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Pensacola Marathon race report

The facts:  3:25:32 (4 min 26 sec PR), 23rd overall, 4th female, 2nd in my age group (30-34)

Overall, a 7:50 pace.  BUT …
1st half average pace = 7:30
2nd half average pace = 8:12

While I am happy with my PR and am hopeful it will get me into Boston 2014, overall it was a hard and frustrating race.  I’ll list my splits below, but I started off too fast and paid for it in the end.  I was also running alone for most of the race, and the last 2-3 miles, we ran into a MAJOR headwind. It was brutal.  The 2 marathons I ran in 2008 (Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville Beach and Boston) both had much more crowd support, and I was running with people the entire time.   That makes a big difference!

So all that to say, it was hard.  My goal had been 3:19 and I honestly think I could have nailed it if I’d run a smarter race.  So I do feel the need for redemption.  Yet I don’t know when it’ll come.  Maybe next Fall. Maybe Boston 2014.  This Spring I am signed up for a half in early March. I guess there is also the possibility of carrying my half marathon training into a full, but I doubt it.

Here are my splits:
missed mile 1 marker which sure didn’t help as I was 2 miles in before I had a clue as to how fast I was going)
mile 2 – 13:55
mile 3 – 7:16
mile 4 – 7:18
mile 5 – 7:28
mile 6 – 7:22
mile 7 – 7:20
mile 8 – 7:36
mile 9 – 7:33
mile 10 – 7:32
mile 11 – 7:30
mile 12 – 7:34
mile 13 & 14 – 14:44
mile 15 & 16 – 15:45
mile 17 – 7:46
mile 18 – 8:00
mile 19 – 7:54
mile 20 – 8:07
mile 21 – 8:45 (walked a tinny bit)
mile 22 – 8:21
mile 23 – 9:16 (walked more)
mile 24 – 8:32
mile 25 – 9:46 (yes I walked even more)
mile 26 – 8:31

So yes, the wheels came off towards to end.  I knew by mile 16 that I was in trouble.   I was the 2nd woman for most the race.  A girl charged by me around mile 20. She finished strong and got my goal – a 3:19.  Closer to mile 23, another girl passed me. She remained in site and only finished 20 seconds or so ahead of me. But for the life of me I could not catch her.  I was hanging on for dear life.

On a happier note, my parents, husband, and kids were AMAZING – they drove all over Pensacola cheering me on.  Hearing my 19 month old son yell “GO MAMA!” was seriously the high light of the day.  As hard as it got, I kept thinking about those 3 precious kids and how I wanted to be able to say “It was so hard but Mama did it!” – thinking of them carried me.

So there is my hodge-podge race recap!  I ran this morning for the 1st time since the race.  My legs felt a bit tired, but it felt good to run :)

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65 hours

In just over 65 hours, the gun will fire for the start of the Pensacola Marathon.  It’s amazing to look back at my training log and know that I have done everything in my power to be ready.  While yes there have been runs I have cut short and goal times I haven’t met, overall, I have stuck to my plan pretty darn well.

In my previous 2 marathons (Feb and April 2008), I trained with other people for a lot of it.  This time, it’s all been on my own.  That is a pretty cool feeling.  Yet don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer to have people to run with – but the 1 person I’ve found to run with in this small town (who is an amazing training partner) – had knee surgery this Fall.

So I’m resting my legs as much as possible, stretching, staying hydrated, and seeking to make every calorie I eat to be a calorie my body can use for good (which is HARD with our bucket full of Halloween candy!!!)

As for my time on Sunday – I’ll be happy with a PR (3:29:58), but I REALLY want to break 3:20. That’s my high goal.  Training’s done.  All that’s left is to run a SMART race!

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the taper

Tapering for a marathon can be very weird.  After months of building, pushing, etc you all of a sudden back off.  You’re going shorter, telling yourself to slow down, etc.  You’d think your legs would LOVE it yet in reality the more common thing is for your legs to feel tired and heavy.  I remember feeling this way before my 1st marathon in 2008 and trying not to FREAK OUT.  8 weeks later on the bus to the start of the Boston Marathon, veteran marathoners  were talking about this exact phenomenon. I felt vidicated and relieved!  After the months of building, your legs are tired and the lactic acid works itself out over the course of the taper. It’s why you taper – to flush it all out before the race!

The thought of this week is a bit unnerving – 5 miles Monday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Saturday … MARATHON Sunday! I do plan to do strides after each run this week to help flush out of my legs and to keep them fresh.

And I can’t wait for Sunday!!!

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