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10 days and counting …

I’ve been taking vitamin C, multi vitamin and drinking herbal hippy tea like CRAZY to kick this cold.  It’s working.  I’m not 100% but I am definitely getting better.  I ran easy yesterday and felt pretty good.  Today I decided to try the workout I had hoped to run on Tuesday – 2 x 2 miles.

After a 1 mile warm up, I did 2 miles in 13:54 – 6:57/pace.  Perfect.  After a 5 minute recovery jog, I did 2 miles in 13:52 – 6:56 pace!  I was very VERY pleased!

Tomorrow, I am thinking a 5 mile run with some surges (probably 1 min fast, 2 min normal or something) in the middle.  Saturday is 8 miles with the last 2 miles at goal race pace (7 min pace).  Then easy next week.  I’m getting excited!

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12 days and counting …

In November, when I registered for the Seaside Half Marathon, my running had been almost non-existent.  I was optimistic that I could turn things around by March 4 to be able to run a good half.  December was a good “getting back into it month.”  The pieces fell into place in January.  I was starting to get excited, but also kept wondering when something would derail me (I’m not normally a pessimist – it’s just been that type of year for me).  February started off with a bang.  I was getting REALLY excited.  Maybe I could run a PR after all!!

The plan for this week was to get in 2 hard workouts (1 focused on endurance and 1 focused on speed) and then taper that last 8 days.  Well, my taper has begun early.  My pessimist side has been justified.  I started feeling the beginnings of a cold on Saturday night.  I took Sunday off.  I ran easy yesterday morning and felt better than I expected but still have a cold.  I decided that today it was more important to rest and get well than to run a mediocre workout in the drizzling rain.  I’m planning on meeting Lisa (my new running partner) to run in the morning.  We’ll see if I can hang with her.

I had just been beginning to believe that a PR was possible.  My PR is 1:31:35 (6:59/mile pace).  Maybe it is still possible?  Maybe I’ll just be super rested and nail it?  (see, I’m not really a pessimist!!)  So yes, that is my stated goal for next Sunday – to PR.  Yet as long as I run a smart, consistent, mental strong race UNDER 1:35, I’ll be pleased.

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new type of workout

I called my brother last night to get some inspiration on a good speed/tempo workout.  I could give you tons of workouts that are great for getting ready for a 5K-8K (from coaching for 5 years) but longer distance hard workouts are new to me.  In the past, when training for marathons in 2008 and half marathons in 2010, I basically just ran a lot – I ran hard if I felt good, easy if I felt not good.  I am seeking to train with more distinct purpose right now and to have 1 speed/tempo workout a week.  I’m thinking/hoping this will help me achieve the PRs I am aiming for over the next few years.

He talked about “progressive” runs, which I have been reading about and seem to be spot on as far as target/specific training for longer races.  A modified version is a “half workout” (I think he had a fancier name for it but I can’t remember!)  Basically, you do your normal mid-week distance, and then add on half the distance at the end, shooting for half marathon pace (or somewhere between full and half pace).  The purpose of workouts like this is to teach your body to run hard when tired.

So for me, 5 miles is a pretty standard mid-week distance.  So I ran 5 miles at a normal pace – not too hard, not too easy.  I then tacked on 2.5 miles with the goal of half marathon pace (7 min/miles).  I was a bit slower (7:30/miles) but all in all it was good for my 1st attempt.  And not bad to get a 7.5 mile run in mid week!

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latest look

I’m going to be a SIGHT.  Oh dear. The things that I think oh I’ll never wear that always seem to come around on me.  I just ordered these – compression calf sleeves.  I’ve read about how they can help recovery time. My calves have been sore lately as I’ve been upping my miles, so I figured I’d give them a try.  I got the sleeves instead of socks because I was worried about sizing with the socks – with the sleeves, the size is based on the measurement of your calf.  I didn’t want to also worry about how it fit my foot.  I did order from Running Warehouse because of free shipping and free returns.  We’ll see!  I’ll post an update soon on what I think of them :)

And THESE are my newest shoes … notice the PINK laces????  I did NOT when I ordered them.  Makes them a bit over the top.  Shoulda gone with the blue. Oh well.

