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one month in

#3 – the BLUE in our world – is 1 month old.  His birth was c-section #3 for me.  The doctor gives you a laundry list of don’ts in your recovery. I try to obey most of them, but some are purely impossible unless you have a nanny and a maid.  Overall, I feel like I am healing well yet my body is simply weak.  I was lazy during the last part of my pregnancy and am pitifully out of shape.

I am hoping to get the green light to start running when I go in for my 6 week check up on May 11.  It’s not that simple though.  I am trying to get my body strong enough to be able to run.  When my oldest is in school on MWF, I’m walking with the younger 2 in the stroller.  Today, I rode our exercise bike for 20 minutes during the girls’ naps, and only had to get off 5 times to put the paci (or “plug” as we call it) back in the boy’s mouth.  Wow exercise gets more and more complicated as you have more kids! 

[for the record, I loathe working out inside and exercise bike is #2 on the worst list – stair-steper being #1 – yet it is a very safe mode of exercise for me right now, putting NO pressure on my incision and we have a bike thanks to a $15 Craigs List purchase]

With school ending in a few weeks, I’ll soon need to wake up in the mornings to walk/run outside.  Yet in the past month, the longest stretch of continuous sleep I’ve gotten is 4 hours.  On a typical night, I get a few 2 hour stretches and maybe one 3 hour stretch. Yes, our little guy likes to nurse OFTEN.  And I am a person who loves sleep and needs sleep.

So we will see how the pieces fall back into place.

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