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an update

Tomorrow I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant.  I haven’t run since November. It just wasn’t happening for me.  I’ve been more tired, my back has hurt, and there has been a level of laziness.   I do feel like I’m always moving – how can you not with 2 little kids???  I’m still walking, and attempting to do squats and lunges.  I always had this vision of me being 1 of those women who ran up until her delivery date. Oh well.  I am simply NOT 1 of those women.

I have been dreaming and scheming of goals and PRs I think I can run once this baby is born.  It’s so easy to dream :)  Not to get into details of childbirth, but I have had 2 c-sections already, so baby #3 will be a c-section the last week of March.  Thus, I should be able to start running in mid May.  I’d like to do a half marathon in the Fall, and then either another half or a full in the Spring.  Definitely a full in the next Fall (2012).

Then I wake up and think about oh yeah, I will have 3 kids.  So I’m also reminding myself that we’ll see.   We’ll just have to see how it goes :)

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