So when you pair the shoes with the sleeves … wow.  I’ll look like “that person” running down the road!


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4 x mile

This morning’s workout: 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1 mile with 1/2 mile recoveries, 1 mile cool down.  7.5 miles total.

Alarm set for 4:53am.  Coffee pot set to automatical brew at 4:55am.

Drank some water, drank 1.5 cups (small mug!) of coffee, ate a banana, bathroom … headed out about 5:15am.

This was my 1st 4 x mile (it’s been 3 x mile up until this morning).  My goal was simply “faster.”  I wanted each mile to be hard. To hurt. To be holding on to finish.



The pieces are falling into place.  3.5 weeks until the HALF.

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a kick

I’m on a motivational kick – or high – right now.  Or surge. Not sure what to call it, except that RUNNING is going well FINALLY.  I get nervous that tomorrow it will tank again. But for today, I’m excited.  And I’m motivated.

January was one of my best and most consistent months since I started keeping track of things.  Every aspect of training has been going well.  My legs are tired, but seem to be adjusting well to added volume.

I ran 111.5 miles for the month (to reach my goal of 1000 miles in 2012, I only need to run 83 miles/month).  I did not take more than 1 consecutive day off.  My pace is moving in the right direction.  So yes, I’m encouraged! And excited!

I’ve also been asking myself what can I do to be a better runner?  My aforementioned new running partner will help – she’ll push me and not let me dog it on our runs together.  I am also trying to be more conscience of what I eat.  With 3 kids, meal times can be crazy and I often don’t get a good breakfast or lunch myself while feeding them.  I then tank in the mid afternoon and make poor decisions on what I do eat.  I am working on eating a solid breakfast and lunch, to get the good calories, and to feel better as the afternoon progresses.  Other thoughts are swarming through my head, but let’s take it 1 step at a time.  January was good.  Here’s to February being even better!  

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I had several great running groups/partners before we moved.  The last 2 years here in FL have been some lonely running.  In 1 sense, I think it has made me a better runner.  Doing 12 and 14 miles on your own is TOUGH … yet amazing sense of accomplishment.  In early 2010, our first few months here, I was running FAST.  I channeled my stress of moving and all that it entailed into my running.  While I missed meeting up with people and fun conversations, it was also nice to be able to “carve my own path” in terms of course and speed.

Since Andrew was born and I’ve been getting back in shape, it’s been a much tougher road to be running alone.  I’ve struggled with my speed, and at times my motivation.  After Saturday’s race, the winner and I were talking and turns out we live very near each other.  We exchanged numbers.  We decided to meet for a run this morning.

I told Jon last night that I felt like I had a “first date” in the morning! :)  A running partner is serious business … you need to enjoy talking to each other, have good understanding of expectations, be similar speeds … I could go on and on.

I hardly slept last night.  I kept waking up with a start, only to look at the clock and see 12:30 … 12:55 … 1:30 … etc.  Then at 4:15, Andrew cried.  My alarm was set for 5am, to meet her at 5:15am.  I got Andrew settled, and was going to crawl in bed for a few more minutes, but as I reach for my cup of water, I spilled it. Thankfully, it was almost empty, but it still landed on the baby monitor and my clock.  My clock is now spiraling through numbers and every time I pushed a button, it spiraled faster.  The baby monitor is beeping in protest.  I got all that cleaned up, and just decided to get dressed.

I thought about making coffee.  Instead, I ate 1 of my “Gu” packets.  A good opportunity to get my body used to it before the Half next month.

So I met Lisa at 5:15am.  We had a great run – almost 9 miles at an 8 min pace.  The conversation was good.  I think this could work well!


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