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Boston Marathon 2014

Confirmation came – I’m registered for the 2014 Boston Marathon!!!!  

I qualified last November at the Pensacola Marathon in 3:25:31 – 9 min 29 seconds under my qualifying time.

On April 15, 2013 I was spending the morning wishing I was running Boston and excited about the 2014 race.  Then in shock/anger/fear I was thanking God I was NOT there.   I remember asking my husband that evening what he thought then about me running 2014.  He said “You have to. And it’ll probably be the safest year ever.”  Neither of us ever wavered in the resolve to run 2014.

I ran my first marathon February 17, 2008 in 3:33:32 – qualifying for Boston (3:40 was my BQ then). I was in the qualifying window for 2008 and 2009.   Our 1st child was 14 months old and we were starting to think about #2.  And in 2008, you could still get into Boston only 8 weeks out! (that was the last year that was possible).  So, we decided I better sign up and RUN BOSTON – in 8 short weeks!!!

On April 21, 2008, I ran Boston. My 2nd marathon.  My goal was to break 3:30 – I ran 3:29:58!!  It was amazing. Everything about Boston – the entire weekend, the marathon – everything. I loved it and could not wait to run it again!

A few months after Boston, we found out #2 was on the way! So for the 2009 race, I was at home with our 3 week old :)  That January (2010) we moved to FL and I was hopeful to do a spring marathon and re-qualify.  Between settling into life in a new town, and my husband having back surgery, a marathon didn’t happen.  That summer I was pregnant again with #3!

Finally in November 2011, I ran my 3rd marathon and re-qualified.

So here we are today.  All set for 2014!

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not as planned

About a month ago I mentioned my sore achilles.  Well, over the past month it has gotten worse.  It has not gotten to the point of pain – rather it is sore and getting worse – which is worrisome.  I am fairly confident that if I continued to up my mileage and intensity, it could turn into an actual injury – rather than an annoyance (which is what I am calling it now!) Last week, I was planning on putting in my first 6 day week.  I had a solid interval session Wednesday and was going to run easy Thursday.  Yet Wednesday night my achilles was more sore than it had been to date.  SO I decided to take Thursday off.  Then on Friday my running partner told me the doc had just put her on a 3 week injury break and then she is to build back sloooowly.

I made a bit of an abrupt decision to let my achilles heal NOW.  I am forcing myself to look long term.  I do not want to grunt my way through marathon training this fall only to be injured and not train fully for Boston (my registration window opens Friday – stay tuned!!!!)  I do not want to get injured as soon as my training partner is healthy.

As of now I have not run in 6 days.  Overall I can definitely say my achilles is healing.  Just not as fast as I hoped!  I am still hopeful that by the end of this week I’ll be good to go.

This has also, as I mentioned above, caused me to re-evaluate my plan and goals.  I really want to have 2 attempts for a fast marathon this year, but it’s looking like I may only have 1 shot.  No decisions made yet.  If I scrap Huntsville, I’ll chase my half PR in January while building to Boston in April.  And considering family life, that may be the better choice.

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IMG_5334All of a sudden [or maybe impulsively] but yes, with at least a bit of thought, I have found myself with 4 current shoes.  FOUR! You’d think I worked at a speciality running shoe store or something! (which is actually something I’d like to do when my 3 little ones are all in school)

Here’s what and why I’m running in right now …

Mizuno Wave Rider 16 – 8.4 oz, 12 mm drop
My go to favorite shoes! This is my 2nd pair of these and I love them!  The owner of my local running store convinced me to try these after 20 years of running Nikes. I’m so glad he did!  These are my favorite shoes to date! And even though they are a heavy trainer, I would seriously considering running a marathon in them. I use them for my long runs, and often on easy days.


Nike Flyknit Trainer – 8.0 oz, 7 mm drop
I bought these at a race expo for $30 – not a bad deal considering they retail for $150!  I figured even if they didn’t work, I could wear them for cross training at the gym.  After being very skeptical due to some gnarly heel blisters as I broke them in, these are actually pretty good shoes!  Currently I am using these for speed work and tempo runs.  I do not think they are worth the $150 price tag, so unless I find a steal of a deal again, I won’t buy these again.


Nike LunaRacer – 5.5 oz, 7 mm drop
I just retired an identical pair of these – my racing shoe from a half marathon down to 5Ks.  In the past I’ve also used these for speed work and tempo, and probably will again once I build back up a bit more.  I’m reluctant to race a marathon in these out of fear that I’ll get too beat up from the lack of support.  Maybe I need to just try?


Newton Energy – 7.8 oz, 2 mm drop
Newton’s definitely have a cult like following, and I have been very curious yet reluctant to try.  Changing anything in my running scares me!  And the stated purpose of these shoes is to morph you into a more efficiently striding running.  Now that sounds good – but it could mean changing my stride!  Scary!!!
Newton just came out with this shoe and it is meant to be an introduction to their brand – a transition shoe from more traditional shoes to Newton shoes.  The girl at the store sold it to me as a potential marathon shoe. Not sure if I’ll do that. But maybe. Today was only run #1 in them.  We’ll see.  I need not judge or make decisions yet!


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week 16 recap

This has been a bit of a sluggish week.  We spent Saturday-Wednesday at a condo on the beach with family – such a treat and my kind of vacation being only  30 minute drive away! :)  I think my body was tired from the last 2 weeks of beginning my “ramp up” and I also think I felt a bit sluggish knowing I was on a mini-vacation.  When then spent the weekend back home with my parents, sister and her family.  I LOVE running back home – with the group of guys who were huge in helping me get back in shape after baby #2 was born and leading up to our move to the flat land of Florida.

28.7 miles for the week

3.2 miles @ 8:53 pace – shortest, slowest run in a long time
postponed 30 day challenge because my arms were so sore from the day before!

5.2 miles @ 8:23 pace – took a while to get my body moving, but ended the run at a decent pace to make for an ok average
skipped 30 day challenge out of laziness

day off

intervals on treadmill – 7 miles total, 56:07 total time
did 6 x 1/2 mile
1.5 mile warm up
did 800’s progressively faster, always getting faster after 400 meters on each one:
1- 9.0-9.1
2- 9.1-9.2
3- 9.2-9.3
4- 9.3-9.4
5- 9.4-9.5
6- 9.5-9.6-9.7-9.8 (got faster each 200 meters on the last)

1.25 mile cool down
(still being lazy on the 30 day challenge – I have 2 more days to do!!)

9 miles @ 8:45 pace – very very hilly – oh how I miss the hills! (yes I am actually being serious) – and ran with my old running group – such a hilariously fun group of guys!!

4.4 miles @ 9:14 pace – ran with my sister at her pace. Love the time with her and love that she has gotten so into running over the past year!
water skied – serious full body workout!!

more water skiing – my whole body hurts!

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