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gaining focus

I miss writing, processing, using my brain for something besides household management. So here I am, back in this space.

Boston 2017 was a heartbreaking, soul searching, hard experience. Yet still incredible because it’s Boston.  From mile 11 or so to mile 19, all I could think of was GET TO 19. I knew I would see my friend’s mom and I was fully planning on getting in her car and quitting.  When I saw her, I walked to her and buried my face in my hands crying.  I said I wanted to be done, cried again and said I’ve never quit a race. It’s true. I’ve never quit. I thought, how will I explain to my kids that I quit because it was hard and I hurt. I was mentally defeated, but not physically. I decided I WOULD finish.  Even if I walked the last 7 miles.  I started walking, and soon was running.  For the next 7 miles, I RAN.  I allowed myself to walk the water stops, but ran the rest.  I even felt ok up the hills.

I finished in 3:51:11.  My slowest marathon by 17 minutes and 22 minutes behind my training partner who I ran step for step with for the bulk of the training cycle.

There was nothing explicitly wrong. It just wasn’t my day. While I can point to things in my training and race day that I did differently that probably weren’t smart, the biggest culprit was ME.

After Boston, I took a mental and physical break. I ran because it’s what I do. Yet I was inconsistent, and that was what I needed.  If I missed days, it didn’t matter.  When we traveled over the summer, I didn’t always run. It was exactly what I needed.

Now that school has started for my kids and life is in more of a routine, I am working on consistency.  My biggest goal right now is all the other stuff.  Weights, PLYO type workouts, core, etc – strengthening all the other muscles that enable me to run better and faster.

Right now, I’m running 4 days a week, mileage in the upper 20’s.  I’m planning to run 4 days a week at least through October, perhaps longer.  Through the end of December, the goal is strength.  Starting in January, I plan to add in speed.

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weekly recap / May 9-15

Last week was a solid week! – 41.2 miles

6.05 miles, 50:18, 8:19 pace
BodyPump* at the gym

8 miles, 1:01:46, 7:43 pace
(it sure is easier to run a bit faster at 9am not 5am and on a flat trail not our hilly neighborhood!)
CxWorx** core class at the gym

4.1 miles, 34:29, 8:24 pace

8 miles, 1:03:44, 7:57 pace
(great run for 5am in the ‘hood!)
75 minute hot yoga
(it was 106 in the yoga studio – I was struggling! 8 miles + yoga may have been a bit much in 1 day!)

off – had a doc appt that I had to fast for, so took the day off :)

15 miles, 2:07:19, 8:30 pace
gravel roads and trails, lots of hills

*BodyPump is a 60 minute weights class
**CxWorx is a 30 minute core class that focuses on abs, quads and glutes

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week 5

My plan was to back off ever so slightly this week … but that didn’t seem to happen!  Next week is my last week before the TAPER starts!!!  My body is R E A D Y!  Actually, my mind is even more ready.  I am tired.  Hard to believe Fall 2012 was the last time I trained for a marathon. I forgot how worn out marathon training makes me.   It really is like adding in a part time job.

Another solid week of 50+ miles :)  51.4 miles

6.1 miles, 8:17 pace (I had tummy “issues” during the night, and had to swing by the house after 4.5 miles to use the bathroom but then finished the run. I think my body was MAD at me for what I splurged on aka Easter Candy / bread)

10 miles – speed on the ‘mill
2 miles w/u
5 x mile w/ .25 jogs
6:59 – 6:57 – 6:54 – 6:51 – 6:38
2 mile c/d

8.1 miles, 7:40 pace – intentionally ran hills
it’s amazing what having a Gu before a run does – that little bit of caffeine for this addict and just a big of energy to get me going
yoga – it was a sub teacher and really was more stretching than yoga.  I was bored but it was also probably really good for me :)

8 miles, progressive tempo, on the ‘mill
2 miles w/u, then dropped pace each 2 miles
18:02 – 16:00 – 15:00 – 14:11
CXworx core class (knees were achy during the squats/lunges part)

3.3 miles, super easy, 8:37 pace

16 miles, 8:41 pace
“Best of Seattle” loop
I ran slower than normal so I wouldn’t get lost! :)  It was good to have a relaxing long run though!

