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17 years of running – I had never rolled my ankle. Until today.  (bad word).  I set out on 1 of my favorite runs this afternoon – Bluff Trail from Covenant to Sunset Rock, and then back to Covenant on the roads.  It’s about 8 miles total (4.5 on trails, 3.5 on roads).  When running trails like this alone, I always take my cell phone just in case.  Sure glad I had it today!  So I was running along and wasn’t even on a technical part of the trail when, wow, holy cow. I rolled my left ankle and pain shot up. I couldn’t even walk at first.  I knew I was almost to the base of Sunset Rock – and I was able to walk it out, and even run a bit more, to get to the base of Sunset Rock.  As I was walking up the rock steps towards the road, it was hurting more and more. Jon was at home with our sleeping girls, so I called Mom. Thankfully she came to the rescue! :) – and drove me back to my car.

Now I’m laying on the couch, elevating my ankle with an ice pack on it.  It definitely hurts – especially if I move it side to side at all.  I’m going to go see our trainer at Covenant in the morning and see what she says.  I’m mentally preparing myself for the reality that I may not run this week.  Sigh.

It really is amazing that this is the first time I’ve experienced this!  And the not funny thing is, my super star transfer on my women’s team is in the same boat – she did the same thing in practice on Thursday.  Pray we both heal quickly!!

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mileage high

It was a GOOD week – and my legs are T I R E D!!  – thankfully in a good way :)  I ran 28.7 miles this week. The last time I ran that many would be in 2008 when training for the marathons – about a year and a half ago.

To recap:
Monday morning – hill repeats (about 3 miles total)
Monday afternoon – 5.5 miles, good pace
Tuesday – 3.8 miles easy
Wednesday – 5.5 miles, good pace (on the roads from Covenant – so BIG hills)
Thursday – much needed REST
Friday – 3.7 miles easy
Saturday – 7.5 miles, comfortable pace

Thursday, the team did 800 meter repeats, so I timed/coached rather than ran. And I wasn’t complaining!  I do look forward to being able to run some of the speed workouts with the girls.   My women’s assistant coach is pregnant (we laugh that we’ve flip-flopped since I was pregnant last year – and watch me be pregnant again by the time she is getting back in shape after having her baby!!)  so while she ran the hard workouts last year, I’ll get to this year.

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Yesterday afternoon, to supplement our morning hill workout, I had a pool workout planned.  That plan was thwarted with the pool being closed due to chemical issues.  Thus, after our core workout, I gave the team the option of 1) going for an easy run, 2) cross training, 3) calling it a day

I did a bit of office work and then decided to go run a bit more.  I ended up running 5.2 miles (added to the morning hill workout brought the day total to 8+ miles).  I ran by myself, which ended up being very therapeutic.  I hadn’t had alone time in a while and have been running around like a crazy person attempting to balance being a wife, a mama, and a coach.  It felt great!

So between Mondays’ runs and core workout (including lots of push ups), I’m sore!  This mornings easy run felt good to stretch my legs out a bit and now I’m going to “coach” this afternoon – watching their tempo workout rather than running it!

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hill workout

This morning, I did hill repeats with my team. WOW. Hadn’t done that in 2 years! :)  It was harder than I thought and I ran slower than I hoped. But I’m just glad I finished!  It’s motivating for my team to see me running a hard workout right along with them.  And it’s sooo good for me, because let’s be honest, I’m not just going to go do it on my own!

This afternoon we have a core workout and then an easy run.  My core is so weak (post c-section!) that I’ll barely be able to show them the exercises I want them to do.  But, with core muscles being SO important for running (help your form and prevent injuries), I want to get strong enough to be able to do the exercises.

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matters of the heart

1st Timothy 4 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.  As I’ve been putting in more time running these past few weeks, verse 8 has been on my heart (“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”)  What exactly does this mean? (I’d love to hear your thoughts!)  Do I need to spend as much time reading God’s word and praying as I do running?  With my cross-country team – do they need to spend as much time reading God’s word and praying as they do at practice each day? What about time with my husband and kids? For my runners, what about studying?  These questions have been rolling around in my head.  1 conclusion/realization I have come to is that 100% of our days should be focused godliness.  We need to be meditating on Christ all day, every day, as we go about everything we do in our days.  Physical training is of some value – it is important – and it is not separate from godliness. Godliness and living life for Christ is it. Full stop.  Physical training should be an expression of godliness – praising God for the ability, opportunity, etc.  This is going to be a point I reiterate to my team (and thus to myself) again and again this Fall.

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11.9 miles

This morning, I did what I often get mad at my team for doing – I did a run much longer than what I’ve been doing.  You’re supposed to up your mileage gradually.  1 of my assistant coaches and I always laugh at how we do things in our own running that we would kill the team if they did.  Yet I will say, I also know my body and how I respond to things and know what I can handle and what would be flat stupid (a little stupid, like this morning, is ok!).

I ran with my old Saturday morning running group. I hadn’t run with them in a year and it was so fun to see old faces and catch up!  I love the variety of this group.  Our lives rarely cross paths outside of these runs. The camaraderie  is superb.  We talk about food, books, our kids, tv shows, etc.  I love it.

