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best way to kill a blog :)

I know the curse of death with a blog is to have a gap with no posts.  And that’s what I’ve done!  Between cutting off our internet at home, PACKING, Christmas and thoroughly enjoying family being in town … posts have been out the window!

I have been running though!  Trying to hit 500 miles by Thursday.  That would be 500 miles since Cora’s birth – my 1st run after she was born was May 13, about 6 weeks after my c-section.  I have 6.7 miles to go, so I should make it!  I plan to run easy tomorrow, and then do the New Year’s Eve race (4 miles) with Jamey and Dana.

Once we get settled in Florida, I’ll get back in a rhythm with posting.  I have registered for Chattanooga’s half marathon at the end of February.  I was thinking about the Atlanta marathon in mid March, but that is soon and I don’t think I’d be as ready as I’d like, so I am really seriously thinking about Nashville in April.  I’ve heard it’s a fun one!

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I read a quote recently that said something along the lines of never wanting to view running as something I have to do, but rather something I GET do to.  God has given me a strong, healthy body that is able to run!  That is a gift that I never want to take lightly!  (He has also given me a husband that is supportive, even if it means he is awake by 6am with sweet Cora)

(but let’s be honest, there are also times when I do feel I have to run – like after I eat multiple Little Debbies in 1 day – food like that is such a curse!!!!!!)

I have run 452 miles since Cora was born, and I had really hoped to hit 500 miles by the end of the year.  Only 48 miles to go in 15 days. Very do able.  But I’m frustrated.  First, I had a brief (like 6 hour) version of the flu over the weekend that left me feeling really run down.  Then, I rolled my dang ankle AGAIN this morning. I caught a pothole by Point Park, thus running about 2.5 more miles on it back to my car.  I was so frustrated.  Am so frustrated.  48 miles in the next 2 weeks now seems impossible.

I’ve been praying today, asking the Lord to give me better perspective.  As I said in the beginning of this post, I GET TO RUN!  I’ll bounce back from this ankle soon.  Jon has a compressed disk in his back and can’t even be on his feet for too long right now. Lots of other people have worse things than that.  So in reality, thank you Lord that a weak ankle is the worst of my complaints!

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DEGREES.  21 degrees this morning as I ran.  That’s cold!  It’s also invigorating!  I will say the guys are typically a chatty group, yet it was pretty quiet this morning for the 1st part of the run and we all seemed to be breathing a lot heavier than normal.

Running in this cold makes you feel tough and hard-core :)

There is a part of cold weather running that I love and will so miss in Florida.

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I like consistency. I preach it all the time to my team. Be consistent.  Run even splits in races, in practice, etc.  While I like all of that in my own running (and strive for it), I also like consistency in the days I run.  In 2007, when I was first getting back into good shape after being pretty slack for several years, I realized that I needed set days in which I ran.  If I would “just wait and see” if I had time, it would not happen.  Thus, I picked set days where I would run.  So simple; yet revolutionary!

Now that cross-country season is over, I’ve struggled with my consistency again.  All we’ve had going on, travelling,  and Cora’s sleep has made it hard to pick set days.  Yet thankfully, my lull in motivation has passed!  While nothing in daily life is going to be consistent as we pack and move, I am striving for running to be.    I often run with a fun group of guys on MWF and then run long on Saturday.  So that’s the “plan” for the next few weeks.

Of course all this will get tossed around once we move.  I’m really going to miss the routes, varied terrain, and fellow running buddies.  Florida is so FLAT. I’m going to be ruined.

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Wow, what has happened to me?  I still haven’t run a step since the half marathon.  Cora’s sleep habits are the biggest culprit.  I’m fine with getting up early, but there is early and there is crazy. She’s been waking up by 6am, so to run and be home by then would be CRAZY. Seriously. That’d be like 4:30am.  We’re trying to figure out her sleep and figure out how to get her to sleep a bit later – not out of selfishness (well not entirely) but because she seems to be exhausted all the time (she’s down for her 3rd nap of the day right now).


Taking this much time off is a good reminder that running truly does help with my stress level – so with preparing to move to Florida in 5 weeks, I need to be running!!!  Because let’s be honest, the stress level is pretty high right now.

I do plan to run a 4 mile race on New Years Eve, and another half marathon in late February. And maybe a marathon in mid March. But we’ll see about that!


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