoga may have been a bit much in 1 day!)

off – had a doc appt that I had to fast for, so took the day off :)

15 miles, 2:07:19, 8:30 pace
gravel roads and trails, lots of hills

*BodyPump is a 60 minute weights class
**CxWorx is a 30 minute core class that focuses on abs, quads and glutes

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Another class I am liking at the gym is Body Attack.  After Saturday’s race, I took Sunday off, and Monday ran an easy 4 miles in my neighborhood (which this deserves a post of it’s own, but I live in a hilly neighborhood!! – so easy basically means slow).

From the gym website, this is the description:

BODYATTACK is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. 

It’s an hour class and really is a GREAT workout.  It’s mostly on your feet cardio, but has 2 sections of core (including plans & push ups) and squats.  The cardio is lots of jumping, leg kicks, running, all while having your arms moving in coordinating ways.  I’ve been doing this class once a week fairly consistently for about 4 weeks – and I must say I have come along way.  At times I have to stop and think RIGHT leg, LEFT arm – GO.  But it is coming more and more naturally.  Shew! I have looked like a FOOL enough!!! :)

I am doing these classes for variety, and in hopes that they will help my running from the agility/strength/core improvement AND hoping that changing up my routine will help me shed the extra 5 pounds that seem to have taken up permanent residence on my body over the last year.

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Intervals and heart rate comparison

Yesterday I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, doing 4 min hard 1 min recovery.

My recoveries were at 9:13 pace and zero incline.

I did 1 interval at 1.5 incline, but realized that was a bit over zealous if I was aiming for speed.  I did the rest at 1.0 incline (I’ve read – and it makes sense – that running on the treadmill you should do an incline of 0.5 or 1.0 to compensate for how easy the ‘mill is compared the roads).  My pace started at 7:30 for my 4 min on, and I progressed to 7:19, 7:03, 6:58 and my last 1 kicked my tail at 6:53.

I am just now getting back into intervals for the first time since LAST spring (as in Spring 2013).  I can definitely tell my speed is really lacking. I also want to start realistic because I am pretty sure part of how I got hurt last Fall was attempting to pick back up doing inverts at the same pace I had left off at 3 months earlier (that and the wrong shoe for my foot type).

I mentioned in my last post about the Body Combat class that my only negative was that my heart rate averaged 120 BPM with 158 being my max.  In comparison, during my run yesterday, in 48 minutes, my average was 166 BPM with 186 my max.  I love running :)

*side note – I started wearing a heart rate monitor at the gym because my husband’s company does a wellness program where if we document exercise, we get points, and the following year you get a discount on your health insurance premium based on points accumulated in the previous year.  The 2 easiest ways to document exercise are a GPS watch (which I use running) and a heart rate monitor when at the gym.  BUT I have come to really like/appreciate the heart rate monitor because it is good accountability to keep working hard.

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Body Combat

We recently joined a gym here, and classes are included in the flat membership fee.  I have really enjoyed going to various classes (classes cost extra at our gym in FL so this is all new to me).  It’s fun to add in variety, and it’s helping kick my butt back into shape.

Today I tried BodyCombat.  Here’s the description from the website:

BODYCOMBAT is a non-contact, martial arts-based fitness program with moves drawn from karate, taekwondo,kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai and tai chi.

I liked it.  The instructor was really good – very high energy, easy to hear, and gave clear instructions for proper form.  And I needed all the instruction I could get!!  Moving my arms and legs together in sync is REALLY hard for me. I have no rhythm. I can’t dance.  It’s comical and frustrating.  Yet it’s 1 of the reasons I am doing classes like this – to force my brain to make my body work together.

What I didn’t like is that my heart rate just didn’t get that high. In the hour class, my average was 120 BPM, with my max 158 and only 18 minutes in my fitness zone (aka cardio).  Yet I can tell my muscles got a good workout – 12 hours out and I am feeling sore!  I am curious if I get better in learning the moves, if my heart rate will stay up more.

