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I miss writing, processing, using my brain for something besides household management. So here I am, back in this space.

Boston 2017 was a heartbreaking, soul searching, hard experience. Yet still incredible because it’s Boston.  From mile 11 or so to mile 19, all I could think of was GET TO 19. I knew I would see my friend’s mom and I was fully planning on getting in her car and quitting.  When I saw her, I walked to her and buried my face in my hands crying.  I said I wanted to be done, cried again and said I’ve never quit a race. It’s true. I’ve never quit. I thought, how will I explain to my kids that I quit because it was hard and I hurt. I was mentally defeated, but not physically. I decided I WOULD finish.  Even if I walked the last 7 miles.  I started walking, and soon was running.  For the next 7 miles, I RAN.  I allowed myself to walk the water stops, but ran the rest.  I even felt ok up the hills.

I finished in 3:51:11.  My slowest marathon by 17 minutes and 22 minutes behind my training partner who I ran step for step with for the bulk of the training cycle.

There was nothing explicitly wrong. It just wasn’t my day. While I can point to things in my training and race day that I did differently that probably weren’t smart, the biggest culprit was ME.

After Boston, I took a mental and physical break. I ran because it’s what I do. Yet I was inconsistent, and that was what I needed.  If I missed days, it didn’t matter.  When we traveled over the summer, I didn’t always run. It was exactly what I needed.

Now that school has started for my kids and life is in more of a routine, I am working on consistency.  My biggest goal right now is all the other stuff.  Weights, PLYO type workouts, core, etc – strengthening all the other muscles that enable me to run better and faster.

Right now, I’m running 4 days a week, mileage in the upper 20’s.  I’m planning to run 4 days a week at least through October, perhaps longer.  Through the end of December, the goal is strength.  Starting in January, I plan to add in speed.

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Training for this Ragnar Ultra (6 person team instead of 12 person) I am planning to run a few weeks of doubles, and/or evening run followed up a morning run.  I’ve signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon on June 18 so I won’t do doubles that week (I’m not going to taper, just back off to more normal).  So that leaves 3-4 weeks for doubles before I start tapering.

I ran a tempo run on the treadmill yesterday morning and then an easy run yesterday evening, and ran again this morning.  I plan to run tomorrow afternoon/evening and then again Friday morning.

I am very much taking it 1 week at a time, as well as having to balance all the end of the school year activities for my family.  So we’ll see what next week holds :)

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Week 10 recap

I felt a bit more tired last week, but overall still really good.  I am going to back off a bit this week, and then ramp back up again the next week.

50.4 miles total

6.11 miles, 49:46, 8:09 pace
75 min hot yoga

9 miles, 1:09:22, 7:41 pace
ran with my new running buddy, yay :)  it’s SO GOOD to get this longer than normal week day run in and even better at such a great pace :)

5.02 miles, 42:02, 8:23 pace
Pilates DVD*

9 miles on the ‘mill – 1 mile w/u, 8 miles @ CMP = 59:36, 7:27 pace

5.21 miles, 42:56, 8:15 pace
arms DVD*

16.05 miles, 2:06:47, 7:54 pace
the 1st 8 miles or so were 7:30s, then slowed to closer to 8s, except for mile up the Powerline Trail (RIDICULOUS hill) was 9:10. VERY solid long run!

*all my DVDs are the 21 day fix extreme workouts

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Week 11 recap

I am feeling really good right now.  Actually, I am pretty amazed at how well my body is handling how much I am running.  I am fairly confident it is from the things besides running I have been doing – weights & yoga.

47.1 miles for the week

5 miles EASY, 43:03, 8:36 pace
legs (and whole body) were sore from skiing Sunday!!!

8 miles, 1:01:45, 7:43 pace
ran with my new running buddy!

5.26 miles, 43:52, 8:21 pace
legs were tired but better than I thought
75 minute hot yoga class

9 miles on the treadmill – 5 x mile, plus warm up & cool down
1:11:11 total time, 7:55 average

1.5 miles warm up – 13:12
5 x mile with .25 recovs
6:58 (2:20)
6:55 (2:19)
6:51 (2:49)
6:48 (2:33)
1.5 mile cool down – 14:10 (walked 2 min then ran easy)

5.76 miles, 46:29, 8:06 pace
my sleep app woke me up at 4:50, so I got up and had a quick cup of coffee before I ran – it’s so much easier to run a decent pace after coffee! ;) ran very relaxed – I am amazed at how good my legs are feeling right now.
75 min hot yoga

14 miles, 2:01:09, 8:39 pace
lots and lots of big hills (even walked a short amount up the 2 BIGGEST hills)
considered this more of a “time on your feet run” than aiming to hit a certain distance – but 14 miles AND 2 hours was my minimum.  


