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Day 3

To get more cardio (aka calorie burning to help me loose my last 10 pounds of baby weight), I did a run walk combo today.  40 minutes of 2 min run/3 min walk.  3.09 miles total – 1.56 miles run and 1.53 miles walk.  Doing the run/walk combo is a great way to get more distance and cardio (both of which I am very weak in right now).

Getting back into shape is such a long road.  I’m logging everything in my Running Ahead training log.  It’s hard to see such low numbers, but at the same time, it’s all I got.  If I try to do more, it’ll do more harm than good. I know I have to build S L O W.


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Day 2

I ran again tonight – this time without the stroller!  I felt so awkward when I started out.  My stride was funny, my arms felt weird. And then the jiggling.  It did feel slightly more normal as I went.

I ran a mile.  One whole mile without stopping :) 9:32

Real runners cringe at the term jog.   I feel like a jogger right now.  I can’t wait to feel like a runner again.

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Day 1

The doc said I could start running again (!!) but just to take it easy and listen to my body.  The pathetic limitations of my fitness right now make that not an issue. Yet it is something I struggle with as I get back into shape.  That probably won’t be for a while though.

As soon as I got home from my appointment this morning, I loaded the younger 2 into the stroller (oldest was at school) and did a short walk/run around the neighborhood.  1.58 miles total.  Here’s the break down …

walk .2 miles (3:19)
RUN .5 miles (5:03)
walk .3 miles (4:22)
RUN .3 miles (3:03)
walk .28 miles (4:32)

So I ran .8 miles total.  Hmmm.  Very unglamorous.  And I was jigglely in places I am not used to jiggling.  But you must start somewhere and that is where I am.

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one month in

#3 – the BLUE in our world – is 1 month old.  His birth was c-section #3 for me.  The doctor gives you a laundry list of don’ts in your recovery. I try to obey most of them, but some are purely impossible unless you have a nanny and a maid.  Overall, I feel like I am healing well yet my body is simply weak.  I was lazy during the last part of my pregnancy and am pitifully out of shape.

I am hoping to get the green light to start running when I go in for my 6 week check up on May 11.  It’s not that simple though.  I am trying to get my body strong enough to be able to run.  When my oldest is in school on MWF, I’m walking with the younger 2 in the stroller.  Today, I rode our exercise bike for 20 minutes during the girls’ naps, and only had to get off 5 times to put the paci (or “plug” as we call it) back in the boy’s mouth.  Wow exercise gets more and more complicated as you have more kids! 

[for the record, I loathe working out inside and exercise bike is #2 on the worst list – stair-steper being #1 – yet it is a very safe mode of exercise for me right now, putting NO pressure on my incision and we have a bike thanks to a $15 Craigs List purchase]

With school ending in a few weeks, I’ll soon need to wake up in the mornings to walk/run outside.  Yet in the past month, the longest stretch of continuous sleep I’ve gotten is 4 hours.  On a typical night, I get a few 2 hour stretches and maybe one 3 hour stretch. Yes, our little guy likes to nurse OFTEN.  And I am a person who loves sleep and needs sleep.

So we will see how the pieces fall back into place.

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an update

Tomorrow I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant.  I haven’t run since November. It just wasn’t happening for me.  I’ve been more tired, my back has hurt, and there has been a level of laziness.   I do feel like I’m always moving – how can you not with 2 little kids???  I’m still walking, and attempting to do squats and lunges.  I always had this vision of me being 1 of those women who ran up until her delivery date. Oh well.  I am simply NOT 1 of those women.

I have been dreaming and scheming of goals and PRs I think I can run once this baby is born.  It’s so easy to dream :)  Not to get into details of childbirth, but I have had 2 c-sections already, so baby #3 will be a c-section the last week of March.  Thus, I should be able to start running in mid May.  I’d like to do a half marathon in the Fall, and then either another half or a full in the Spring.  Definitely a full in the next Fall (2012).

Then I wake up and think about oh yeah, I will have 3 kids.  So I’m also reminding myself that we’ll see.   We’ll just have to see how it goes :)

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nearly non existent

Well so far running in this pregnancy has been seriously pathetic.  It sure helped that the 1st trimester of my pregnancy with Cora was during cross-country season.  It made it so easy to get a run in every day.  I am about to the end of the 1st trimester and am hoping my energy level rebounds a bit and that I can get in more of a routine again.

Next week is a new week!

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a first

This is probably a bit shocking – yesterday I ran pushing the jogger for the first time.  I am such a running snob that I have never wanted a stroller to hinder my run.  Thus, I’ve always run early in the morning, once Jon got home, when Mom could watch the girls, or with the team when coaching.  Living on Lookout, I used the hills as an excuse – especially with the double stroller – that’d be pushing 30 pounds of stroller with 60 pounds of kids – NO THANKS! (walking is fine – just not running).

Yesterday, while Sarah was at school, I pushed Cora in the single jogger – a mere 45 pounds combined.  I ran 3 miles, nice and S L O W and it actually felt better than I expected.  Hopefully after the 1st trimester I won’t be so exhausted and will start waking up in the mornings again.  Yet for now, it just makes most sense to run with Cora in the stroller on MWF – and I think I’ll get used to it just fine!

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