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bittersweet confirmation

Normally receiving this in the mail would fill me with the excited/nervous butterflies and I’d be jumping out of my skin with excitement.  Yes, I’ve known I was confirmed for Boston 2014, there is just something about seeing it so official like this.


I am [attempting to] hold my plans for Boston loosely.  Will I be be able to run a marathon by April 21?  It won’t be a PR marathon for sure – there are not enough days in the calendar to be able to train in order to be a potential PR race.  Even though I’ve already paid the $175 entry fee, will it be worth the expense to travel there?  We’ve definitely decided that if I am healthy and can run (or even run/walk) the marathon, we will go.  2014 is going to be an intense, powerful, beautiful year for the Boston Marathon.  I want to be apart of it.

And for inspiration … here I am kicking it to the finish of the Seaside Half Marathon back in March in route to my PR or 1:27:22. I will heal and run fast again! :)



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difference in a year

A year ago from right now I was running in the Pensacola Marathon. Albeit a rough marathon, it was still my PR (3:25:32).

And today I am in a boot not able to run.  That’s sad.

Granted there was a lot more good in between 1 year ago and today (PRs at 5K, 10K, 15K, and half marathon).  It’s been quite a year.  Just not ending as I envisioned.

I have to remind myself that I am still young (33) and I still have time to run more PRs.

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attempts to not turn into a total slug

No running, biking, or elliptical definitely creates a problem when it comes to cardio.  I’ve spent plenty of time grumbling, complaining, moping, pouting, feeling lost … but reality hits me every time I breathe.  Yes it sucks not running. I hate that word [sucks] but some things just SUCK.  [yet as I said in my last post – how blessed am I that what sucks the most for me right now is a damn boot on my foot and that fact that I can’t run]

So making the best of it.  This is my attempt to maintain some sort of fitness. And to still fit into my clothes. To not get chubby.   I’m going to the gym to lift weights and do core stuff – I go, then take 2 days off, go again.  Every other day feels like too much weights.  Here’s the deal … I move from machine to machine, taking no down time in between sets, doing 3 sets of 12-20 on each machine I do.  If the machine I want is full I move to something else and go back to it. No standing around!  I end with core exercises.  I’m wearing the heart rate monitor for accountability to keep my heart rate up as much as possible.   It’s about a 30 minute workout – by then my arms and legs are pure jello and have the shake thing going on!

So while I am not running, I am working my muscles and in reality, working muscles that are often neglected.  That ought to be good for something!

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