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week 6

Several people I have been running with on Saturday mornings have hit their taper for the Boston Marathon. I am not only jealous they are running Boston, but jealous they have reached the taper phase!! I am not far behind though :)

I FINALLY got in a 50+ week!   52.1 miles for the week

5.6 miles, 8:32 pace

woke up early like normal, and it was raining.  I decided to run anyway. But this was not the typical Seattle drizzle/light rain. It was POURING. After 2 miles I felt like I had been swimming, I was soaked and miserable, so I headed in with the plan of going to the gym later to finish on the ‘mill.  I did 5 more miles on the ‘mill, varying the incline. So 7 miles for the day.
CXworx core class – and it was TOUGH this week!!

11 miles on the ‘mill, intervals, 8:12 average pace
2 miles w/u
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:58 – 6:57)
20 min = 2.59 miles = 7:44 avg pace
2 x mile w/ .25 jogs
(6:53 – 6:47)
1.5 mile c/d
S P E N T yet H A P P Y :)

5.1 miles, 8:33 pace
legs were tired and heavy and got too late of a start to get in the 6+ I wanted :(
CXworx core class again

3.5 miles – ran 3 miles super easy then did 4 accelerations to flush out my legs

20 miles, 2:48:18, 8:25 pace
slightly slower than last week, but a lot more hills.  A VERY solid long run!!

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week 18 (or week 1)

I like to count down my weeks in a training plan … so last week was week 18 … 18 weeks until the Eugene Marathon.  I haven’t registered yet, but plan to (95% sure anyway) before the price increase at the end of the month.

With past marathons, I followed a very detailed training plan – I knew what to run each day because it was on the plan!  This time around, I have an idea and want to stick to an over arching template, but not a precise plan.  I want to train harder, and smarter.

My speed is definitely lacking, so for the next 6 weeks or so I intend to do weekly speed workouts. Then I will start alternating speed and tempo runs.  If I feel like my body can handle it, I may do speed and tempo each week.

This will also be my 1st marathon where I’ll be cross training and doing core & other strength training consistently.  After I ran the Pensacola Marathon in November ’12, my lower back hurt more than anything else.  It was a huge wake up call that if I want to run a fast marathon, I need to train my ENTIRE body.  That spring I did a lot of strength training and crushed my half marathon PR by over 4 minutes.

So here is what my 1st week of non comital yet intentional marathon training looked like:

Monday – 5.1 miles on treadmill – progression run because I was getting bored :) – 8:18 pace average
Tuesday – 6 miles intervals on treadmill – 1.5 mile warm up, 30 min of 2 min on/1 min off, 1/2 mile cool down AND CXworx core class (30 min total core workout)
Wednesday – easy 4 miles, 8:36 pace
ThursdayBodyAttack class
Friday – 4.3 miles, 8:25 pace
Saturday – 11.3 miles, 8:26 pace
Sunday – rest

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the week (Feb 24 – Mar 2)

I ran 18.7 miles this week – my old self says that’s nothing to be happy about but my post injury recovering self says WOOWHO!!!

5 miles (!!), 42:13 (8:27 pace)

40 minute spin, 30 min incline treadmill
3 x [push ups, russian twists w/ 14# medicine ball, pikes w/ 6# medicine ball)
1st set was 20-50-20, 2nd & 3rd sets were 10-50-15
man I was whipped after this!

what is it with it raining every.single.Wednesday?!
ran 4 miles on the treadmill – felt surprisingly natural – probably because I kept it intentionally slow – 34:21 (8:36 pace)

just wasn’t in the mood for cardio
weights: bicep bench press, tricep extensions, lateral pulldowns, tricep press, core stuff, and more I’m not remembering … holy kick my tail!

4.18 miles, 35:41 (8:33 pace)


5.5 miles, 45:39 (8:18 pace)

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the week

I aim to run every other day.  Wednesday’s forecast was RAIN – I woke up around 2am & it was pouring, still pouring at 5am pouring, so I turned off my alarm.  I am still staying away from the treadmill so I can focus on a more natural foot strike as my foot/leg continue to get stronger.  A little rain is fun, but pouring and temps in the 40s is miserable!

3.5 miles, 30:14 (8:38 pace)
did both this and this core workout.

40 min spin bike

Pilates – she is working me harder each time – both as my foot gets stronger and as I get used to the reformer table. Love it!!

3.25 miles, 27:54 (8:36 pace)

incline treadmill – 2.25 miles/41:14 min
push ups / core

4.25 miles, 33:52 (7:58 pace )


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