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I’m not even going to talk about my recent runs. It’s pathetic. Ridiculous. Sad.  Gets me depressed if I dwell on it. 

Last winter, I was pregnant, and NOT waking up early for runs. Actually, not running at all.  The winter before that (so 2009-10), we moved to Florida in January.  Before we moved, Lookout was having a serious cold snap.   In 2 of my last runs before we moved, it was 18 degrees and 11 degrees.  So to run in Florida’s cold snap of temps in the 20’s made it feel like home.  People thought I was crazy and I felt tough.  1 time an old woman actual YELLED at me to wear more clothes.

Fast forward to now.

I’ve been a Floridian for almost 2 years, and my blood is thinning.  I’m adapting.  I feel wimpy.  This week has been our 1st taste of cold. By cold, I mean temps between 29-40.  This is where I feel I need to make rules – rules of what to wear based on the temps.  I’m ok adapting a bit, knowing that I’ll adapt again in the next place we live, but I do NOT want to become 1 of those people that is wearing tights, long sleeves, and gloves when it is 50 degrees.  No lie. People do that here.

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being a runner

A recent Runner’s World article made me laugh!  Now I know Runner’s World gets a bad rap from some serious runners, but I like it!  I feel they do a good job of covering topics for novice runners and more experienced runners.  I also like their coverage of élite athletes – I find it very down to earth.  So anyway, back to the article that I am about to plagiarise from! :)

This is from the article A Few Rules to Run By : Running is simple.  The rules of running.  The code.

As a runner, your sense of fun greatly expands – waking up at 5:30am, running in the rain, running in 400-meter circles, paying good money for the privilege of turning your toenails black, and any combination of the above.

(this is 1 of my favorites) – STAND STILL AT RED LIGHTS.  Seriously.  It will take N O T H I N G away from your run to not jog in place while waiting to cross the street.  (and adds even less)  Enjoy the brief break :)

(this made me laugh out loud – warning – it is definitely runner’s humor) “LOOKIN’ GOOD” and other runners’ lies – Lying is perfectly acceptable to tell a runner that she is lookin good at mile 19 of a marathon when in reality she looks like an insomniac who’s trying to sneeze, and is confused because someone has switched her running shoes with replicas made of concrete.  Yes, lie!  Say something – encouragement is appreciated and desperately needed at that point!

A few rules:
1.  If you see a porta potty with no line, use it. Even if you don’t need to.
2. If you have to ask yourself, does this driver see me? The answer is no. (MY MAIN RULE running on the road – always assume NO car sees you)
3. If you have to ask yourself, are these shorts too short? The answer is YES.
4. You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the runs you don’t do.
5. Not everyone who looks fast really is, and not everyone who looks slow really is.
6. Running any given route in the rain makes you feel 50% more hard-core than covering the same route on a sunny day. (I would also add running in below 20 degree weather)
7. If you care even a little about being called a jogger versus a runner, you’re a runner.

I’ll end with this quote
“The nonrunner sees the runner as a one-dimensional animal. From the perspective of a couch or a car seat or a park bench, the runner is simply a person who runs. After a little more thought, the description may change but only slightly – runners are seen as either fit or insane or both. When pressed, nonrunners may expand their idea of what a runner is but the perspective remains primitive – the runner is a person who is fit, insane, and really tired.” – Marc Parent

(I am definitely wondering what our neighbors think of me – there goes that insane girl again! – to that I say – just wait until I start doing repeats around our 1/2 mile block!!!)

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