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awkward competition

Running in the dark this morning, I came to a T intersection, and had to do an awkward side step to not run into a guy coming from the other direction.  He keeps going straight, the same way I am turning, but he is on the sidewalk and I am running on the road – on the other side of the road facing traffic.  SO we are basically running even with each other, but on opposite side of the road.  I probably picked it up a bit because I am competitive and not having raced since JUNE my competitive juices are seriously pent up inside me!  I was pulling in front of him a bit.  And then it was like he realized this GIRL was running faster than him. So he noticeable picks it up and pulls ahead.  But then he slows.  This just feels awkward!  We run even again until I need to turn right, which means crossing over the side walk where he is running even with me.  So I do an awkward stop, thankfully I need to wait on a car so it is not as awkward as it could be, and we both carry on our runs.  And I analyze our little competition the mile and a half home :)

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I had a stowaway on my run yesterday.  Soon after I started, I felt something in my shoe.  As a given rule, I only stop under a street lamp, so ran until I came to the next lamp … took of my shoe and shook it. Nothing. Snook harder and a ROACH fell out. I seriously almost got sick.

If my husband where to tell you 5 important things about me 1 of them very well might be that I HATE roaches and justifiably wig out if I see one – or at least if it’s the big kind.

I was grossed out my whole run! – which wasn’t that long. But still. It had to have been alive when I put my shoes on. And I had been carrying my shoes around the house before hand.  I would have woken everyone in the house if it has crawled out on my hand!

Enough speculating and describing.  Hopefully this will be a 1 time experience!!!

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time change

It seems like all bloggers are mentioning the time change. Here is my mention! …

Pre time change, it’d be slowly getting light as I started my run, and so light by the end of my run that I’d turn off my BRIGHT RED flashing light. (which by the way is a GREAT little light!!!)

Now post time change … it was DARK and stayed dark my whole run yesterday.  In my groggy pre run / no coffee state, I thought about a Runner’s World article that said to run your normal route backwards just to shake things up. So I did.  And as I headed down a certain road mid run, I remember why I HATE running this road this direction – all the cars are coming at me, and the only not getting hit option is the sidewalk. And all runners (ok not all but some) know that concrete is harder/worse on your legs than asphalt. So running on concrete is bad!  But that was my only option when cars came at me!  And it was dark!  So every time headlights got close, I’d do this awkward high step/jump to get to the sidewalk. Car would pass, same awkwardness back to road. More headlights, back to side walk. Back to road. You get it!  Next time hopefully I’ll remember to only run my normal direction!!!

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a low! – or a high!!

Today was my 1st run post injury where I averaged under 8 minute miles!!!  Small victories go a long way these days! :)  I ran 4.25 miles in 33:52 (7:58 pace ) – miles were 8:04/8:03/8:09/7:42 – whoowoo!

I do think part of it had to do with being awake for a bit before I ran.  It’s always hard for me to get going in the 5am hour of the morning when I’ve been awake for about 15 minutes before I head out the door!  I’d been awake on and off since about 5:45 and when my middle came in at 6:30 asking for help with something, I got up.  I helped her, got dressed to run, put away the clean dishes from last night, piddled around, and then headed out to run around 7am.

As I said – it’s the small victories – the little steps that make me feel even a tad bit closer to the runner that I know I can be.  I long to be back. To train. To run hard. To resume my secret life of hard core running in the dark!  It’s coming folks. I can feel it!

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morning at the gym

I was *NOT* feeling it this morning.  Actually, I wasn’t feeling it last night either.  I’m not alone in this right?! Some days I am so ready and motivated … other days it feels like such a chore.

I had wanted to put my younger 2 kids in the bike trailer and go for a ride – to enjoy being outside. Yet the forecast for today is RAIN.  So last night, I debated risk it and hope the forecast is wrong and we go for a bike ride OR suck it up and get up early to get myself to the gym.    

[side note – our gym has a hair salon in the same building and they share child care – GENIUS! – but you are allowed 2 hours max a day in child care and I am getting my hair cut today and I love the girl who cuts it but she is sloooow so I am using my child care time to get my hair cut today – so it was gym early today or no gym]

So last night, I reluctantly got my stuff together for an early morning gym.  

My early went off at 5am and I dragged myself out of bed.  Even with a BIG ole cuppa coffee, I was still dragging into the gym.  

My plan was to do 60 minutes on the spin bike.  Our gym only has 2 spin bikes in the cardio room.  1 I like. The other has a different seat and I feel like I am falling forward the whole time.  Well, the 1 I like happened to be broken.  So instead of 60 minutes of feeling I was falling off the seat, I opted for 40 minutes.

It took everything in me to stay on that dang bike for 40 minutes. Everything in me wanted to get off, and lay on the near by mat to “stretch.”  

Yet of course, now I am thankful I at least stuck it out for the 40 minutes.  

Question – how do you motivate yourself on one of these days when you’re just not feeling it?  

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Brrr it was a chilly run this morning!! As I’ve mentioned – I have thin FL blood and this was my coldest run in YEARS!!! There is something invigorating about running in cold weather. I feel so alive! So tough! :)  And I felt like I was running in a ghost town – the near by Air Force base that employs the bulk of our town is closed until noon and the schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row – so there was NO ONE out! I only saw a handful of cars even on the main road, and I did not see a single person out besides me!  I am thankful I ran in the daylight so I could see the patches of ice – and thankfully I made it home with no falls :)

(the bottom right temp – 57.9 is INSIDE our house – yikes!!! We keep our house set on 64 in the winter, which I know is chilly, but it saves a ton of money and I have a yankee born husband who likes a cold house! But Florida houses are NOT well insulated and our heat pump can’t keep up on these cold mornings!)

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no gym this morning

Last night, I got everything all set to go to the gym early this morning (with school cancelled, so is child care at the gym. Bummer).  I always get everything I need for a morning run or gym laid out the night before and set the coffee pot to start automatically – so I don’t need to THINK as I’m stumbling about super early!  So as I’m getting everything together, my husband and I are talking about the ice and what the roads would be like in the morning and IF I’d be able to get to the gym.  He turned on the outside light to look at my car and it was already COATED in ice, and sleet/freezing rain was still coming down and temps were dropping to the low 20s.

I turned off my alarm and reluctantly said oh well to an early morning gym.  I could have gotten up even earlier to turn on my car to let the ice melt and I’m sure my Subaru could have handled the mile drive to the gym. Or shoot, I could have been tough enough to run to the gym!!  But as I mentioned, 4 years in Florida has thinned my blood. So I turned off my alarm.

We woke up to ice and a dusting of now.  My kids thought it was amazing!  And it sure is cold – for FL at least :) – hasn’t gotten out of the 20s all day.  Schools are cancelled again tomorrow (day 3).  My Philly born husband is appalled.

Here are a few pictures …

ice coated windshield


I typically don’t post pictures of my kids’ online – but since their faces are all looking away, here are my 3 kiddos amazed at the ice in their “fort” in the bushes


this is what snow in Florida looks like!!!!



and here I am enjoying being outside with my kiddos! They always get along better outside! So even when it is 23 degrees, we’ll bundle up and head out! (and enjoy hot chocolate when we come in!!!)



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