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not as planned

About a month ago I mentioned my sore achilles.  Well, over the past month it has gotten worse.  It has not gotten to the point of pain – rather it is sore and getting worse – which is worrisome.  I am fairly confident that if I continued to up my mileage and intensity, it could turn into an actual injury – rather than an annoyance (which is what I am calling it now!) Last week, I was planning on putting in my first 6 day week.  I had a solid interval session Wednesday and was going to run easy Thursday.  Yet Wednesday night my achilles was more sore than it had been to date.  SO I decided to take Thursday off.  Then on Friday my running partner told me the doc had just put her on a 3 week injury break and then she is to build back sloooowly.

I made a bit of an abrupt decision to let my achilles heal NOW.  I am forcing myself to look long term.  I do not want to grunt my way through marathon training this fall only to be injured and not train fully for Boston (my registration window opens Friday – stay tuned!!!!)  I do not want to get injured as soon as my training partner is healthy.

As of now I have not run in 6 days.  Overall I can definitely say my achilles is healing.  Just not as fast as I hoped!  I am still hopeful that by the end of this week I’ll be good to go.

This has also, as I mentioned above, caused me to re-evaluate my plan and goals.  I really want to have 2 attempts for a fast marathon this year, but it’s looking like I may only have 1 shot.  No decisions made yet.  If I scrap Huntsville, I’ll chase my half PR in January while building to Boston in April.  And considering family life, that may be the better choice.

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week 16 recap

This has been a bit of a sluggish week.  We spent Saturday-Wednesday at a condo on the beach with family – such a treat and my kind of vacation being only  30 minute drive away! :)  I think my body was tired from the last 2 weeks of beginning my “ramp up” and I also think I felt a bit sluggish knowing I was on a mini-vacation.  When then spent the weekend back home with my parents, sister and her family.  I LOVE running back home – with the group of guys who were huge in helping me get back in shape after baby #2 was born and leading up to our move to the flat land of Florida.

28.7 miles for the week

3.2 miles @ 8:53 pace – shortest, slowest run in a long time
postponed 30 day challenge because my arms were so sore from the day before!

5.2 miles @ 8:23 pace – took a while to get my body moving, but ended the run at a decent pace to make for an ok average
skipped 30 day challenge out of laziness

day off

intervals on treadmill – 7 miles total, 56:07 total time
did 6 x 1/2 mile
1.5 mile warm up
did 800’s progressively faster, always getting faster after 400 meters on each one:
1- 9.0-9.1
2- 9.1-9.2
3- 9.2-9.3
4- 9.3-9.4
5- 9.4-9.5
6- 9.5-9.6-9.7-9.8 (got faster each 200 meters on the last)

1.25 mile cool down
(still being lazy on the 30 day challenge – I have 2 more days to do!!)

9 miles @ 8:45 pace – very very hilly – oh how I miss the hills! (yes I am actually being serious) – and ran with my old running group – such a hilariously fun group of guys!!

4.4 miles @ 9:14 pace – ran with my sister at her pace. Love the time with her and love that she has gotten so into running over the past year!
water skied – serious full body workout!!

more water skiing – my whole body hurts!

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13 miles

Today’s long run felt like a key stepping stone.  After 11 miles 2 weeks ago and 10 miles last week, I jumped to 13 miles today.  Next week is 14, then 16.  So I really wanted today to be good. And it was :)  I ran with my running partner for 7.5 miles, which helped tremendously.  I averaged right at 8 min pace – started slower, finished with my last 4 miles right around MP.

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a kick

I’m on a motivational kick – or high – right now.  Or surge. Not sure what to call it, except that RUNNING is going well FINALLY.  I get nervous that tomorrow it will tank again. But for today, I’m excited.  And I’m motivated.

January was one of my best and most consistent months since I started keeping track of things.  Every aspect of training has been going well.  My legs are tired, but seem to be adjusting well to added volume.

I ran 111.5 miles for the month (to reach my goal of 1000 miles in 2012, I only need to run 83 miles/month).  I did not take more than 1 consecutive day off.  My pace is moving in the right direction.  So yes, I’m encouraged! And excited!

