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here we go again

Hello long lost blog that no one except my family reads! (and I’m not even sure how much they read it!!!)

My youngest (of 3) started kindergarten this Fall, which naturally leads to a lot of introspective thinking.  What do I do all day?!?!  Many of my friends homeschool their kids, and while only a few have even hinted at saying this, I’m sure they do wonder what I do all day and [this is self imposed] probably think I’m totally lazy, selfish, or both.

I’m not ready to go out and get a job for 2 reasons … 1) this is my year for coming up for air after having 3 kids fairly close together AND 2) I don’t want to give up what time I do have with my kids (before and after school, weekends, breaks, and SUMMER).  Thus, the natural thought is get a job in the school district – preferably at THEIR school.  But then, my oldest goes to middle school in a year and a half (HOLY CRAP) so that makes it all the more complicated.  So thus, still just thinking … breathing … and really enjoying running in day light hours while they are at school instead of 5am!!!!

Yet back to the introspective thinking … 3 things keep popping up in my heart and brain.  1) I love to write yet I feel like that part of my life is so dormant and those brain cells are on life support.  2) I love fitness and helping Moms be more fit and healthy.  3)  volunteering at a homeless shelter.

While I know #3 is TOTALLY random, I can’t shake that feeling.  We’ll see what comes of that.

With the love for writing, I’ve thought writing on this blog will help bring those brain cells off life support.  So here I am, wanting to write, and being 10.5 weeks away from my 3rd Boston marathon (6th marathon).  Stay tuned!!!



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week 8

The next 4 weeks are CRUCIAL.  I had a *great* week.  Then Friday late afternoon, I was feeling off. Before bed, I got cold and stayed COLD for hours.  I wasn’t sleeping. Then I got HOT.  I took my temp and it was 100.1. What the bloody shinhj hkherh hkthth?!?!?!  I just got over being sick. I CAN’T be sick again!  I googled running with a fever, got some healthy fear, a lot of frustration, and turned off my alarm.  I woke up Saturday morning with no fever, and feeling so so. I got better as the day went on. So, being the runner I am and having that irrational runner mentality that not running is horrible and will ruin everything, I got all my run stuff ready once again and set my alarm for 5:30am, to get some food in me and be out the door by 6:30 for 18 miles solo.  Knowing my body wasn’t 100% was probably a good thing, because I ran my 18 miles at a comfortable long run pace. Last Saturday’s run was too fast and I hurt for days.  Train to race not race to train.

So here was last week … 46.5 miles

Monday – 5 miles, 8:45 pace
holy moly my legs hurt so dang bad from Saturday – I was slow on the uphills, but downhills hurt SO bad!  Was supposed to run 7 miles, but ain’t no way that was happenin’

Tuesday – 10 miles, intervals, treadmill
2 miles warm up, 3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:20 – 3:17 – 3:19)
20 min @ 7:53 pace – 2.52 miles
jogged 1:30
3 x 1/2 mile w/ 2 min jogs (3:18 – 3:18 – 3:17)
cool down ~ 1.2 miles
This was a new workout for me – breaking up the intervals like that – it was GOOD!  I was spent but felt awesome by the end!

Wednesday – 6 miles, 8:30 pace
quads finally loosening up

Thursday – 7 miles tempo on the treadmill
2 miles easy warm up, 3 miles tempo (2 miles in 14:59, 1 mile in 6:55)
2 miles solid pace (not cool down pace) ~ 8:15/8:00

Friday – yoga

Saturday – notta

Sunday – 18 miles, 8:22 pace

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a few pictures

A bit of life lately …

the Hot Chocolate Run last weekend gives a super cool hoodie for the race T – *love* it!! No comment on how many days I wore it this week!  So even though I didn’t get to race it, at least I got a cool hoodie :)

so I am pretty sure I broke my toe a few weeks ago :(
check out how BLACK my baby toe is! It’s been 2+ weeks and it still hurts!

I had company doing planks the other morning :)

I still have a hard time deciding what to wear some days for a run. This morning was 50 degrees and rainy.  I read something that said dress for 15 degrees warmer than the actual temp … but that rule isn’t as firm if it’s raining. So this morning, I opted for my hat .for my hat …
and arm warmers …
IMG_0803with shorts/short sleeves.  7 miles in, I ditched the hat and arm warmers.

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week 10

61 days to go!  I am entering into the key training time.  Being sick last week was SO frustrating.  Yet I know I have established a great pace and I am excited to really ramp it up!

Last week was basically a wash … 15.5 miles

Mon/Tues/Wed – nothing
Thursday – 2.5 miles easy on the ‘mill, CXworx core class
Friday – nothing
Saturdayfinally feeling a bit better and too anxious to not run any more – 13 miles, 8:11/pace.  I was planning on running closer to 8:30 pace or even slower, yet I felt amazingly ok.  

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I had a stowaway on my run yesterday.  Soon after I started, I felt something in my shoe.  As a given rule, I only stop under a street lamp, so ran until I came to the next lamp … took of my shoe and shook it. Nothing. Snook harder and a ROACH fell out. I seriously almost got sick.

If my husband where to tell you 5 important things about me 1 of them very well might be that I HATE roaches and justifiably wig out if I see one – or at least if it’s the big kind.

I was grossed out my whole run! – which wasn’t that long. But still. It had to have been alive when I put my shoes on. And I had been carrying my shoes around the house before hand.  I would have woken everyone in the house if it has crawled out on my hand!

Enough speculating and describing.  Hopefully this will be a 1 time experience!!!

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My kids were off from school yesterday so after an early morning run & core workout at the gym, and a leisurely morning at home complete with french toast, we headed to the beach!  Some times living in Florida is alright! :)  There truly is something therapeutic about sitting in the sand, watching and listening to the waves.  And the kids play so well together at the beach!  Love it.

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