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the reasons why

After only 6 short hours of sleep last night (I think I’ve mentioned before I really like to get 8+ hours) I fought to get out of bed when my 5:15am alarm went off.  After I was dressed with shoes on, I sat on our front step pep talking myself to stand up and head out for a run.  All of this brought on thoughts of WHY I run during my 5.2 mile run this morning.  Other people ask me that, too.  Sometimes it’s hard to explain.  I am not going to run the Gate to Gate 4.4 miler on Memorial Day because my husband is having back surgery next week.  Road races pretty much shut down around here during the summer, so I have nothing on the horizon to train for.

So why keep running?  Because it’s what I do. I am a runner. It is apart of me.  It is ingrained in me.  That makes it sound natural and easy … at times it is. At times it is NOT.

I run because I like starting off in the morning on quiet streets with birds chirping. I love finishing a run, especially in the morning when I have the whole day ahead of me.

I run because of the not so small bowl of ice cream I ate last night.  (and the other things I like to eat)

I run because I love being outside.

I run because I feel better and have more energy when I am running consistently.

I do have to adjust my framework now though.  For the past year, every run I have gone on has played into the bigger picture of what race is coming up next.  Right now I run simply to run, and for all the reason listed above.

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Boggy Bayou 5K

Yesterday was the Boggy Bayou 5K, just down the road in Valparaiso.  I was told the course had some hills – which is positively hilarious – there were just enough bumps in the road to make it not boring.

The official results haven’t been posted, but according to my own watch I ran 19:33.  I was the 2nd place woman (10th overall).  At the end of January I supposedly ran an 18:51, but I know the course was a bit short.  So in many ways, yesterday felt like a PR ‘cuz I know the course was dead on 5K (I know the guy who put on the race and he is type A to the core).

I went out hard but comfortable, and was the leading woman. There was a turnaround right before the 1 mile and I realized a girl was about 10 paces back.  Hit 1 mile in 6:06. Good.  Yet I could feel the girl gaining on me and soon we were stride for stride. I surged and pulled ahead. She surged back and we were even. But the she pulled ahead. I stayed close until just before mile 2. Hit mile 2 in 12:19 (6:12 for that mile). Good pace.  But then the other girl simply had another gear and dropped me, beating me by about 30 seconds. Stink. My 3rd mile was 6:37. That’s the only part I’m a bit frustrated by. I wish I’d kept it closer to 6:20 or so.

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King of the Mountain road race

We had lucky timing this weekend – we needed to go back to Lookout to take care of some things with our rental houses, and it just so happened to be the King of the Mountain (4 mile) road race today – the 1 and only race ON Lookout Mountain.  I was actually not excited about running, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.  And OF COURSE, now I’m so glad I did! :o)

I had felt really sluggish all week.  None of my runs were good.  We travelled up here Thursday night, so I didn’t get much sleep that night. Friday night, we went out for Mexican food and then ice cream.  As 1 friend said this morning, “you didn’t have to have any!” – of course I didn’t HAVE to – but ARE YOU SERIOUS? Am I EVER going to turn down ice cream????  NO!!!!

I felt unprepared.  I’ve struggled lately going out too hard in races, so was determined NOT to do that this morning especially since the 1st 1.5 miles were uphill.  Warming up and on the starting line, I was eyeing a girl who looked serious. She was in  a race jersey for cryin’ out loud!  I started out even with  her, but it felt too easy so pulled ahead after only about 1/2 mile into the race.  I still felt pretty controlled.  My 1st mile was very conservative, which set me up well for a good race on the remaining down hill.

The big bummer of the day was that the park ranger did not show up to open the gate, so the race ended up being about 1/4 mile short.  So in the results, my time of 24:42 sure does sound impressive!!!  Probably would have been around 26:20-30 if the course had not been short.  That would have been about a PR for me.

I ended up the women’s winner and 8th overall.  The woman in the race jersey was the 2nd woman, about a minute and a half back.  Here’s a link to the results.  After the 1st mile, I ran by myself most the race.  I’ve got to work on NOT letting that happen!

I typically finish 2nd or 3rd in races it seems like, so it was fun to win one.

Next up – a flat 5K back in Florida next weekend and then a Memorial Day 4.4 miler on Eglin AFB.


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every ounce in me …

Being mostly a morning runner, I have a love / hate relationship with my early (5:15am) mornings.  As it gets hotter here in Florida, I won’t have the option of running any time but the mornings.  Also, eatting dinner together as a family is very important to us and if I run when Jon gets home from work, it throws a wrench in dinner.   As hard as it is to get out of bed some mornings, I never ever regret it once I get going.  Yesterday morning I barely BARELY got myself running.  Every ounce in me fought it.  I barely dragged myself out of bed. I took forever putting on my runner clothes (seriously, how long should that take?!) and as I put my shoes on, I heard a bit of rain coming down. I seriously debated just laying on the couch and sleeping until Jon woke up.  That’s all I wanted at that moment. I walked outside and stood in the driveway thinking do I really want to do this?  Oh the battle going on inside my head! I managed to walk to the end of the driveway and started running.  Shew.   It’s so true – you never a regret a run you DO, only runs you do NOT do.

I know some people can live fine on not much sleep. I am NOT one of those people.  I thrive on 8-9 hours, with the occassional 10 hour night :)   Yet morning running often means I only get 7-7.5.  I compensate with a LOT of coffee!

I say all that, making it sound like I loathe these morning runs.  As I said, it is definitely love / hate.  There are parts I love!  It makes it simple to wake up, run, shower … and then go about our day.  The run is done, and I don’t have to think about it again until setting my alarm that evening.

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