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gaining focus

I miss writing, processing, using my brain for something besides household management. So here I am, back in this space.

Boston 2017 was a heartbreaking, soul searching, hard experience. Yet still incredible because it’s Boston.  From mile 11 or so to mile 19, all I could think of was GET TO 19. I knew I would see my friend’s mom and I was fully planning on getting in her car and quitting.  When I saw her, I walked to her and buried my face in my hands crying.  I said I wanted to be done, cried again and said I’ve never quit a race. It’s true. I’ve never quit. I thought, how will I explain to my kids that I quit because it was hard and I hurt. I was mentally defeated, but not physically. I decided I WOULD finish.  Even if I walked the last 7 miles.  I started walking, and soon was running.  For the next 7 miles, I RAN.  I allowed myself to walk the water stops, but ran the rest.  I even felt ok up the hills.

I finished in 3:51:11.  My slowest marathon by 17 minutes and 22 minutes behind my training partner who I ran step for step with for the bulk of the training cycle.

There was nothing explicitly wrong. It just wasn’t my day. While I can point to things in my training and race day that I did differently that probably weren’t smart, the biggest culprit was ME.

After Boston, I took a mental and physical break. I ran because it’s what I do. Yet I was inconsistent, and that was what I needed.  If I missed days, it didn’t matter.  When we traveled over the summer, I didn’t always run. It was exactly what I needed.

Now that school has started for my kids and life is in more of a routine, I am working on consistency.  My biggest goal right now is all the other stuff.  Weights, PLYO type workouts, core, etc – strengthening all the other muscles that enable me to run better and faster.

Right now, I’m running 4 days a week, mileage in the upper 20’s.  I’m planning to run 4 days a week at least through October, perhaps longer.  Through the end of December, the goal is strength.  Starting in January, I plan to add in speed.

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