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race recap

I ran 1:32:58 in the Scenic City Half Marathon this morning (in Chattanooga).  I was the 2nd place woman, 1st in my age group, 39th overall.  While I PRed and I’m excited about that, I feel I could have run a lot better.  I went out too fast and was completely spent by the end.  My low low goal was to PR, which I did.  My main goal was to break 1:30 (about a 6:50 pace) but to at least run a 7 min pace, which would be 1:31:45.  So yes, I was a bit slower than I hoped.  Coming into this race I had said if I broke 1:30 that I would not run the half in Pensacola on April 11 but that if I didn’t, I would try again.  At this point, the race is a bit too fresh, my legs hurt too bad (4+ miles of the race was on concrete, which is even harder on your legs than running on asphalt roads), and I have a killer headache – so in my mind I’m thinking do I really want to run another half in 6 weeks???

But yes, I do.  I feel the need for redemption.  Not at all that today was horrible – I just think I can do better and want to.

Covenant’s team ran today as well, which was so much fun!  Also, my sister-in-law, Liza, had a GREAT race! – her 1st ever half, she ran 1:35, while her goal had been 1:45!!!

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the week of

Like normal, with this being the week of a “big race,” I am completely doubting myself and looking back at places where I didn’t do as much as I wanted.  My biggest frustration is that I haven’t done a 14 mile run.  I had planned to Feb. 6 but the throw up bug derailed that.  The next weekend, I was just stupid and didn’t (I did opt to run 10 miles HARD instead and ran a “PR” so it wasn’t a waste by any means).   So I am frustrated with myself.  And then the doubts creep in … am I really in good shape?  Can I really run a half marathon faster than I did in November?

I have looked back over my running log so many times in the past few days.  Yes, I am in shape.  Yes, I am running better than I have in years.

So here’s to putting the doubts out of my mind, enjoying a week of taper (easier running to be rested for a big race) and to getting EXCITED about a big race on Saturday!!!!


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My 10 mile PR is from the Chickamauga Battlefield 10 mile race in November 2007 (2008 was the last year that race was run – in ’09 they bumped it to a half marathon – very wise move).  I ran 1:10:49.  I remember how excited I was that day by the race!

Today, I ran 10 miles in 1:10:18!!  Just me and the iPod.  I wanted to push it – was hoping for around 1:12 (7:15 pace).  So to run a 7 minute pace floored me!  If I run that pace for the half marathon, it will put me around 1:32.  I’m hoping with the nerves and race atmosphere that I will indeed be able to break 1:30.


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letting go

Part of why I have this blog is so I can” verbally” process my thoughts on running without boring Jon – yet of course he still hears me ramble plenty, especially of late.  I have been really motivate lately by how well I have been running.  Since Cora was born I have had in my mind that I would run another marathon this Spring.  Yet it keeps getting pushed back – at 1st I was thinking Birmingham in February. Yet the business of the Fall coaching season derailed that.  Then I was thinking Snickers or Atlanta in March – yet the move derailed that. SO I was PLANNING on Nashville or Louisville on April 24.  I could definitely be ready – maybe not quite as ready as I’d like – but ready to run a strong marathon and probably PR.  But, I feel as though I must let go.  Jon is amazing in encouraging me to find time to run and keeps me from feeling selfish – a bit of me time is a good thing!  Marathon training takes a full family committment – it’s a lot of time.  I simply think it is too much for our family right now.  With my job at Covenant winding down I have had a renewed sense of energy in loving our girls and Jon and simply in life as a wife/mom.  I don’t want a marathon to take away from that.  Also, the travel of the actual marathon with Jon having just started a new job seems a bit much.

It’s hard to let go of it but there are many more years for marathons!!

So here’s the plan!  I have found a bunch of local races that I am going to decide between.  Of course I am running the half in Chattanooga in February 27.  I will run another half on April 11 in Pensacola.  That gives me a fun goal of working towards getting my PR down.  I will also run a few 5K and 10K road races and a 10K cross country race in March, April and May.  I plan to keep my weekend long run between 10-14 miles, thus keeping the option open of a Fall or winter marathon.

Some times I do ask myself why I put the effort in – and I always go back to the fact that I love it!   That makes it fun.  I know, I’m crazy!! – but aren’t all runners??? :)

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oh well

Last week was shaping up to be a great week and I was excited that I’d get over 30 miles …but alas … stopped by the throw up bug.  It was still a great week training wise – good paced runs early in the week and then on Thursday, a 3.5 mile tempo run at a 6:23 pace with a few hills.  I was going to run 13-14 on Saturday to round out the week.

Yet as I said, the throw up bug halted the week and I was out of commission on Saturday.  Oh well.  I ran a relaxed run today, and while my tummy felt a bit churney, I was pleasantly surprised that 7:15 pace felt so relaxed.

As I’ve said, it seems things never go as planned but we’ll see how this week goes!  As long as there is no more throw up bug, I’ll be happy :)

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Frosty 5K

I ran the Frosty 5K in Fort Walton Beach on Saturday.  I was the women’s winner and around 10th overall I believe.  So my time was 18:51.  Yes, I was shocked. But, I will say the course was a bit short but not a lot short – it was probably between 3.0 and 3.05 (as opposed to 5K which is 3.1) based on my friend, Sam’s, GPS watch.  But still, I was surprised by it!  Flat sure is nice :)

The funniest thing to me about the day was how many people were in gloves, tights, long sleeves, even a few hats!  It was 60 degrees.  Yes the wind was blowing. BUT STILL.  Yes, I am in Florida!

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