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Sorry for the lag in posts, but there has been nothing to post.  I took the week off after the Philly Half, to let my ankle heal a bit more … and to enjoy a bit of laziness (bad timing with Thanksgiving!)  Plus it’s always hard for me to run when out of my normal routine, and we were at Jon’s parents all week.  We got home today … so back to reality and back to RUNNING!

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Philadelphia half marathon

I ran 1:35:48 – average of 7:19/mile.  I was quite happy!!   The funny thing is, I did just about everything “wrong” leading up to today.  On top of my ankle, my long runs in training were almost non-existent.  We got into my in-laws at 2am Friday night, so I was still feeling exhausted.  I didn’t eat enough this morning. And overall felt unprepared.  Then, during the race, my mile splits were erratic.

Makes me wonder what I can do if I do things right – I’d probably run horrible!! :)

This was my first half marathon (I jumped from a 10 mile race to a marathon).  I could get used to this distance.  Training for it is not the huge time commitment like it is for a marathon.  And it’s simply not as painful!  I am sore, but NOTHING like post-marathon.  I definitely want to run more marathons, but I also want to run a lot more halfs.

It was a GREAT course and I loved getting to see so much of Philly.  Being such a big race, it wasn’t until around mile 7 or 8 that I wasn’t worried about tripping over someones feet.  The sides of my knees are actually sore from all the side to side dodging I did!  The weather was perfect – mid 40’s and clear.  The 1st few miles went by so fast; largely I think from being so distracted by all the people and trying not to trip.  I was feeling GREAT through mile 7.  Things started to catch up with me a bit at that point, but not horribly.  I got nervous I would tank, but I managed to hang on fairly well.  My main goal for next time will be to run consistent splits.

For those that are interested, here are my splits:
mile 1: 7:54
mile 2: 7:12
mile 3: 7:28 (includes a quick porta-potty stop)
mile 4: 6:59
mile 5: 7:07
mile 6-7: 14:12 (I some how missed mile 7)
mile 8: 7:24
mile 9: 7:11
mile 10: 7:41
mile 11: 7:19
mile 12: 7:23

All in all, a great day!!!


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half marathon … ready or not!

I told Jon last night I had planned to be in REALLY good shape at this point, ready to kill the half marathon.  I always set a high goal (a stretch) and a low goal (pretty attainable).  I had been thinking my high goal would be to break 1:30 and my low goal around 1:35.  Now … I’m not so sure!  I’m thinking high goal is 1:35 and low goal 1:40.  Maybe that’s not even realistic.  We’ll see what happens!  And my ankle is sore, but I think it will make it.  I have promised Jon I won’t be too stubborn and will drop out if it gets too bad.

Regardless of how I feel, it’ll be inspiring to run with 20,000 other people!   Philadelphia here I come!!!

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running gear

(sorry if there are any guys who check this blog – this post is about sports bras, clothes, and shoes)

I am often asked which sports bra I wear, or if I need to wear 2 since I am nursing Cora.  I always get excited and say, “NO! I’ve found the best sports bra!” I have 4 of them :)    It’s worth the money.  The link is to Moving Comfort’s website, but you can often find it cheaper somewhere else.

I love shopping local and supporting non chain stores.  Yet I also love convenience and a deal.  It’s a tough one to balance.  Lately, I’ve gotten into Road Runner Sports – they do a VIP deal which right now costs $1.99 and it gives you free shipping and 10% off on everything you buy for a year!  I should say, the 10% does not apply to on sale things.  BUT, there are sometimes sales that they only open to VIP members – a few months ago, I got a pair of shoes for 40% off.

My running shorts of choice are the Nike Tempo Short.  I don’t like snug shorts, so I wear a medium.   They are super comfortable!!

Obviously, the most important gear is your SHOES.  I am often asked which brand is best … all of the top brands are good.  The KEY is going to a speciality running store, like Fast Break in Chattanooga, and getting them to properly fit your foot for the right shoe.  Once you find a shoe and a brand that works, it is best to stay with that brand.  I’ve worn Nikes since I started running in 7th grade.  The one time I tried Adidas, I sent them back after a month because I had foot problems.  Some people love Adidas. It’s all about what fits your foot best!  My current shoe of choice is the Nike VomeroOf course it’s their most expensive shoe but I just love it!  It has a crazy amount of cushion that really helps my knees, hips, and back.  Yet it’s also light weight.

I laugh at how in high school we all wore cotton t-shirts, socks, etc. How did we survive???? :)  Running gear as come along way. A lot is over done.  Yet the basics are pretty nice!

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maybe …

I ran this morning – an easy 3 miles.  At 1st my ankle hurt, but as I ran, the pain migrated from the sprain spot down to the arch of my foot.  I think it may have been the brace I was wearing.  Down hill did hurt the most, but it still wasn’t bad.

The soreness made me nervous for Sunday, but as of now, I do still think I’ll run the HALF.  I’m going to go further a harder tomorrow and see how it does. That will be the real test.

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last race of the season

My team raced their last race of the season today.  We raced at Cedarville. It was hands down the nicest course I’ve ever seen, and the most well-run (details and organization wise) race I’ve ever been to – a coach’s dream!!!

We did every thing right leading up today.  We tapered by reducing volume rather than intensity.  Their legs felt fresh.  The girls ran great. But it just didn’t happen for the guys today.  You can ask a million questions on why …  and second guess decision I made leading up to today … yet sometimes the answers don’t come. It just didn’t happen.  That’s part of life and part of racing.  Yet it is so frustrating. Especially with 4 seniors.

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Covenant’s trainers looked at my ankle today – sprained in the exact same spot as late August (main ankle ligament) as well as a “slight upper ankle sprain.”  What does that mean I asked … basically, as I sprained it I was also tripping forward so it sprained my upper ankle as well.

She was very optimistic that I’ll still be able to race next Sunday.  I hope so.  I’ll take it day by day.  My 1st concern is getting around the race course in Ohio on Saturday as my team runs their last race of the season.

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