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last track meet

Being the last one, I only ran the mile.  I wanted to better my time from week 1 where I also only ran the mile and ran 5:41.  Thankfully, rain did not derail the plan!

To run sub-5:40, I needed to be under 2:50 at the 800 and under 4:15 at the 1200 (so under 1:25 a lap).  I hit lap 1 in 1:22, a bit slower than I intended.  800 was 2:47 (1:24 for the lap).  Not much room for slowing down!  1200 was 4:13 (1:26 for the lap).  HANG ON!  The guy timing is yelling out 5:30, 31, 32, 33 …


Last lap was 1:24.  I was excited!  So splits were 1:22-1:24-1:26-1:24.  I was quite happy with the consistency.  A friend joked that she could hear the wind rushing as I ran by each lap. No no, I responded, that was how hard I was breathing! I’m pretty sure I sounded like I was about to die of a heart attack! :)

These races have been so much fun!  While the turnout wasn’t big, it was consistent week to week. We enjoyed getting to know some people over the weeks.  Sarah LOVED doing her races each week, too. She keeps asking why it’s over and can’t they do more?  Love it. :)


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rained out

Last night, as we drove across the bridge to the track, we could tell it was storming pretty bad off to our right.  I was naively hopeful that we’d be able to make it through the races before the storm would hit us.  I had planned on only running the mile, which is the last event, to try to run a faster time on fresh legs.  As we got out of the car, oh the wind.  I briefly debated my decision to focus on the mile because it’s plain tough to run in a strong headwind; but it was almost time to get started and I’d have no time to warm up. Plus, I was still naively hopeful!

They did the kids’ 50 meter dash first – which Sarah ran :)  As the 800 lined up, we heard thunder.  By the end of the race, it was clear the storm was coming our way fast.  They did the 100 meter dash (which Sarah ran as well) and then the guy in charge said we’d take a 30 minute break to see what happens.  It quickly became clear the night would be a wash.  We actually saw funnel cloud rotation above us right before we left.  That was a 1st for me! Pretty amazing to see.   We drove through the storm as we crossed the bridge on the way home.  It was POURING and we saw a lightening bolt just off the bridge, clearly striking the water. It was CLOSE.

So, so much for the track night.  Next week will be my last race, because I’ll be out of town for the last one at the end of July.  I really have loved these races!

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track series #3

As I mentioned, Wednesday night I ran in the local track meet more as a speed workout than a race.  Speed workout it was indeed.  I got there with little time to warm up before the 800.  After a short jog and a few strides, my legs felt really heavy.  I’m sure from taking 3 days off at the end of our vacation.

In the 800, I started on the heals of the guy I raced to the finish 2 weeks ago.  We hit the 400 in 1:18. I had already decided that I would not try to pass him early like I did last time, rather try to out kick him at the end.  I ran on his heals the entire 2nd lap, but didn’t have it in me to out kick him.  If it was my only race of the night I probably could have mustered it out, but I was also being logical with what was to come.  We finished in 2:38, so 1:20 for the last lap.  I was quite happy with my splits being so close.

For the 400, I was in lane 3 and the fast girl was in lane 5.  I tried to close the gap on her but just couldn’t.  I finished in 1:12 and she was probably 2 seconds ahead of me.

The 200 immediately follows the 400, and then the 1600 is next. I had a grand idea of doing it, but had better judgment in the moment and enjoyed the few extra minutes of rest :)

There was a huge crew of us in the 1600.  I started out slow – 1st lap in 1:27.  I felt like I was speeding up the 2nd lap, but hit it in 1:31 (2:58 – 800).  Uh oh right on the line for sub 6 … 3rd lap was 1:33 (4:32 – 1200 – 2 seconds off 6 min pace).  In the final stretch someone on the finish line yells 5:55 … I kicked it in finishing in 6:03, so 1:31 for the last lap.

Part of me was bummed not to break 6, but I was pleased with such even splits.  That used to be a huge weakness for me – going out too hard and then slowing down. Maybe I’m getting smarter in my old age! :)

So in reality, running 800-400-1600 is a pretty lame speed/track workout.  I love the idea of doing weekly track workouts like 12 x 400, 6 x 800 and various ladder workouts … yet the reality hasn’t cooperated.  Hopefully as it cools off this Fall I can add that in!


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track series #2

Tonight was the 2nd week of the Northwest Florida Track Club‘s summer track series.  Every other week counts in the points total.  Tonight counted, which is perfect because we’ll be out of town next week and then back again for the next race that counts! :)  I decided to run the 800 and 1600 tonight.  The 800 was 1st, so part of why I wanted to do it was to take pressure of the 1600 – I got nervous thinking about trying to run faster than a 5:41!  Next race in 2 weeks, I plan to only race the mile to try to crack 5:40.

