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Garmin Forerunner 305 review

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about ordering my Garmin watch.  Here I am finally writing my thoughts about it.   In due fairness to myself, I didn’t use the watch a ton before we found out baby #3 was on the way.  So it’s only been in the past 6 months that I’ve really gotten into using it.

Bottom line: I love it.  Here is why …

  • flexibility in knowing my distance (I don’t have to remember a certain route I did to later plot on mapmyrun or gmap-pedometer to know my exact distance)
  • knowing my pace and how far I’ve gone as I run
  • my main reason – ability to do speed workouts without a track or treadmill (more on this in a minute)

My main dislike would be the size …

Garmin makes plenty of smaller watches geared for women, but this watch had the best reviews for the price, so I went with it – knowing it was on the big side.  And I say it’s a dislike, but I use it every run and I hardly notice it’s even there. It more just looks funny! :)

Another note: I do not race in it.  When I race, I want to run based on feel, not be consumed by my watch.  I also know that it would stress me out in a race if my watch did not match up with the course mile markers.

Back to speed workouts.  This is where the watch has become essential for me.  I can set it for most any type of workout – distance/rest time, distance/rest distance, time/rest time, time/rest distance.  I use the 1st 2 options the most – for mile repeats, 400’s, 1000’s, you name it.  There is also an advance option where I can set it for a variety of intervals in 1 workout (a ladder workout – 400-800-1600-800-400 or for say 3 x mile and 4 x 200 in the same workout).  The watch beeps when it’s time to start and stop intervals, making it super easy to just head out the door and RUN.  As I said, this is so key since I do not have a track or treadmill available.  And honestly, even if I had either of those, I’d choose this – to just run on the roads! (or trails – it works anywhere!!)

So yes, I love my Garmin :)


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10 days and counting …

I’ve been taking vitamin C, multi vitamin and drinking herbal hippy tea like CRAZY to kick this cold.  It’s working.  I’m not 100% but I am definitely getting better.  I ran easy yesterday and felt pretty good.  Today I decided to try the workout I had hoped to run on Tuesday – 2 x 2 miles.

After a 1 mile warm up, I did 2 miles in 13:54 – 6:57/pace.  Perfect.  After a 5 minute recovery jog, I did 2 miles in 13:52 – 6:56 pace!  I was very VERY pleased!

Tomorrow, I am thinking a 5 mile run with some surges (probably 1 min fast, 2 min normal or something) in the middle.  Saturday is 8 miles with the last 2 miles at goal race pace (7 min pace).  Then easy next week.  I’m getting excited!

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4 x mile

This morning’s workout: 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1 mile with 1/2 mile recoveries, 1 mile cool down.  7.5 miles total.

Alarm set for 4:53am.  Coffee pot set to automatical brew at 4:55am.

Drank some water, drank 1.5 cups (small mug!) of coffee, ate a banana, bathroom … headed out about 5:15am.

This was my 1st 4 x mile (it’s been 3 x mile up until this morning).  My goal was simply “faster.”  I wanted each mile to be hard. To hurt. To be holding on to finish.



The pieces are falling into place.  3.5 weeks until the HALF.

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mile repeats

This morning I did mile repeats.  The last time I did this workout was mid September.  Considering how NOT consistency the past 4 months have been, I was quite happy to improve from September!

The workout is 1 mile warm up, then 3 x mile with 1/2 mile recovery jogs, then cool down.  My miles were 7:30, 7:13, 7:01.  It’s a far cry from where I’d like to be.  But it’s progress.  And that’s what it is about right now.  Last time, I did  7:47, 7:19, 7:09.

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repeat on repeats

Scroll down 2 posts to see about my last mile repeat session

My “plan” has me doing hard workouts on Tuesdays.  August 16 was the last time I did mile repeats.  Other Tuesdays has me doing 6 miles with 4 miles of tempo.  I was nervously excited about trying mile repeats again.  I was hopeful to see an improvement; nervous in my own higher expectations of myself; nervous in the fact that except for this past Saturday, the past few weeks have sucked running wise.

The last time I did the workout, my miles were 8:04, 7:30, 7:16.  This time, I managed to pull out 7:47, 7:19, 7:09.  That was a confidence builder that I needed!

Saturday’s long run was the best run I’ve had since Andrew was born – 10 miles average 7:59 pace.

Before Saturday, the past few weeks really have sucked … I’ve felt slow and heavy on every run.  My plan has me running 5 days a week, but I haven’t run more than 4 once.  And 1 week only 3 days.  I’m hoping I’ve turned a corner!

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mile repeats

Week 1 of the plan is going well.  Hope it continues :)  Tuesday morning, the plan said 6 miles – warm up, 3 x mile with 1/2 recovery jogs, cool down.  The thought of attempting this had me tremblin in my shoes.  Repeats? Seriously? I’m sooo not ready for this.  I thought about knocking it down to 2.  That thought was encouraged when I found out Jon needed to leave for work by 6:15am … wow that would mean waking up even earlier than early.  Determination prevailed!!!  I set the alarm for 5am, DETERMINED to accomplish this.  Didn’t want to slack on the plan on the 2nd day.  In being realistic to my fitness and mental [LACK] of toughness, I had 2 main goals – keep the 1st repeat not too fast and get faster on each one.

I ran the mile warm up sloooooow. Felt good to stretch out the legs, still a bit heavy from Saturdays 7 miler.  Mile 1 was a few notches above comfortable, nowhere near hard.  8:04.  Mile 2 felt like I was pushing.  7:30.  Towards the end of mile 2 I thought, wow I’m actually doing this!  And feeling good!  And I’ll finish the workout!  Mile 3 caused me to dig deep and hang on. 7:16.  Mental and physical victory!!!

I did skimp on the cool down – .6 instead of a full mile.  Didn’t want to make the husband late for the concrete pour at work! :)

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that good kindof sore

For the past few years in my running, I have not been overly intentional.  When training for the marathons in 2008 I was intentional with distance, especially my Saturday long runs.  Yet not intentional with pace, tempo runs, etc.  I mostly ran comfortably.  If I felt good, I’d run a bit harder but not too hard.  That’s not a bad thing.  For injury prevention and long term durability, that’s a good thing.

Yet for this season, I am seeking to change that.  I want to be intentional in doing a tempo run each week, and a speed workout some weeks, and a Saturday long run.  This was week #1 with that formula.

After Sunday’s 10 miler and an easy 4 on Monday, I ran a tempo run on Tuesday. I really fought to push it, especially as the run went on and I was feeling it. I ran 4.27 tempo at a 6:48 pace.  Nice! I was pysched.

Wednesday was a planned day off (which ended up being perfect because we had a serious downpour ALL DAY LONG).

Thursday, I did 6 x 1/2 mile repeats around our block.  I averaged right around a 6 min pace for those.  I slowed more than I wanted in my last few but I was happy with the workout.

Friday, I had planned to run an easy 3, but totally forgot as we planned a picnic at the beach for dinner.

This morning, I ran 12 miles, right around a 7:30 pace.  My legs felt sore the whole time. I do think an easy run yesterday would have been smart but oh well – beach is way better!

I’m achy, but happy now :)

I’m running a local 5K next Saturday, so I’m going to go a bit easier this week because I REALLY want to beat my post college PR (19:56)

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