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week 14

(In last week’s recap I failed to mention that Sunday was spent teaching our 3 littles how to ski! While I stayed on the bunny slope all day with the kids, I did lots of equating, bending, walking on skis and in ski boots and moving in ways I never have before on skis in attempts to keep the kids on their feet, in their skis, happy and feed – and it actually was an amazing day!!!)

37.5 miles 

Monday – 5.1 miles easy, 8:44 pace.  I was EXHAUSTED.
Tuesday – 6.25 miles – intervals on the treadmill.
1.5 mile warm up, 6 x 1/2 mile with 1/4 mile recovs, 1/2 mile cool down
3:25 – 3:22 – 3:22 – 3:20 – 3:20 – 3:17
(these were similar to where I was in the Fall of 2012 – last time I was marathon training – which was very encouraging!)
CXworx core class
Wednesday – 7 miles, 7:59 pace. Ate a Gu before hand and I think that really helped to get me going for this run.  Last mile = 7:15
Thursday – Body Attack class
Friday – 5.07 miles, 8:12 pace
Saturday – 14.08 miles, 8:43 average (pace was VERY sporadic due to long gradual hill, then traversing the side of a mountain on single tracks, downhill running on WET slippy trails, and a strong finish on flat. Last mile was 6:59!!

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week 15 and *I DID IT!*

Prices for the Eugene Marathon went up February 1 – so I signed up on January 31!!!  I fought the urge of “do I really have the time to commit to running a solid marathon?!” and went with “Eugene looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to go, I am going to train my best, and enjoy it regardless!”  Of course my goal is a PR (under 3:25) and I’d LOVE to break 3:20.  But qualifying for Boston is always a goal.  I’d be qualifying for 2016 and I’ll be in a new age bracket by then :) so my QT is 3:40.

Week 15 recap – 36.9 miles
Monday – 6.1 miles, 7:52 pace (I need more runs like this! I felt exceptionally good for a Monday morning!)
100 pushups
Tuesday – 7.4 miles – intervals on treadmill –
1.5 miles w/u, 40 min of 4 min hard, 1 min recov (did 5 @ 6:53 pace, 2 @ 6:58 pace, 1 @ 6:53 pace), recovs slow jog and walked some.  I was fighting hard by the end!  c/d 5 minutes
100 pushups
Wednesday – 5.56 miles, 8:30 pace
100 pushups
Thursday – BodyAttack class
Friday – 4.5 miles, 8:27 pace
Saturday – 13.4 miles 8:10 pace

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week 16

Another solid week.  Normally I take either Wednesday or Thursday off and cross train.  But my husband was out of town last Monday AND the kids had off school AND they were recovering from the tummy bug, so I figured going to the gym wasn’t a good idea.  I took Sunday and Monday off, so ran Tuesday through Saturday.  I hadn’t run 5 days in a row since before I was injured last fall.  My legs/body handled it surprisingly well.

Weekly total – 36.3 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles on the treadmill (husband still out of town) – 39:55.  I CAN’T run easy on the ‘mill – I get way too bored!  So I started at an easy pace and slowly dropped down – 8:30 pace down to 6:47.
CXworx core class.
Wednesday – 6 miles in the ‘hood – 49:00 – 8:08 pace
100 pushups
Thursday – intervals – 7.5 miles total
1.5 miles warm up, 3 x mile (set treadmill to 6:58, 6:49. 6:44) with 1/2 mile in between
After the last mile/recovery did 1/4b@ 4 incline @ 6:58 pace, 1/4 mile recov, 1/4 @ 6:15 pace
3/4 mile cool down. I was SPENT :)
60 push ups
Friday – 4.26 miles, 36:09, 8:30/pace
50 push ups
Saturday –  13.5 miles, 1:50:31, 8:11 pace
GREAT run!!! It was a huge loop all through downtown Seattle!

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