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I went to the doctor last Monday for my 6 week post being in the boot / 2 weeks into running appointment.  I’ve delayed writing this post because it makes things just seem more REAL.  It took me 2 days to even email my family.   Here’s the low down …

The doctor was very encouraged by my progress.  The injury itself feels great.  Yet I’ve had other soreness in my foot and can tell my foot is super weak.  The doctor encouraged me to keep running, while listening to my body – basic common sense – if a spot started hurting more, back off.  Common sense.  And keep strengthening my foot – through basic life, start doing squats, no lunges, stuff like that.

So then I say – what do you think about me running Boston in April??  Goofy nervous grin on my face.  I could tell right off the bat that the idea made him nervous.  Everything he said made so much sense. It just sucks to hear someone SAY it.  He said it made him nervous – that right now I need to focus on strength NOT building miles.  I need to focus on healing 100%.  He said not to build beyond the 3-3.5 mile range until all the weird sorenesses are gone.  My foot was immobilized for a long time and it IS weak.  That strength doesn’t come back in just a few weeks.  He asked me “Do you want to run Boston and risk being set back, possibly needed surgery or getting a new injury? Or do you want to heel properly and move on from this?”  UGH.  He then said “Say in a few weeks you are feeling AMAZING, so you bump up to 5 miles, 7 miles.  That’s great. But it’ll be February, and then April before you know it.  I’m not saying no, I’m just saying [nervous grimacing face].

So. So. So. Hmmm…………

While I know I SHOULD have walked out feeling encouraged that I am on my way to recovery.  I should be thinking long term and be grateful. Yet I WANT TO RUN BOSTON. IN 2014.  So it sucked. I was really down for a few days, and even writing this takes me down again.

I am not at the place where I am saying NO to Boston, but I know the hope and reality is dwindling.

I also know I am much closer to being 100% now than I was 2 weeks ago. And I also know if I had’t had that talk with the doctor, I’d be building my mileage but I would NOT be ready and I would NOT be closer to 100%.

SO yes, I am thankful for the conversation, honesty, and reality check.

The hardest part, apart from knowing I’ve paid $175 to run Boston and that this is a BIG emotional intense year for Boston given the bombings last year, is that since I qualified in 2012, I will have to re-qualifiy. In reality that will not happen before registration opens in September for the 2015 race, so it’ll be 2016 before I can potential get to Boston.  I’ll be an old lady! haha – just 36 :) but that just seems like forever away!

So that’s where I am.  Swinging between hope/encouragement/frustration/sadness/not wanting to officially say no.


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difference in a year

A year ago from right now I was running in the Pensacola Marathon. Albeit a rough marathon, it was still my PR (3:25:32).

And today I am in a boot not able to run.  That’s sad.

Granted there was a lot more good in between 1 year ago and today (PRs at 5K, 10K, 15K, and half marathon).  It’s been quite a year.  Just not ending as I envisioned.

I have to remind myself that I am still young (33) and I still have time to run more PRs.

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30 day challenge

The whole idea of a 30 day challenge is a new thing to me. I know, sounds simple. But google it.  There is a LOT out there about this right now – I guess it’s a fad and here I go jumping on the bandwagon!

I completely stole this idea from Run, Hemingway, Run.  He combined several different 30 day challenges – squats, core and push ups – into one WHOOPER of a 30 day challenge!  I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to paste my excel sheet I typed up and printed out into this post, so either click the link above or contact me to email it to you.

The gist though – Day 1 starts with 10 push ups, 50 squats, 15 sit ups, 10 crunches, 5 leg raises and 10 sec plank.  Day 30 is [brace yourself] 75 push ups, 250 squats, 125 sit ups, 150 crunches, 65 leg raises and 2 min plank.  Every 3 days you get a rest day.

I am currently 3 days in, so today I did 20 push ups, 60 squats, 25 sit ups, 15 crunches, 10 leg raises and 15 sec plank.  My arms are a bit jello-y feeling, but other than that it’s so far so good.

This may sound extreme. And it probably is.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!!!


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Billy Bowlegs 5K race report

Saturday night was the Billy Bowlegs 5K.  It starts at 10:30pm.  That’s LATE for me!  I honestly like to be in bed by 9:30pm! :)  Yet this is a big local race and is a lot of fun.  Thankfully my training partner, Lisa, ran with me.

I definitely felt pressure going into it being the defending champ.  The local running store keeps a HUGE trophy in the store and every year the overall male and female winners’ names are engraved on it.  Pretty cool.

Between Lisa and another local girl, Cindy, I knew it’d need to be a good race.  Then right as the gun goes off, Lisa points out another girl – “the air force girl” – who beat me Monday at the Gate to Gate race.  I have to admit – I cussed loud when I saw her.  And also quickly made the decision to go for it and try to go with her.

I hit mile 1 in 5:53.  She was about 5 steps ahead of me.  I pulled right on her in the 2nd mile, but she surged and opened up her lead a bit.  Mile 2 was 6:08.  I knew if I ran an awesome last mile I could PR.  I can honestly say I fought with everything in me, but I just didn’t have it.  Cindy blew by me with about 2/10’s to go in the race.  Mile 3 was 6:22 and 18:24.  All I could think about at that point was finishing on my own 2 feet.  As I neared the finish, it was definitely a let down to see 18:59-19:00.  I finished in 19:06.