This week, instead of separating us by gender, they separated us by age brackets.  I was glad to run with guys in the post-highschool/has beens/old folks group.

800 I ran 2:35 and 1600 I ran 5:51.  I was psyched by a 2:35 and quite pleased to still break 6 minutes in the 1600 with it being the 2nd race.

In the 800 I started out tucked in behind 2 guys.  1 pulled ahead pretty quick. I ran on the other guy’s heels for the 1st lap.  We hit the 400 in 1:15.  I pulled ahead on the back straightaway. I knew I was risking it by surging then.  On the final turn I started to get that numb feeling in my arms.  He pulled even with me in the final 50 meters and just barely out kicked me.  I’ve definitely lost my edge. Back in the day, no one out kicked me! :)  It was fun to race though!

My legs felt shot and I was dreading the 1600. Well, not dreading, just being realistic that I don’t have what it takes to run 2 really hard races.  I said if I broke 6 minutes, I’d be happy. I started out more conservative this time. 1st lap was 1:24.  Even though we were racing with a huge group, I found myself alone.  The fast high school guys were WAY out in front, and then a middle-age guy pulled ahead pretty quick in the 1st lap, and then about 12 middle school and older people were behind me.  I kept thinking stay strong stay strong.  2nd lap 1:28.  3rd lap 1:28. I felt like I pushed the last lap pretty hard. 1:29. Guess I was pretty shot!

1 funny thing – as we lined up for the 1600, I was in lane 1 behind a fast look/serious high school guy.  I told him he better take off quick because I’d be on his heels. He looked at me like I was crazy. I thought I was pretty funny!! :)

The real highlight of the night was Sarah.  After watching the elementary races last week, she wanted to race and intentionally wore her “runners” tonight.  She walked up to the race director on her own and said “I want to run the short race with the kids.”  So she lined up for the 50 meter dash!  Jon made a good point to explain to show her the lanes and explain that she needs to stay in her lane.  She did great! Ran the whole way and in her lane!!  And she LOVED it! So much so that she asked to race more. So she did the 100 meter dash too!!!  It was so cute!

It’s been a fun group that’s come out for these races – good morale/energy, really encouraging, funny – which I guess you have to be all those things if you go run a track race for the heck of it! :)  And partly crazy.

Can’t wait for the next race in 2 weeks!

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it was a PR!

I should have checked my own “PR” page – in 2008 I ran a 5:42 – so my 5:41 last week WAS a post-kids PR!!!

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4 laps around

I ran 5:41 tonight.  My 1st reaction was man, 1 second slower than the last time I raced a mile!  That was a road mile in May ’08.  My 2nd reaction was WOW, I can’t believe I just ran a 5:41!!!

I was hoping we’d run with the guys, but there were enough people that they split it.  I was the oldest girl by probably 16 years.  I ran alone the entire race.  I hit my 1st lap in 1:19.  Keep it respectible I thought – back off a bit – don’t want to do the last lap on my hands and knees.  Hit the 800 in 2:45 (1:26 for that lap). Wow, I can do this. Hold strong on lap 3.  4:15 (1:29).  I spent 100 meters trying to do math in my head of what that lap needed to be, but the brain wasn’t being agreeable.  Just hang on!  Last lap was 1:25.  A 12 year old finished 2nd in 6:41.

I was pumped. Can’t wait for next Wednesday!


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The Northwest Florida Track Club (my local track club) is hosting 6 track meets this summer, starting next Wednesday.  I’m curious/skeptical of how many people will come out … hopefully I’ll be surprised!  The longest race distance is a mile, but that’s perfect for me. Back in the day, I LOVED the mile.  Training on the track for the mile and racing it where hands down my favorite aspect of my competitive running days.  It’s long enough that there is some tactic, but short enough that raw speed and gut still play a factor.

Alas, my raw speed and gut have dwindled down to a pitiful mess these days, and being competitive does not carry me like it used to.

I am still so excited. So excited that I plan to buy a pair of lightweight trainers on Monday.  I need new shoes, and want a lighter weight shoe than my Nike Vomero that I have run in for 4+ years (multiple pairs in that time – I just keep replacing with the same model because it has worked so well for me).  I’ll still run long and easy runs in my Vomeros, but the lighter shoe for tempo and races.

To attempt to remind my legs what it feels like to run fast, I did a tempo run this morning. I felt surprisingly well!  I warmed up 10 minutes, then ran 4 min on, 2 min off, 3 min on, 2 min off, 2 min on, 2 min off, 1 min on, 2 min off, 30 seconds on, 1:30 off, 30 seconds on, 1:30 off, 30 seconds on, 1:30 off and then cooled down (about a mile). 5.5 miles total.  Nothing like the old track workout days but better than nothing!

I doubt it’ll be pretty next Wednesday evening, but I can’t wait to try!

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