I’ve also been asking myself what can I do to be a better runner?  My aforementioned new running partner will help – she’ll push me and not let me dog it on our runs together.  I am also trying to be more conscience of what I eat.  With 3 kids, meal times can be crazy and I often don’t get a good breakfast or lunch myself while feeding them.  I then tank in the mid afternoon and make poor decisions on what I do eat.  I am working on eating a solid breakfast and lunch, to get the good calories, and to feel better as the afternoon progresses.  Other thoughts are swarming through my head, but let’s take it 1 step at a time.  January was good.  Here’s to February being even better!  

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I had several great running groups/partners before we moved.  The last 2 years here in FL have been some lonely running.  In 1 sense, I think it has made me a better runner.  Doing 12 and 14 miles on your own is TOUGH … yet amazing sense of accomplishment.  In early 2010, our first few months here, I was running FAST.  I channeled my stress of moving and all that it entailed into my running.  While I missed meeting up with people and fun conversations, it was also nice to be able to “carve my own path” in terms of course and speed.

Since Andrew was born and I’ve been getting back in shape, it’s been a much tougher road to be running alone.  I’ve struggled with my speed, and at times my motivation.  After Saturday’s race, the winner and I were talking and turns out we live very near each other.  We exchanged numbers.  We decided to meet for a run this morning.

I told Jon last night that I felt like I had a “first date” in the morning! :)  A running partner is serious business … you need to enjoy talking to each other, have good understanding of expectations, be similar speeds … I could go on and on.

I hardly slept last night.  I kept waking up with a start, only to look at the clock and see 12:30 … 12:55 … 1:30 … etc.  Then at 4:15, Andrew cried.  My alarm was set for 5am, to meet her at 5:15am.  I got Andrew settled, and was going to crawl in bed for a few more minutes, but as I reach for my cup of water, I spilled it. Thankfully, it was almost empty, but it still landed on the baby monitor and my clock.  My clock is now spiraling through numbers and every time I pushed a button, it spiraled faster.  The baby monitor is beeping in protest.  I got all that cleaned up, and just decided to get dressed.

I thought about making coffee.  Instead, I ate 1 of my “Gu” packets.  A good opportunity to get my body used to it before the Half next month.

So I met Lisa at 5:15am.  We had a great run – almost 9 miles at an 8 min pace.  The conversation was good.  I think this could work well!


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initial impressions

Drivers in Niceville do not swing wide to give you space as you run. I have jumped off the road more times here than running on Scenic Highway! That’s crazy!!!

Running on flat is much faster! I’ve been surprised by my pace and how comfortable it feels.  Granted, on Monday, my run turned into a tempo run due to how quickly it got dark (we are on central time and it is dark by 5:15pm right now). I was flying by the end of the run, desperate to get home!!!

My next project is to find people to run with.  It’s been a bit lonely. I really hope to find people to at least do my long runs with.

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last runs

While I know I’ll be back on the Mountain for plenty of visits, this morning was my “last” run with the guys.  OF COURSE it was FREEZING, but Marshall and Marc had promised to be there regardless so there was no whimping out.  I had prepared myself to see 8 or 9 degrees on the thermometer, so when I saw 14 I was actually excited.  That’s sick.  When the wind blew though, the windchill had to be close to 0.  My chin was so cold I was slurring my words the whole run! :)  Ah, memories!

Saturday morning’s run was also quite memorable. I ran with Boozer and Marc, and James joined us for much of the run.  Marc picked out a doozy of a 10.5 mile course – golf course from his house to Point Park, 1 additional loop around the point, Stephenson to Scenic and back to his house.  So from the far end of the golf course to Point Park was up hill.  And Stephenson has some big hills.  It was a tough 10.5 miles, but we still averaged under 8 min/miles.  I was impressed!  AND it was 18 degrees and snowing!  It actually was really beautiful and a lot of fun!

I have really enjoyed running with these guys over the past few months. They are quite entertaining!  I’m also kindof fascinated by them.  I am such a competitive runner – I time every run, constantly pay attention to pace, want to run specific routes faster over time, etc.  They have been doing this same run for YEARS.  Only 1 guy in the group (Boozer) wears a watch and they all ridicule him for it (and so toss me in with him).  I simply can’t fathom.  I know there is a huge difference in running to stay in shape and running to race, and I would honestly say I mostly run to stay in shape.  Yet I still want to get better.

So tomorrow night Niceville, Florida will be “home.”  I’ve already looked at GMAP to look at some initial routes to run.  It will be a fun way to explore all the neighborhoods.  I hope to find some people to run with … yet no one will ever replace the 5:45am crew!!!


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