When I think about 19:06, I know it’s a good time and I should be happy.  When I ran my PR in April, the weather was perfect.  It was really hot and really humid Saturday night.  I guess I just walked away from that race thinking I could have won.  Cindy was 18:50 and “the air force girl” was 18:55.

I keep thinking I’ve got to try a 5K where I start out more like 6:10 and then speed up.  I just get too dang competitive and go out too hard.  EVERY.SINGLE.RACE.

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Pensacola Marathon race report

The facts:  3:25:32 (4 min 26 sec PR), 23rd overall, 4th female, 2nd in my age group (30-34)

Overall, a 7:50 pace.  BUT …
1st half average pace = 7:30
2nd half average pace = 8:12

While I am happy with my PR and am hopeful it will get me into Boston 2014, overall it was a hard and frustrating race.  I’ll list my splits below, but I started off too fast and paid for it in the end.  I was also running alone for most of the race, and the last 2-3 miles, we ran into a MAJOR headwind. It was brutal.  The 2 marathons I ran in 2008 (Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville Beach and Boston) both had much more crowd support, and I was running with people the entire time.   That makes a big difference!

So all that to say, it was hard.  My goal had been 3:19 and I honestly think I could have nailed it if I’d run a smarter race.  So I do feel the need for redemption.  Yet I don’t know when it’ll come.  Maybe next Fall. Maybe Boston 2014.  This Spring I am signed up for a half in early March. I guess there is also the possibility of carrying my half marathon training into a full, but I doubt it.

Here are my splits:
missed mile 1 marker which sure didn’t help as I was 2 miles in before I had a clue as to how fast I was going)
mile 2 – 13:55
mile 3 – 7:16
mile 4 – 7:18
mile 5 – 7:28
mile 6 – 7:22
mile 7 – 7:20
mile 8 – 7:36
mile 9 – 7:33
mile 10 – 7:32
mile 11 – 7:30
mile 12 – 7:34
mile 13 & 14 – 14:44
mile 15 & 16 – 15:45
mile 17 – 7:46
mile 18 – 8:00
mile 19 – 7:54
mile 20 – 8:07
mile 21 – 8:45 (walked a tinny bit)
mile 22 – 8:21
mile 23 – 9:16 (walked more)
mile 24 – 8:32
mile 25 – 9:46 (yes I walked even more)
mile 26 – 8:31

So yes, the wheels came off towards to end.  I knew by mile 16 that I was in trouble.   I was the 2nd woman for most the race.  A girl charged by me around mile 20. She finished strong and got my goal – a 3:19.  Closer to mile 23, another girl passed me. She remained in site and only finished 20 seconds or so ahead of me. But for the life of me I could not catch her.  I was hanging on for dear life.

On a happier note, my parents, husband, and kids were AMAZING – they drove all over Pensacola cheering me on.  Hearing my 19 month old son yell “GO MAMA!” was seriously the high light of the day.  As hard as it got, I kept thinking about those 3 precious kids and how I wanted to be able to say “It was so hard but Mama did it!” – thinking of them carried me.

So there is my hodge-podge race recap!  I ran this morning for the 1st time since the race.  My legs felt a bit tired, but it felt good to run :)

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I am mentally rattled right now (in running that is).  I had that awesome 13 miler 2 weeks ago.  But then last week, my plan got thrown for a loop and last Saturday’s run was TOUGH.  My normal week is to run easy Monday, hills Tuesday (slight joke given where I live!!), off Wednesday, MP runs Thursday, easy Friday, long Saturday, off Sunday.  So last week we were forcasted to have a hurricane blow through so I didn’t even set my alarm for Tuesday’s run.  Well, we woke up to NO RAIN but the husband had to leave for work thus no time for a run.  So I ran hills Wednesday, MP Thursday, easy Friday … so by Saturday, being the 4th day in a row to run, my legs were tired.  The plan was 14 miles.  Between the tired legs, needing to be home by a certain time due to kid’s soccer practice, and 2 water fountains being off and locked, I was demoralized and didn’t have it in me to fight.  So I cut it short at 12 miles.  And it was a hard 12 miles.

So that had me go into panic mode and question everything.  Do I really have it in me to run another marathon?  Is my goal too fast?  This week hasn’t helped, but it hasn’t been awful.  I’ve had decent runs Tuesday and Thursday.  Decent – not great, but not bad.  So I am supposed to do 16 tomorrow.  That’s too big of a jump with my longest to date being 13 miles 2 weeks ago.  So I plan to run 14 miles tomorrow, and then 16 the next weekend.

Holding out hope that tomorrow will be a GREAT run!!! :)

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4 x mile

This morning’s workout: 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1 mile with 1/2 mile recoveries, 1 mile cool down.  7.5 miles total.

Alarm set for 4:53am.  Coffee pot set to automatical brew at 4:55am.

Drank some water, drank 1.5 cups (small mug!) of coffee, ate a banana, bathroom … headed out about 5:15am.

This was my 1st 4 x mile (it’s been 3 x mile up until this morning).  My goal was simply “faster.”  I wanted each mile to be hard. To hurt. To be holding on to finish.



The pieces are falling into place.  3.5 weeks until the HALF.

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