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the latest

Saturday I had a good 14 mile run.  I kicked myself for not getting a 14 miler in before the Chattanooga half, so was determined to get this one in 2 weeks out.  Shew. Check that off the list.  As I was running on Saturday I was thinking about how I need to be sure to take my vitamins so I wouldn’t catch anything from the girls in the next 2 weeks.  Too late – the girls and I all have slight colds.  I’m hoping and praying it stays slight, am taking my vitamins religiously and drinking loads of hippie herbal tea.

Thus, I am not doing my normal Monday easy run today and will run in the morning and see how I feel.

Last week, my goal had been to get in 40 miles.  I fell short but at 34.5 miles, still ran my highest week total since Cora was born.  (okay, I know very well that for serious runners, 34.8 miles in a week is child’s play – yet for me, it’s GOOD)  I cut Thursday morning’s run about 2 miles short and did not run the 4 miles I had planned on Friday.  My legs were just saying NO.

So while last week was focused on mileage, this week is focused more on speed.  Then next week is E A S Y leading up to next Sunday’s half marathon where I’ll make 1 more attempt to run sub-1:30 before the summer HEAT sets in.

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gettin hotter

I did my long run today (12 miles) during the girls naps.  Knowing it could be in the 70’s for the half in Pensacola next month, I figured it’d be good for me to run in warmer weather.  Our thermometer said it was 77 this afternoon.  It sure was toasty.  At about 9 miles, I looped by our house to get a bit of water and eat a few Clif Bloks (my food of choice for long runs, marathons, etc).  I’m trying to prep better for this half than the Chattanooga one – and 1 way is eating Bloks during my long runs so my tummy will be used to digesting them.  So after a quick pit stop I ran my last 3 miles.

Now I have never been a run in just my sports bra runner – but a long run in 77 degree weather IN MARCH changed that today.  I’m sure my pasty white 2 kids later belly scared a few people. But at least I don’t know them!!! Doubt I’d be brave enough on the mountain where 10+ people I know would probably drive past! :)

I averaged 7:08/mile for the run and felt good.  That was encouraging.  I did tell Jon a bit ago that I feel like I ran a race today. I definitely did not drink enough water early today (we were at the beach!) so I was a bit dehydrated I think.  I took a quick nap, we had a steak dinner complete with red wine, and I’m feeling good now apart from achy knees.

For the record, I do not look forward to summer running here in Florida.

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latest Runner’s World

The last time I wrote about Runner’s World, my brother harped on the magazine saying he would never seek advice from it, etc.  No kidding was my response! Runner’s World is for NORMAL people, not people who can run a half marathon at a 5:25 pace!

The March 2010 issue of Runner’s World was very good in my opinion!  I read the magazine not so much for advice; rather because I love running and it’s all about running, and it has good stories, and things like that.  However, I do find good tips/advice sometimes.

But anyway, pick up a copy of the March issue!

Recently I wrote about how it has been harder for me to get my body going for harder runs in the morning.  I am consistently slower in the mornings.  The day after I wrote that, I read in the March issue of RW, “The predawn hours are challenging because body temperature and heart rate dip to their lowest point at this time.”  YES!  Vindication!  I’m NOT crazy!  That seriously made me feel so much better :)  The article even suggests setting your coffee maker’s auto timer to have a cup ready and waiting for you pre-run.  Now that’s my kindof advice!!!!!

I have been trying a few different things to help kick start my groggy slow moving self in the mornings – turning on lights, splashing cold water on my face, doing dynamic stretching (leg swings, etc).  Didn’t help a lick this morning.  I planned on doing a hard to tempo paced 7 mile run.  My average pace was 7:27.  That’s more like an easy run.

[in my defense, the darkness now that we’ve hit day light savings makes me have to jump of the road and wait for cars to pass in some areas – that sure doesn’t help average pace and really hurts momentum]

For now at least, I am committed to mornings.  I am hoping it will become more natural.  It should right?  The RW article says give yourself at least 2 weeks and don’t expect to run your best for a little while.

There are many other good articles from the March RW that I may hit on in future posts.


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race report

Saturday, I ran in the McGuire’s 5K Prediction Run.  This race 100% brought out my racing weaknesses.  1st the stats – I ran 20:06 and was the 3rd place woman.  I also ran on the North West Florida Track Club’s women’s team and we were the 1st place team (and I was 2nd on the team ).

Being a prediction run, you could not wear a watch and there were no mile markers.

I was pretty frustrated with the race.  Not knowing the course or the area at all, I never knew how far I’d gone and how much further.  At 1 point, a guy running next to me said “half way.”  That threw me big time.  In reality, we probably had less than a mile left.  I also went out WAY too fast.

Experienced racers or at least people who know the course, I’m sure can handle a race like this fine.  I am not at all an experienced racer.  I do not race enough to “trust my body” to determine the pace.

Chalk this one up as a learning experience!

Next up is another half on April 11 and then I’m going to try a few more 5K’s in late April and May.


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It is so much harder to drag myself out of bed in the mornings to go for a run solo.  On Lookout, when meeting “the guys” it’s no problem. Knowing they’ll be leaving at 5:45am gets me up and going quick because the last thing I want to do is have to chase them down Lula Lake Road to catch up.   Or when I meet dad even earlier – 5:07am alarm goes off and I would be UP and OUT THE DOOR within 6 minutes.  Sick.

I’ve been trying to run more in the mornings – it makes more sense than trying to cram a run in right before dinner and as it gets hotter, the mornings will be prime time.

But oh it’s painful in those first few minutes of actually getting up.

The other thing I’m noticing is it is REALLY hard for me to get my legs (and brain) going for harder/tempo runs in the morning.  I’m wondering if it will get easier as I get re-used to running in the mornings?  Or is it more a matter of physics and that I am simply not loose enough?  We’ll see …

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I was asked to be on a team for the Northwest Florida Track club at the McGuire’s 5K prediction run this Saturday in Pensacola.  Now, this is really not a big deal but I AM excited to race as part of a team for the first time since 1997 – for my race to affect other people is simply motivating!  So I’m excited.

Being a prediction run, you have to predict your 5K finish time.  During the race, you can’t wear a watch.  Both of these have stressed me!  I debated back and forth on what to put as my prediction time.  I ended up saying 19:10.  We’ll see! :)  I’m a watch wearing runner for sure.  I time even easy runs.  I like to know my splits. I like to know if I’m on pace, too fast, or too slow.  So for McGuires I just need to run as hard as I can and pray I don’t die!!!!

So the way it works is the top 5 in each age group that are closest to their prediction time when awards.  Speed is irrelevant for that – you could be last place but win your age group! :)  Team results are based solely on time, and the top 10 males and females get speed awards.

It’ll be fun I know! Afterall, it is a St Patrick’s Day run put on by on Irish pub!!!

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that feeling

My friend, Adam Webb, qualified for Boston today.  His qualifying time is 3:10 (BLISTERING fast for us normal people!), which means the Boston folks graciously give you to 3:10:59.  He ran 3:10:44! GO ADAM!  I have to tell you, if I had been watching him, I would have been stressed to the max knowing he was right on pace, with zero room to slow down.  It’s such a great feeling to reach that goal!  The Boston Marathon is such an amazing experience. I’m so excited for him!! It makes me want to run a marathon to qualify so we can go to Boston with them!!


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