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a low! – or a high!!

Today was my 1st run post injury where I averaged under 8 minute miles!!!  Small victories go a long way these days! :)  I ran 4.25 miles in 33:52 (7:58 pace ) – miles were 8:04/8:03/8:09/7:42 – whoowoo!

I do think part of it had to do with being awake for a bit before I ran.  It’s always hard for me to get going in the 5am hour of the morning when I’ve been awake for about 15 minutes before I head out the door!  I’d been awake on and off since about 5:45 and when my middle came in at 6:30 asking for help with something, I got up.  I helped her, got dressed to run, put away the clean dishes from last night, piddled around, and then headed out to run around 7am.

As I said – it’s the small victories – the little steps that make me feel even a tad bit closer to the runner that I know I can be.  I long to be back. To train. To run hard. To resume my secret life of hard core running in the dark!  It’s coming folks. I can feel it!

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I did a speed workout this morning – first one since early June. It felt so good and definitely began rekindling the fire within!  Since we joined a gym in January, I’ve mostly done my speed on a treadmill.  I like that I run a forced, consistent speed.  In an ideal world I’d meet a group of people at a track every week.  Yet I don’t have consistent access to a track or to a group of people at a similar pace as me.  When I attempt speed on the roads by myself, it’s too hard to maintain my pace – too easy to slow down.  Thus the treadmill it is.  I typically set the incline to 1%.  Not sure if it makes much of a difference, but smart runner people say it does, so I do it!

Here’s what I did today –

1.25 mile warm up
3 sets of

400 @ 8.4 MPH  (7:10 pace)
400 @ 9.1 MPH  (6:38 pace)
400 @ 9.6 MPH  (6:15 pace)
1/2 mile recovery

1 mile cool down

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just a bit

I had said I wasn’t going to start tempo or speed workouts until August, but I just couldn’t help myself!  I did just a bit – just enough to get me wanting more!  The husband has had a crazy work schedule this week (working 8pm-3am, then all day, then again the following night waking up to go in at 2am to stay all day – yes, crazy!) and he did another of those shifts last night of going in at 1:30am and was due home around 9am.  It would be too hot at that point to run outside, plus I knew he needed a nap. So today’s 7 mile run is planned for tomorrow and I went to the gym to get in a 40 min elliptical workout.  Well, the treadmills were calling my name when I finished!  So I jumped on for a quick 2 mile run – starting normal and dropping done to 6:45 pace.  I hadn’t run that fast since June, and it felt oh so good!  It also felt like oh wow I have some work to do!

My training plan is set, starting August 12.  So I may throw in a bit more of things like today until then, just to keep waking up my legs!

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season in review

Looking back at my “season” – it’s been long, fun, successful – and no wonder my body is tired and excited about some down time of just running rather than training.

I have set PRs in every distance I have raced – 5K, 4 mile, 10K, 15K, half marathon and marathon.

I started my training build up for the Pensacola Marathon back in mid July.  After the marathon in November, I took a week off and then ran easy for about 3 weeks.  I then ramped it back up training for the Seaside Half Marathon.  After Seaside in March, I took a week off and the jumped right back in with intervals training for the spring 5Ks and Gate to Gate.

It has been a FUN year!  And yes, my body is ready for a break! I know I need a break to become a better runner and lower my PRs even more.  At the same time, taking a break is a bit scary.  This past year has been the most intense and most successful and it’s hard to not to feel like I’ll loose it all if I back off.  I know that’s not true – it’s just hard to trust it some times!  I’ve been very blessed in that my only breaks have been during my 3 pregnancies.

I still have not decided what the plan for the Fall is – in part because I do not know where we’ll be living!  If we stay put, I have my eye on the Huntsville Marathon on December 8th, with Boston to follow in Spring 2014.  If we move to who knows where, I’ll have to wait and see what races are possibilities.

Regardless, June will be a month of lower mileage, focusing on core and strength.  July, I’ll start building my mileage back up.  August will bring tempo and speed workouts.

