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a first

This is probably a bit shocking – yesterday I ran pushing the jogger for the first time.  I am such a running snob that I have never wanted a stroller to hinder my run.  Thus, I’ve always run early in the morning, once Jon got home, when Mom could watch the girls, or with the team when coaching.  Living on Lookout, I used the hills as an excuse – especially with the double stroller – that’d be pushing 30 pounds of stroller with 60 pounds of kids – NO THANKS! (walking is fine – just not running).

Yesterday, while Sarah was at school, I pushed Cora in the single jogger – a mere 45 pounds combined.  I ran 3 miles, nice and S L O W and it actually felt better than I expected.  Hopefully after the 1st trimester I won’t be so exhausted and will start waking up in the mornings again.  Yet for now, it just makes most sense to run with Cora in the stroller on MWF – and I think I’ll get used to it just fine!

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