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30 day challenge

The whole idea of a 30 day challenge is a new thing to me. I know, sounds simple. But google it.  There is a LOT out there about this right now – I guess it’s a fad and here I go jumping on the bandwagon!

I completely stole this idea from Run, Hemingway, Run.  He combined several different 30 day challenges – squats, core and push ups – into one WHOOPER of a 30 day challenge!  I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to paste my excel sheet I typed up and printed out into this post, so either click the link above or contact me to email it to you.

The gist though – Day 1 starts with 10 push ups, 50 squats, 15 sit ups, 10 crunches, 5 leg raises and 10 sec plank.  Day 30 is [brace yourself] 75 push ups, 250 squats, 125 sit ups, 150 crunches, 65 leg raises and 2 min plank.  Every 3 days you get a rest day.

I am currently 3 days in, so today I did 20 push ups, 60 squats, 25 sit ups, 15 crunches, 10 leg raises and 15 sec plank.  My arms are a bit jello-y feeling, but other than that it’s so far so good.

This may sound extreme. And it probably is.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!!!


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just a bit

I had said I wasn’t going to start tempo or speed workouts until August, but I just couldn’t help myself!  I did just a bit – just enough to get me wanting more!  The husband has had a crazy work schedule this week (working 8pm-3am, then all day, then again the following night waking up to go in at 2am to stay all day – yes, crazy!) and he did another of those shifts last night of going in at 1:30am and was due home around 9am.  It would be too hot at that point to run outside, plus I knew he needed a nap. So today’s 7 mile run is planned for tomorrow and I went to the gym to get in a 40 min elliptical workout.  Well, the treadmills were calling my name when I finished!  So I jumped on for a quick 2 mile run – starting normal and dropping done to 6:45 pace.  I hadn’t run that fast since June, and it felt oh so good!  It also felt like oh wow I have some work to do!

My training plan is set, starting August 12.  So I may throw in a bit more of things like today until then, just to keep waking up my legs!

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As intended, June was a month of lower mileage – even lower than I planned.  As unintended, it was NOT a month of building strength and core.  It was a month of rest.  I took a 12 day straight break  due to travel and getting sick.

At first the break was welcomed. My body was loving the rest and it was nice not having to worry about fitting in runs in the midst of traveling up the east coast.

By the end of June I was getting antsy!  I was ready to run! Ready to form a plan!  This was around the time when we figured out we’ll be staying put rather than moving across the country, so I was able to start forming that plan!

I’m spending July building back up, and also really focusing on strength – core, squats, lunges, jumps, etc. I’m in a good rhythm of running MWF and either Saturday or Sunday.  Tuesday and Thursday I cross train at our  gym – spin bike or elliptical.

My “training plan” starts August 5 – which just so happens to be 18 weeks out from the Huntsville Marathon.  Not a coincidence!   More on that to come! :)

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