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it’s a lifestyle

I’ve been running with a local running club on Saturday mornings.  I have really enjoyed it – it’s great to run with people, and the group rotates through locations, so I’ve run in so many new places that I wouldn’t go on my own!

Last Saturday I ran with 2 guys – it was a 14 mile loop ALL THROUGH Seattle (it was AMAZING – and if I had gotten separated from the group I NEVER would have found my car again!!!).  During the run 1 of the guys asked if we were training for any races.  The other guy is running Boston for his 1st time in April.  I said I plan to run Eugene (rates go up Sunday – TIME TO REGISTER!).  I asked him if he was training for anything, and he said he had a few races planned but “it’s a lifestyle.” Meaning, staying in shape, keeping up with long runs – it’s a lifestyle choice even when not specifically training for something.

YES!!!! It is my lifestyle too. A lifestyle I choose and am committed to.  

It’s a lifestyle I want to maintain long after my days of setting new PRs are over.  I run because I like how it makes me feel, clears my head, I love the camaraderie of other runners, and so many more reasons that sum up my lifestyle. 

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week 16

Another solid week.  Normally I take either Wednesday or Thursday off and cross train.  But my husband was out of town last Monday AND the kids had off school AND they were recovering from the tummy bug, so I figured going to the gym wasn’t a good idea.  I took Sunday and Monday off, so ran Tuesday through Saturday.  I hadn’t run 5 days in a row since before I was injured last fall.  My legs/body handled it surprisingly well.

Weekly total – 36.3 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles on the treadmill (husband still out of town) – 39:55.  I CAN’T run easy on the ‘mill – I get way too bored!  So I started at an easy pace and slowly dropped down – 8:30 pace down to 6:47.
CXworx core class.
Wednesday – 6 miles in the ‘hood – 49:00 – 8:08 pace
100 pushups
Thursday – intervals – 7.5 miles total
1.5 miles warm up, 3 x mile (set treadmill to 6:58, 6:49. 6:44) with 1/2 mile in between
After the last mile/recovery did 1/4b@ 4 incline @ 6:58 pace, 1/4 mile recov, 1/4 @ 6:15 pace
3/4 mile cool down. I was SPENT :)
60 push ups
Friday – 4.26 miles, 36:09, 8:30/pace
50 push ups
Saturday –  13.5 miles, 1:50:31, 8:11 pace
GREAT run!!! It was a huge loop all through downtown Seattle!

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week 17

Another solid week down.  It was a hard week in other areas, and running (as usual) was my much needed therapy.  One of my high school coaches, Van Townsend, died of cancer Monday afternoon.  He was the guys’ coach (coached my brother his senior year) but my senior track season, he coached me along with his group of distance running guys.  I needed people to push me in workouts, and that group was perfect.  I still remember workouts Van asked me to do and about falling down at the thought. With zero doubt he knew I could do them, and did them I did.  Well.  Again and again.  And my race times dropped.  By the end of the season, I finally had an individual state championship to my name (1600 meters), a school record, and a big PR (5:15).

34.8 miles for the week

Monday – 5.3 miles/7:47 pace, 100 push ups
Tuesday – 6.1 miles – intervals on the treadmill – 1.5 mile warm up, 4 min on / 1 min off, (6:58 pace, 9:13 pace), 5 min cool down, CXworx core class
WednesdayBodyCombat class
Thursday – 6.1 mile/8:28 pace (2 running buddies from back home were in town just for 1 night and it was SO FUN having people to run with so early in the morning!)
Friday – 5 miles/8:27 pace
Saturday – 12.3 miles on trails (Redmond Watershed Reserve)

I think I’m going to bite the bullet and sign up for Eugene this week. I *think*

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week 18 (or week 1)

I like to count down my weeks in a training plan … so last week was week 18 … 18 weeks until the Eugene Marathon.  I haven’t registered yet, but plan to (95% sure anyway) before the price increase at the end of the month.

With past marathons, I followed a very detailed training plan – I knew what to run each day because it was on the plan!  This time around, I have an idea and want to stick to an over arching template, but not a precise plan.  I want to train harder, and smarter.

My speed is definitely lacking, so for the next 6 weeks or so I intend to do weekly speed workouts. Then I will start alternating speed and tempo runs.  If I feel like my body can handle it, I may do speed and tempo each week.

This will also be my 1st marathon where I’ll be cross training and doing core & other strength training consistently.  After I ran the Pensacola Marathon in November ’12, my lower back hurt more than anything else.  It was a huge wake up call that if I want to run a fast marathon, I need to train my ENTIRE body.  That spring I did a lot of strength training and crushed my half marathon PR by over 4 minutes.

So here is what my 1st week of non comital yet intentional marathon training looked like:

Monday – 5.1 miles on treadmill – progression run because I was getting bored :) – 8:18 pace average
Tuesday – 6 miles intervals on treadmill – 1.5 mile warm up, 30 min of 2 min on/1 min off, 1/2 mile cool down AND CXworx core class (30 min total core workout)
Wednesday – easy 4 miles, 8:36 pace
ThursdayBodyAttack class
Friday – 4.3 miles, 8:25 pace
Saturday – 11.3 miles, 8:26 pace
Sunday – rest

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