All that to say, I will definitely go back.

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morning at the gym

I was *NOT* feeling it this morning.  Actually, I wasn’t feeling it last night either.  I’m not alone in this right?! Some days I am so ready and motivated … other days it feels like such a chore.

I had wanted to put my younger 2 kids in the bike trailer and go for a ride – to enjoy being outside. Yet the forecast for today is RAIN.  So last night, I debated risk it and hope the forecast is wrong and we go for a bike ride OR suck it up and get up early to get myself to the gym.    

[side note – our gym has a hair salon in the same building and they share child care – GENIUS! – but you are allowed 2 hours max a day in child care and I am getting my hair cut today and I love the girl who cuts it but she is sloooow so I am using my child care time to get my hair cut today – so it was gym early today or no gym]

So last night, I reluctantly got my stuff together for an early morning gym.  

My early went off at 5am and I dragged myself out of bed.  Even with a BIG ole cuppa coffee, I was still dragging into the gym.  

My plan was to do 60 minutes on the spin bike.  Our gym only has 2 spin bikes in the cardio room.  1 I like. The other has a different seat and I feel like I am falling forward the whole time.  Well, the 1 I like happened to be broken.  So instead of 60 minutes of feeling I was falling off the seat, I opted for 40 minutes.

It took everything in me to stay on that dang bike for 40 minutes. Everything in me wanted to get off, and lay on the near by mat to “stretch.”  

Yet of course, now I am thankful I at least stuck it out for the 40 minutes.  

Question – how do you motivate yourself on one of these days when you’re just not feeling it?  

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the week

Here is last week’s recap …

4.2 miles, 35:40 (8:30 pace)

60 minute spin bike (kicked my tail!!!)
core work – push ups, Russian twists, planks, BOSU ball squats, single leg deadliest, pikes … I think that’s it :)

4 miles, 34:28 (8:37 pace) legs were sore from yesterday!
Pilates – y’all (yes I am Southern), I’ve hit the Pilates jackpot! – a mom of a girl in my middle’s preschool class is a certified Pilates instructor and used to own her own studio.  She sold it once she started having kids.  She’s been wanting to get back into instructing, but does not want to work and wants to give back – so on Wednesday she gives FREE private 30 minute workouts!!! – she has her stabilizer table in her playroom, so my youngest comes with me and plays while I get a great workout.  It is AMAZING.  I’m loving it!

was going to do incline walk on the treadmill, but I felt a bit of twinge in my foot too close to the injury site, so I fought my [need] for cardio and got off the treadmill :(
did PT bands and this core workout

3.53 mile run, 30:07 (8:31 pace)


rest again – was going to run but I’ve been feeling a bit more weird soreness in my foot than I’d like, so opted for another day to rest it.

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the week

It feels weird posting a weekly report without a count down to a race.  Hopefully I’ll do some local 5Ks this spring – it’ll depend on what time my girls have soccer games on Saturday mornings :)

Anyway … here’s the week ~

road bike ~21 miles, 1.5 hours – a friend kept her old bike as an extra, so I borrowed that to ride with her.  Only my 2nd time ever to road bike – I really like it!!

3.65 mile run, 30:07 (8:16 pace)
weights – bicep curls, single and standard dead lifts, pulls ups, dips, push ups, planks, sit ups

gym – incline walk on treadmill for ~13 minutes, waiting for a spin bike to open up …
30 minute spin bike
PT bands exercises, push ups, abs

3.8 miles, 32:12 (8:30 pace)

incline walk treadmill – 30 minutes, 2 miles
weights & abs – can’t remember all I did but I sure am SORE!

4.3 miles, 34:58 (8:08 pace)

(incline walk treadmill is 1 of my attempts to get cardio and strengthen my foot without the impact of running – I set the incline anywhere from 10-13 and walk at 4.0-4.1 MPH – and I’m telling ya – my heart rate is UP and I feel it in my butt and hamstrings!!)

After 6 days straight, I am excited about my REST day tomorrow!!!

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