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new shoes

I got new shoes last week.  They’re a bit bright and would not have been my 1st choice in looks, but they’ve grown on me and I like them :)  Jon’s comment was “good thing you’re a good runner” – implying that you shouldn’t wear shoes like this if you don’t look the part. Sad thing is, I don’t look the part right now.  [sigh]

I was due for new shoes around the time I found out #3 was on the way, so I opted to wait, knowing I would not be running too much.  I also knew my foot might change (i.e. flatten out from the extra weight on it).  After both the girls were born, my shoe size stayed the same. Not this time! I’m a half size bigger.  Kinda crazy how that happens!

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a balance

I’ve been thinking through the balance of needing sleep, but also craving (and needing) exercise.  I was talking with a friend who also has 3 little ones similar ages to ours about how a tired Mama is an impatient Mama.  That is often oh so true.

Yet I have this weird make up in my DNA or psyche or whatever you want to call it that needs to run. Yes, I need it. I need it to be a better Mama; to be a better wife; to be a better friend; to be happier.  Maybe it’s an addiction – to feeling a certain way and to the release of endorphins.  I also love it.  I love having a goal and competing.

So I’ve been weighing the balance … do I wait until the boy is sleeping through the night (or at least sleeping more) before I start waking up in the mornings to run? Or do I just go ahead and go with it?  With my husband’s work/school schedule, mornings are pretty much my only option for fitting a run into my day now that school is out and I have 3 kids and I’m not about to spend $1K on TRIPLE jogger! :) (much less put myself through the hell of pushing it while I ran).

So I’m going to try.  I did it twice this week (Wed & Thur) and so far not bad. I did nap both afternoons.  We’ll see how it goes!

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In 2009, after our 2nd daughter was born, I ran 500 miles from when I started back running in mid-May until the end of ’09.  Thus (of course) I’d like to run more than that this year.  Also in 2009, I ran at least once every week except for 2 different weeks when I was in a boot for an ankle sprain.  Bar any injures, I want to run at least once every week.  And hopefully a lot more than once! :)

I have lots of ideas for races. I get ahead of my self when I start thinking of PRs I’d like to set.  I’ve run a total of 5 days :) I need to slow down (in my head) and simply focus on the next run.

Loosely planning, I’d like to run a half this Fall and either a full or another half in the Spring. By next Fall, I want to run a full. [full = marathon].  I want to get back to Boston for sure.  Realistically, 2013 will be the soonest that happens.  And with the new qualifying standards, I’ll need to focus on dropping my marathon PR significantly since runners will now be admitted based on speed rather than qualifying and then getting lucky to register in time.  2014 or later is probably a lot more realistic.

I also want to run more local races, of varying distances.


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Day 3

To get more cardio (aka calorie burning to help me loose my last 10 pounds of baby weight), I did a run walk combo today.  40 minutes of 2 min run/3 min walk.  3.09 miles total – 1.56 miles run and 1.53 miles walk.  Doing the run/walk combo is a great way to get more distance and cardio (both of which I am very weak in right now).

Getting back into shape is such a long road.  I’m logging everything in my Running Ahead training log.  It’s hard to see such low numbers, but at the same time, it’s all I got.  If I try to do more, it’ll do more harm than good. I know I have to build S L O W.

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Day 2

I ran again tonight – this time without the stroller!  I felt so awkward when I started out.  My stride was funny, my arms felt weird. And then the jiggling.  It did feel slightly more normal as I went.

I ran a mile.  One whole mile without stopping :) 9:32

Real runners cringe at the term jog.   I feel like a jogger right now.  I can’t wait to feel like a runner again.

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Day 1

The doc said I could start running again (!!) but just to take it easy and listen to my body.  The pathetic limitations of my fitness right now make that not an issue. Yet it is something I struggle with as I get back into shape.  That probably won’t be for a while though.

As soon as I got home from my appointment this morning, I loaded the younger 2 into the stroller (oldest was at school) and did a short walk/run around the neighborhood.  1.58 miles total.  Here’s the break down …

walk .2 miles (3:19)
RUN .5 miles (5:03)
walk .3 miles (4:22)
RUN .3 miles (3:03)
walk .28 miles (4:32)

So I ran .8 miles total.  Hmmm.  Very unglamorous.  And I was jigglely in places I am not used to jiggling.  But you must start somewhere and that is where I am.

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