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week 7

Getting that 1st 20 miler in always feels so good! This week was a bit different since I had done by long run last week on Sunday.  That meant 18.5 miles and 20 miles in a 6 day span.

While I count my weekly miles Monday-Sunday, if I counted my week Sunday-Saturday, I would have had 64.6 miles.

BUT in typical counting, I ran 46.1 miles last week.  I seem to be holding steady in the mid 40’s.  I keep wanting to break 50, but it just isn’t happening.

Monday – rest (after Sunday’s 18.5 miles)

Tuesday – 6.2 miles, 8:34 pace

Wednesday – 7.3 mile tempo. I totally overestimated my ability with this and cut it short – or maybe I quit. But either way, it wasn’t happening. I got a decent run in but not what my goal was…
2 mile w/u, 4 mile “wave tempo” = 29:35 (7:23 average pace)
1/2 miles were 3:45-3:30-3:44-3:28-3:55-3:40-3:59-3:32
plan was 5 miles alternating each 1/2 mile 7:30 pace / 6:58 pace yet couldn’t hold it, slowed a bit, and cut to 4 miles
cooled down 1.25 miles

Thursday – 7.54 miles, 8:03 pace

Friday – 5.06 miles, 8:20 pace

Saturday – 20 miles, 8:18 pace


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week 8

The next 4 weeks are CRUCIAL.  I had a *great* week.  Then Friday late afternoon, I was feeling off. Before bed, I got cold and stayed COLD for hours.  I wasn’t sleeping. Then I got HOT.  I took my temp and it was 100.1. What the bloody shinhj hkherh hkthth?!?!?!  I just got over being sick. I CAN’T be sick again!  I googled running with a fever, got some healthy fear, a lot of frustration, and turned off my alarm.  I woke up Saturday morning with no fever, and feeling so so. I got better as the day went on. So, being the runner I am and having that irrational runner mentality that not running is horrible and will ruin everything, I got all my run stuff ready once again and set my alarm for 5:30am, to get some food in me and be out the door by 6:30 for 18 miles solo.  Knowing my body wasn’t 100% was probably a good thing, because I ran my 18 miles at a comfortable long run pace. Last Saturday’s run was too fast and I hurt for days.  Train to race not race to train.

So here was last week … 46.5 miles

Monday – 5 miles, 8:45 pace
holy moly my legs hurt so dang bad from Saturday – I was slow on the uphills, but downhills hurt SO bad!  Was supposed to run 7 miles, but ain’t no way that was happenin’

Tuesday – 10 miles, intervals, treadmill
2 miles warm up, 3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:20 – 3:17 – 3:19)
20 min @ 7:53 pace – 2.52 miles
jogged 1:30
3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:18 – 3:18 – 3:17)
cool down ~ 1.2 miles
This was a new workout for me – breaking up the intervals like that – it was GOOD!  I was spent but felt awesome by the end!

Wednesday – 6 miles, 8:30 pace
quads finally loosening up

Thursday – 7 miles tempo on the treadmill
2 miles easy warm up, 3 miles tempo (2 miles in 14:59, 1 mile in 6:55)
2 miles solid pace (not cool down pace) ~ 8:15/8:00

Friday – yoga

Saturday – notta

Sunday – 18 miles, 8:22 pace

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week 9

Back at it!

43.4 miles total

Monday – 5 miles, 8:07 pace
Tuesday – speed on the treadmill – 8 miles
2 mile warm up, 6 x 1/2 mile with 2 min jogs, 2 mile cool down
3:20 – 3:15 – 3:18 – 3:17 – 3:13 – 3:07
Wednesday – 6.1 miles, 8:19 pace
planks: 1 min elbow, 1 min each side, 1 min elbow
Thursday – tempo intervals on the treadmill – 8 miles
2 mile warm up, 2 x 2 miles with 2 min jog in-between, 1.5 mile cool down
14:14 and 14:13 (2nd got HARD)
CXworx core class
Friday – yoga
Saturday – 16.3 miles, 7:48 pace
I think I over did it a bit :) 

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a few pictures

A bit of life lately …

the Hot Chocolate Run last weekend gives a super cool hoodie for the race T – *love* it!! No comment on how many days I wore it this week!  So even though I didn’t get to race it, at least I got a cool hoodie :)

so I am pretty sure I broke my toe a few weeks ago :(
check out how BLACK my baby toe is! It’s been 2+ weeks and it still hurts!

I had company doing planks the other morning :)

I still have a hard time deciding what to wear some days for a run. This morning was 50 degrees and rainy.  I read something that said dress for 15 degrees warmer than the actual temp … but that rule isn’t as firm if it’s raining. So this morning, I opted for my hat .for my hat …
and arm warmers …
IMG_0803with shorts/short sleeves.  7 miles in, I ditched the hat and arm warmers.

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week 10

61 days to go!  I am entering into the key training time.  Being sick last week was SO frustrating.  Yet I know I have established a great pace and I am excited to really ramp it up!

Last week was basically a wash … 15.5 miles

Mon/Tues/Wed – nothing
Thursday – 2.5 miles easy on the ‘mill, CXworx core class
Friday – nothing
Saturdayfinally feeling a bit better and too anxious to not run any more – 13 miles, 8:11/pace.  I was planning on running closer to 8:30 pace or even slower, yet I felt amazingly ok.  

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Week 11

Last week was rough. Between fighting a cold and getting knocked out by a cold, my mileage was down. After a lot of weeks of building, that may not be a bad thing.  But I am still sick. I *NEED* to get back training! :) I keep hoping and praying that I’ll wake up in the morning healthy … not so as of yet :(

5.3 miles, 8:14 pace

5 miles on the treadmill – speed workout cut short – here’s the recap
CXworx core class

wow nothing like a yoga I class to make you feel like a weakling! This was a GREAT class – worked me!!!

4.34 miles, 8:24 pace
I wanted to go further, but didn’t want to over do it. I was hoping a run would knock it out of me, but after I finished, I started thinking running probably wasn’t wise :(

Friday & Saturday
sick and rested, actually spent most of Saturday in bed. I was that sick.

Hot Chocolate 15K – 9.3 miles, 1:13:24, 7:54 pace

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it got me and Hot Chocolate 15K

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I knew my body was FIGHTING. And it LOST.  By Friday I was sick with a nasty cold. The kid that sits in your head and makes it hard to move. I had a fever by Friday night. Saturday I was in bad shape.  I was signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 15K Sunday.

The plan had been to get a good, fast race in to help with my marathon prep. I have a hard time racing during marathon training, because I am so focused on getting my long runs in. I wanted to do at least 1 race this go around.

So much for that plan.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit better, so we headed into Seattle for my race. I was coughing like a 60 year old chain smoker so my plan was to run the race – not race the race. I had been placed in corral A, but moved back to C with a friend who was in town from Tennessee.  I am typically a lot faster than him, and the competitive side of me still wanted to make sure I beat him, but I figured I’d at least run with him for a bit.  We started off at a steady 8 min pace.  A mile or so in, we had a long hill and I pulled away. And never saw him again.  For the whole race, I ran solid. Not really pushing but trying not to back off.

It was my slowest 15K to date (only my 3rd ever!) – 1:13:24.  I was 257 out of 5439, 90 out of 4115 women, and 21 out of 711 in my age group.  The HARD part is, I probably could have been top 10, maybe even top 5 if I’d had a great race. I killed me watching the leaders pass during an out-back stretch.

I am still sick and hope to kick this soon.  Being sick does NOT fit into marathon training!!

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