Today’s route was a flat 11.9 miles.  It was so great to be off the hills!  We averaged an 8:17/mile pace. I’m quite happy with that.  My best for this route is a 7:47/mile pace.  My legs hurt already. Yet I love that feeling – sore but not pain.

My total for this week was 24.75 miles. I want to average 25-30 miles/week, which should be easy once my team comes back on Thursday.  I am looking forward to having built in running times with them each day.  I’ve been up in the 5am hour 5 times this week (4 to run, once for Cora).  I am exhausted and completely plan to nap when the girls do this afternoon.    For now, it’s coffee :)

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Greenway Farms 5 mile Trail Race

As we lined up for the Greenway 5 mile Trail Race, the race director mentioned some “fun” climbs – I would not call the climb fun! It was a HUGE hill! Seriously – almost 1 mile UP.  Now, the decent was fun!  I later learned that my dad looked closely at the topo course map and decided not to run it do to the HILL.

Now that I have that out of my system – it was a lot of fun and felt great to be in a race again!  I went out with a friend and we hit the 1st mile in 7:02 (a bit fast for me at this point).  Our 2nd mile was 8:43 (we’d hit the single track portion of the trail and the rocks and tight corners slowed us down). Then comes mile 3 of UP – Amanda pulled away from me, and I was on my own feeling the burn of that 7:02 mile.  My 3rd mile was an embarrassing 10:44 (yes I walked some).  Mile 4 was all down hill and I did it in 7:16.  Mile 5 was 8:24, with 1 last hill.  Overall 42:10.  My goal was to break 40 minutes, but I also didn’t know about the hill when I set that goal. I do wish I had run more consistent – that will be my goal next time – to go out more conservatively and stay strong on the UPs.

My friend Amanda was the 1st place woman. I was 3rd (which did win me a FREE pair of trail running shoes!!!!) I should have been 2nd. A girl passed me on the last hill and I was content to let her go.  It was 1 of those times when I decided to not let the mental side of running work in my favor. If I had decided to, I could have pushed hard enough to beat her (she only beat me by 10 seconds).  Oh well.

I’m debating on what my next race will be.  Cross-country gears up soon, and it’s hard to have the extra energy to squeeze in my own races, but I’m always so glad when I do.  It keeps me motivated.

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I’m doing my 1st post-Cora race on Saturday.  It’s a 5 mile trail race. Should be fun.  I did my 1st post-Sarah road race about this same time – about 4 months after delivery.  I ran a local 5K in a humbling 23:34.  I am definitely in better shape now than I was then. So we’ll see how it goes. It will still be humbling I’m sure!

In prep tonight, I set out for what GMAP said was a 6.1 mile run. I knew it was ball park since part of it was on trails.  My chip said it was 6.66 miles.  I’d been thinking of this run for a few weeks and decided to give it a shot.  I had just over an hour of day light, so I knew I couldn’t mess around and needed to keep at least a decent pace.   I went from our house, to the Covenant trails, to the powerline trail, back to Scenic and home.

Tonight was a great example of the mental side of running.  As a coach I see this daily – the mental side is the hardest part to change yet is also often the most crucial and the biggest obstacle to becoming a better runner.  If I had said I’d see how I felt to determine my distance tonight, I probably would have gone a mile or 2.  I set out shortly before 8pm, and dinner was heavy in my belly (even though I’d planned a light meal – baked halibut, corn on the cob, and a salad).  I kept thinking I’d run it out and feel fine. Nope. Never happened.  At 1 point I even thought I was going to see my dinner again.  Yet I had decided this was the run I was doing and dangit I was going to do it.  And I did – at a good pace too. I slowed on the hills and trails, yet still averaged a 7:40 pace. A blessing and a curse was just as I was coming out of the woods, a local running acquaintance ran by. He never saw me but seeing him (even though he was leaving me in his dust) motivated me to push much harder than I would have during that last 1.5 miles.

It is amazing how your mind can be1 of your greatest strengths or biggest weaknesses as a runner.  I experience both sides. Tonight it was fun to experience the up side!

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Finding the time to run is my greatest running struggle right now. The desire and motivation are there more than ever (most of the time at least).  I know this is common with young moms – especially with a nursing baby.  Cora largely determines when I run at this point.  If she wakes me up by 5:30am, I can feed her and head out for a morning run. Yet if she sleeps past that (which hear me say – I do not complain about!!!) there isn’t time to run before Jon has to leave for work.  Then there is the option of running right when Jon gets home. This is often hard for all of us as we’re all tired and hungry.  I can wait and run just before it gets dark, but dinner is still heavy in my stomach.  It is a combination of these 3 options that I use to attempt to patch together a decent running week.  This past week was rough – 1 mid week run and 1 Saturday run. Frustrating.

Compromise also plays into the scheduling. Jon is so incredibly supportive. Yet I want him to be active as well! – especially on his nice new mountain bike he got for Christmas. So while I was hoping to run this afternoon, he got the opportunity to go mountain biking on some great trails he’s never been on.  With zero hesitation, I told him to go. I’ll run later or tomorrow or in 3 days. Whatever works.

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