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Seaside Half Marathon

Last Sunday, I ran the Seaside Half Marathon for the 2nd year in a row.  And I was 2nd again.  Yet this year could not have been more different! Last year I was sick and still managed to run 1:31:53 – only 18 seconds off my PR from 2010.

So this year … It was COLD!  Temps in the 30s and windy!  After getting warm in the Pensacola race a month ago, I bought arm sleeves to wear with my tank, and wore compression socks with shorts.

Lisa and I start off tucked in with a pack of 3 women and 3 men.  The 3 men are “pacing” 1 of the women with a sub-1:30 goal.  That was our goal too, and given the WIND, we were content to tuck in with them.

Mile 1 = 6:45. Perfect.

Mile 2 = 6:55.  I got nervous about slowing too much.  2 girls had pulled away.  We pulled ahead of the girl with her 3 guys pacing.

Mile 3 = 6:50.  Right where I wanted to be.  Lisa was hoping to be closer to 7 min miles and I could tell she was a bit nervous by the pace.

Mile 4 = 6:48.  I was feeling great and new I needed to go for it.  I pulled away from Lisa and started closing on the 2 lead women over the next 2 miles.  Mile 5 & 6 were 6:45 and 6:41.  I was steadily closing.  I pulled even with them as we approached the turn around.  Being an out and back, I knew they’d see me as we turned so wanted to be even with them rather than them ahead, see me closing, and get energized to pull away.  It worked – they were surprised.

The 3 of us girls ran even for a bit and then 1 of the girls fell back.  The other girl pulled right on my shoulder.  Yes, she drafted. Big time. And I got mad. I tried to slow to let her take the lead, but she slowed.  I surged and she matched it.  She was seriously driving me insane.  Yet I didn’t want to slow too much and sacrifice my time.  So I kept telling myself to run my race and not worry about her. Easier said than done!!!

Miles 7-11 were  6:34 – 6:37 – 6:37 – 6:34 – 6:44.

I kept thinking I needed to pull away but just couldn’t.  I was also internally beginning to freak out about my time!

Mile 11 – 6:21. She was still right with me.

Mile 12 – 6:21. We were killing it!

We’re coming through Watercolor, I see the 1/2 mile to go sign, and I think I am pulling away ever so slightly.  This is my day I think!  HOLY FREAKING COW.  She turned on rockets and dropped me like no body’s business!  And honestly, at that point, I didn’t even care. I had NOTHING left and simply fought to get to the finish line.  Apparently I looked right at my family but I have no recollection of seeing them.


For real, I could NOT believe it!  I had gotten 2nd by a mere 13 seconds – but I had run a 4+ minute PR!!!  3 years and baby #3 later – I SMASHED my PR from 2010!

Leading up to the race, all I could think about was sub-1:30.  Looking at the McMillian calculator from my 15K time, it predicted a 1:28:40 and I thought oh that’s not possible!!

So to run 1:27:22 – a 6:40 pace – I was over the moon!  Yes, wining would have been awesome and it getting 2nd 2 years in a row is a bit of a dud, but I’ll take it!  I know I gave it every single ounce in me and had absolutely nothing left.

This race is probably tied with Boston for my favorite race ever :)


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Pensacola Double Bridge 15K

For the 3 years we’ve lived here for this race, I’ve always had a reason an excuse not to run it.  So over Christmas, I didn’t want to wait and decide not to, so I went ahead and registered.

Race time was 7am.  It starts in downtown Pensacola, and you run over 2 bridges, ending in Pensacola Beach.  Being a point to point race, you park near the finish line, and take a shuttle to the start.  Shuttles ran 5am-6am.  So I had to leave the house by 4am to be safe.  So I was up at 3:30am to eat my standard pre-race oatmeal and banana with peanut butter.

Thank goodness they have a bag check at the start because it was a cold morning (mid 30’s and windy).  I went back and forth about what to race in, but ended up going with shorts, compression socks, and a long sleeve shirt.  By mid race, I was really wishing for a short sleeve shirt!

I had a long shot goal of being under an hour, but between the wind and the hills of the bridge, new it was a LOOOOONG shot.

I (in my typically not always so smart tendency) went out hard.  Apart from the 3 elites gunning for the price money, there was only 1 girl ahead of me.   I caught her early on the 1st bridge (which is 3+ miles long).  I had slowed a bit, but was running a strong pace.

Coming off bridge 1, I didn’t realize how much ground was covered before bridge 2.  The only silver lining of that stretch was TONS of crowd support.  That’s always a huge boost for me!

BUT … mid way across that stretch I hear a pack of people closing on me and dang it, a girl is with them.  They pull away a bit.  A guy comes up on my shoulder and starts (in a great way) encouraging me that she is mine, I can get her, use the hills, etc … I’d close on her a bit, and then she’d pull away a bit.

I never could get her. She ended up beating me by 21 seconds. But I will say, that guy encouraging me was huge. It kept me in the fight.

I finished in 1:01:37 – so I was very happy with the race!  That’s a 6:37 pace.  So only 8 seconds per mile slower than my 10K and under my goal half marathon pace for Seaside coming up a month later.

I was the 5th woman overall – and 2nd of the non “invited elites” – so in my book, that’s kind of like 2nd overall :)

And I must say, the Double Bridge run is a top-notch road race – they do things right and do things well.  If we’re still living here next year, I definitely want to do it again!

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NWF Ballet 10K

I ran a local 10K on January 19th. I felt I needed a “kick start” to my training and help getting back in my racing mind.  A year ago I was coming off a rough patch of training and did a 10K in 42:15.  I knew I was a lot stronger then than, so was hoping for at least under 41, with a major long shot goal of sub-40.

The 5K and 10K started together and a girl TOOK off.  I was definitely happy when she turned around at the 5K turnaround :)  From basically 1 mile in, I was running alone.

I finished in 40:15.  6:28 pace.  So not only was it 2 while minutes faster than a year ago – I ran it alone almost the whole way!  As much as sub 40 would have been GREAT, I was super happy!

The best part of the day was when I got my award – and saw that it included 2 FREE nights at a local high end beach front resort!! I seriously almost cried!  They block it out during the tourist season (March-August) so we’re booked for a weekend in late September :)

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catching up

A lot A LOT A LOT has happened since my last post.  While my updates fell off the cliff, my running did not.  In late December, I started increasing miles and intensity.  It was a great stretch of consistent training and racing.   I’ve run 3 races in 2013 – a 10K on January 19, a 15K on February 2 and a half marathon on March 3 – and all were PRs.

Race reports are coming soon!!

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