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13 miles

Today’s long run felt like a key stepping stone.  After 11 miles 2 weeks ago and 10 miles last week, I jumped to 13 miles today.  Next week is 14, then 16.  So I really wanted today to be good. And it was :)  I ran with my running partner for 7.5 miles, which helped tremendously.  I averaged right at 8 min pace – started slower, finished with my last 4 miles right around MP.

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Heritage Museum 5K

I ran another local 5K this morning – the Heritage Museum 5K in Val’p.

15 degrees cooler and no big hill in a race = 40 seconds faster and a PR!!!

Lisa, my running partner, also ran.  She set a PR too!  The funny thing is, neither of us were really “feeling it” before the race.

The course was an out and back, with gently rolling hills.  Lisa’s tendency is to start a bit on the conservative side and finish strong.  My tendency is to start fast and struggle not to die.

So I started off a bit faster than her.  I hit 1 mile in 5:56 (a bit slower than last week’s race).  That was exactly where I wanted to be.  Mentally, the out and back was TOUGH for me.  At the turn around, I was probably 10 seconds ahead and she looked strong.  I was pretty sure she’d close on me.

I was struggling.  Seeing my time at mile 2 was what I needed – 12:02 (so 6:06 for that mile).  I knew I had a shot at sub-19 if I could hold on.  Lisa said she was gaining on me slightly after the turn around but that just after the 2nd mile, I pulled away a bit more.

As I rounded the corner for the finish, a guy yelled out “18 flat.”  I CAN DO IT!  I could see the clock.  I knew it was going to be close.  18:54!!!

I was beyond excited!!!  My 3rd mile was 6:04.  Lisa finished in 19:13 – a PR for her, too!

My 3 mile PR from high school is 18:37.  So, with the added .1 for a 5K, this race beats that even.  I told Jon at dinner tonight that I must not have pushed myself hard enough in high school! I also told him how much I regret not racing in college.  I’ll always have that wonder of what I was capable of.  Also, in January 2010 I ran a 5K in 18:51, but I knew that course was short.  Today, I know the course was spot-on.  Thus, in reality, this is the fastest 3 mile or 5K I have ever run.  That’s crazy.

It’s still sinking in.  Right now I’m swinging between thinking, “sweet, no need to run any more 5K’s based on this accomplishment!” and “wow, wonder what I can get my PR down to??!!”

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I had several great running groups/partners before we moved.  The last 2 years here in FL have been some lonely running.  In 1 sense, I think it has made me a better runner.  Doing 12 and 14 miles on your own is TOUGH … yet amazing sense of accomplishment.  In early 2010, our first few months here, I was running FAST.  I channeled my stress of moving and all that it entailed into my running.  While I missed meeting up with people and fun conversations, it was also nice to be able to “carve my own path” in terms of course and speed.

Since Andrew was born and I’ve been getting back in shape, it’s been a much tougher road to be running alone.  I’ve struggled with my speed, and at times my motivation.  After Saturday’s race, the winner and I were talking and turns out we live very near each other.  We exchanged numbers.  We decided to meet for a run this morning.

I told Jon last night that I felt like I had a “first date” in the morning! :)  A running partner is serious business … you need to enjoy talking to each other, have good understanding of expectations, be similar speeds … I could go on and on.

I hardly slept last night.  I kept waking up with a start, only to look at the clock and see 12:30 … 12:55 … 1:30 … etc.  Then at 4:15, Andrew cried.  My alarm was set for 5am, to meet her at 5:15am.  I got Andrew settled, and was going to crawl in bed for a few more minutes, but as I reach for my cup of water, I spilled it. Thankfully, it was almost empty, but it still landed on the baby monitor and my clock.  My clock is now spiraling through numbers and every time I pushed a button, it spiraled faster.  The baby monitor is beeping in protest.  I got all that cleaned up, and just decided to get dressed.

I thought about making coffee.  Instead, I ate 1 of my “Gu” packets.  A good opportunity to get my body used to it before the Half next month.

So I met Lisa at 5:15am.  We had a great run – almost 9 miles at an 8 min pace.  The conversation was good.  I think this could work well!


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