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Since my last post, things have mostly gone well and I’ve had 2 light bulbs go on (well, they’ve been on, I was just stubbornly ignoring them).

Last Saturday was a HOT but solid 14 miles, averaging 8:09 pace.  For the 1st time ever, I ran with my belt style water bottle carrier.  I definitely did not love wearing it, but it saved the day for me.  Sarah had an 8am soccer game, so running before the game was out of the question.  SO, I left from the soccer fields to run home.  Thus, I couldn’t hit up my normal water stops.  And with the heat of mid morning, I drank a LOT of water on my run.

Tuesday was my low point of the week.  The 2 light bulbs I decided to acknowledge are that …
1) I have got to get 8 hours of sleep most nights which means I need to be in bed by 9pm on nights I run
2) I need to stretch and use my trigger point roller most days to help flush out the soreness

Tuesday was actually a rough run … I was supposed to run 8 miles of hills, but just felt sluggish, tried and flat so cut it short at 5.6 miles.

After rest on Wednesday, Thursday’s run was good – 3 miles easy + 4 miles at MP (averaged 7:25).

This morning I ran 16.2 miles.  It feels good knowing I ran only 10 miles shy of a marathon.  Definitely makes it feel like things are possible!!  I hadn’t run this far since Spring 2008.  I also feel like my mental toughness is coming back … 16 miles on your own … it is mental!  I started very conservative and finished very strong – averaging 8:10 pace.

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I am mentally rattled right now (in running that is).  I had that awesome 13 miler 2 weeks ago.  But then last week, my plan got thrown for a loop and last Saturday’s run was TOUGH.  My normal week is to run easy Monday, hills Tuesday (slight joke given where I live!!), off Wednesday, MP runs Thursday, easy Friday, long Saturday, off Sunday.  So last week we were forcasted to have a hurricane blow through so I didn’t even set my alarm for Tuesday’s run.  Well, we woke up to NO RAIN but the husband had to leave for work thus no time for a run.  So I ran hills Wednesday, MP Thursday, easy Friday … so by Saturday, being the 4th day in a row to run, my legs were tired.  The plan was 14 miles.  Between the tired legs, needing to be home by a certain time due to kid’s soccer practice, and 2 water fountains being off and locked, I was demoralized and didn’t have it in me to fight.  So I cut it short at 12 miles.  And it was a hard 12 miles.

So that had me go into panic mode and question everything.  Do I really have it in me to run another marathon?  Is my goal too fast?  This week hasn’t helped, but it hasn’t been awful.  I’ve had decent runs Tuesday and Thursday.  Decent – not great, but not bad.  So I am supposed to do 16 tomorrow.  That’s too big of a jump with my longest to date being 13 miles 2 weeks ago.  So I plan to run 14 miles tomorrow, and then 16 the next weekend.

Holding out hope that tomorrow will be a GREAT run!!! :)

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