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Brrr it was a chilly run this morning!! As I’ve mentioned – I have thin FL blood and this was my coldest run in YEARS!!! There is something invigorating about running in cold weather. I feel so alive! So tough! :)  And I felt like I was running in a ghost town – the near by Air Force base that employs the bulk of our town is closed until noon and the schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row – so there was NO ONE out! I only saw a handful of cars even on the main road, and I did not see a single person out besides me!  I am thankful I ran in the daylight so I could see the patches of ice – and thankfully I made it home with no falls :)

(the bottom right temp – 57.9 is INSIDE our house – yikes!!! We keep our house set on 64 in the winter, which I know is chilly, but it saves a ton of money and I have a yankee born husband who likes a cold house! But Florida houses are NOT well insulated and our heat pump can’t keep up on these cold mornings!)

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the gym!

I never thought I’d be so excited to get myself to the gym!  When my husband got home from work early (he’s a civil engineer in roadway construction – so with our weather this week things are pretty slow at work – I’m sure not complaining!!) I tried for my 1st words to him not to be “can I go to the gym???” I think I waited 5 or so minutes before I asked :)  But after not going this morning (and eating way too much yummy food yesterday – Papa Murphy’s Pizza and cookie cake – delicious!) I was happy to be able to get out the door and get a good workout in!

post work out – a happy, sweaty, endorphin filled mama!
happy sweaty mama

Our low tonight is 23 (its already 24 so I’m wondering if it will be even colder) – I’m mentally gearing myself up for a COLD run in the morning!!

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no gym this morning

Last night, I got everything all set to go to the gym early this morning (with school cancelled, so is child care at the gym. Bummer).  I always get everything I need for a morning run or gym laid out the night before and set the coffee pot to start automatically – so I don’t need to THINK as I’m stumbling about super early!  So as I’m getting everything together, my husband and I are talking about the ice and what the roads would be like in the morning and IF I’d be able to get to the gym.  He turned on the outside light to look at my car and it was already COATED in ice, and sleet/freezing rain was still coming down and temps were dropping to the low 20s.

I turned off my alarm and reluctantly said oh well to an early morning gym.  I could have gotten up even earlier to turn on my car to let the ice melt and I’m sure my Subaru could have handled the mile drive to the gym. Or shoot, I could have been tough enough to run to the gym!!  But as I mentioned, 4 years in Florida has thinned my blood. So I turned off my alarm.

We woke up to ice and a dusting of now.  My kids thought it was amazing!  And it sure is cold – for FL at least :) – hasn’t gotten out of the 20s all day.  Schools are cancelled again tomorrow (day 3).  My Philly born husband is appalled.

Here are a few pictures …

ice coated windshield


I typically don’t post pictures of my kids’ online – but since their faces are all looking away, here are my 3 kiddos amazed at the ice in their “fort” in the bushes


this is what snow in Florida looks like!!!!



and here I am enjoying being outside with my kiddos! They always get along better outside! So even when it is 23 degrees, we’ll bundle up and head out! (and enjoy hot chocolate when we come in!!!)



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ice and snow?!

We live in Florida – on the panhandle – or “lower Alabama” as some call it :)  And school was cancelled today and tomorrow for the threat of ice/snow!  Crazier things have happened! It’s 32 and raining now … and the temps are supposed to drop into the 20s.  Even if we see snow flurries, that will be a BIG DEAL around here!  I’m holding out hope for at least a light dusting.

I was able to get my run in this morning before the rain started.   I’ll cross train tomorrow, but with schools canceled they cancel child care at our gym – the note says “for safety of the workers due to potential winter weather” – but I also think it’s for safety for the workers due to the insane number of school age kids that would be at the gym for mom to get a workout and some sanity!!  So it’ll be another early morning tomorrow.  I’ve gotten out the practice of early mornings being injured.  Tine to get back in the swing!

I’ll definitely take pictures if we get a bit of snow!  Our picture from today was my 3 kids bundled up in the dry grass yelling “snow day!”

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for me

Over the past few years as I’ve rekindled my love affair with running and chased faster times, I’ve known I am imbalanced per say – my quads are too strong for my tight hamstrings, I have a weak lower back, and little upper body strength.  My right leg has always been stronger, making for a slightly off balanced stride.

So when this injury blindsided me and I spent a few idle weeks wallowing, I determined that I would emerge from this a stronger, more balanced running.  I am doing PT exercises to strengthen my glutes, a lot more core work, lifting weights consistently (for the first time since high school!)  Now that I am starting to run again, I’m determined to keep all these in my routine.

For my sake, I want to do a better job of documenting what I do each week.  I keep track of my mileage on but I want to keep track of everything I do!  Thus, for me, I am going to post weekly reports of what I’ve done each week.  It may be boring for some of you (or all of you?!) but it will give ME a better sense of my progress and keep me accountable.

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I went to the doctor last Monday for my 6 week post being in the boot / 2 weeks into running appointment.  I’ve delayed writing this post because it makes things just seem more REAL.  It took me 2 days to even email my family.   Here’s the low down …

The doctor was very encouraged by my progress.  The injury itself feels great.  Yet I’ve had other soreness in my foot and can tell my foot is super weak.  The doctor encouraged me to keep running, while listening to my body – basic common sense – if a spot started hurting more, back off.  Common sense.  And keep strengthening my foot – through basic life, start doing squats, no lunges, stuff like that.

So then I say – what do you think about me running Boston in April??  Goofy nervous grin on my face.  I could tell right off the bat that the idea made him nervous.  Everything he said made so much sense. It just sucks to hear someone SAY it.  He said it made him nervous – that right now I need to focus on strength NOT building miles.  I need to focus on healing 100%.  He said not to build beyond the 3-3.5 mile range until all the weird sorenesses are gone.  My foot was immobilized for a long time and it IS weak.  That strength doesn’t come back in just a few weeks.  He asked me “Do you want to run Boston and risk being set back, possibly needed surgery or getting a new injury? Or do you want to heel properly and move on from this?”  UGH.  He then said “Say in a few weeks you are feeling AMAZING, so you bump up to 5 miles, 7 miles.  That’s great. But it’ll be February, and then April before you know it.  I’m not saying no, I’m just saying [nervous grimacing face].

So. So. So. Hmmm…………

While I know I SHOULD have walked out feeling encouraged that I am on my way to recovery.  I should be thinking long term and be grateful. Yet I WANT TO RUN BOSTON. IN 2014.  So it sucked. I was really down for a few days, and even writing this takes me down again.

I am not at the place where I am saying NO to Boston, but I know the hope and reality is dwindling.

I also know I am much closer to being 100% now than I was 2 weeks ago. And I also know if I had’t had that talk with the doctor, I’d be building my mileage but I would NOT be ready and I would NOT be closer to 100%.

SO yes, I am thankful for the conversation, honesty, and reality check.

The hardest part, apart from knowing I’ve paid $175 to run Boston and that this is a BIG emotional intense year for Boston given the bombings last year, is that since I qualified in 2012, I will have to re-qualifiy. In reality that will not happen before registration opens in September for the 2015 race, so it’ll be 2016 before I can potential get to Boston.  I’ll be an old lady! haha – just 36 :) but that just seems like forever away!

So that’s where I am.  Swinging between hope/encouragement/frustration/sadness/not wanting to officially say no.


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100 days

Just saw on Facebook that the Boston Marathon is 100 days away.  My long runs are up to 3 miles.  [insert sarcastic comment that my tired mama brain can’t come up with]  As a trainer friend reminded me at the gym 1 early morning this week “a lot can happen between now April.”

Praying and hopeful that a whole lotta good happens between now and April!!!!


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