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never as planned

With 2 (precious) kids, a husband’s new job, and living on the eastern of edge of central time where it gets dark by 5:40pm, things never go as planned.  I had just stated my “plan” for running each week.  Let’s just say it’s been a bit off this week.  I did run hard Tuesday, but not as far as I’d hoped.  I had a good tempo run today, too.  But wasn’t able to run Monday or Wednesday.  Tomorrow I plan to run very easy and then race the 5K on Saturday.

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that good kindof sore

For the past few years in my running, I have not been overly intentional.  When training for the marathons in 2008 I was intentional with distance, especially my Saturday long runs.  Yet not intentional with pace, tempo runs, etc.  I mostly ran comfortably.  If I felt good, I’d run a bit harder but not too hard.  That’s not a bad thing.  For injury prevention and long term durability, that’s a good thing.

Yet for this season, I am seeking to change that.  I want to be intentional in doing a tempo run each week, and a speed workout some weeks, and a Saturday long run.  This was week #1 with that formula.

After Sunday’s 10 miler and an easy 4 on Monday, I ran a tempo run on Tuesday. I really fought to push it, especially as the run went on and I was feeling it. I ran 4.27 tempo at a 6:48 pace.  Nice! I was pysched.

Wednesday was a planned day off (which ended up being perfect because we had a serious downpour ALL DAY LONG).

Thursday, I did 6 x 1/2 mile repeats around our block.  I averaged right around a 6 min pace for those.  I slowed more than I wanted in my last few but I was happy with the workout.

Friday, I had planned to run an easy 3, but totally forgot as we planned a picnic at the beach for dinner.

This morning, I ran 12 miles, right around a 7:30 pace.  My legs felt sore the whole time. I do think an easy run yesterday would have been smart but oh well – beach is way better!

I’m achy, but happy now :)

I’m running a local 5K next Saturday, so I’m going to go a bit easier this week because I REALLY want to beat my post college PR (19:56)

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being a runner

A recent Runner’s World article made me laugh!  Now I know Runner’s World gets a bad rap from some serious runners, but I like it!  I feel they do a good job of covering topics for novice runners and more experienced runners.  I also like their coverage of élite athletes – I find it very down to earth.  So anyway, back to the article that I am about to plagiarise from! :)

This is from the article A Few Rules to Run By : Running is simple.  The rules of running.  The code.

As a runner, your sense of fun greatly expands – waking up at 5:30am, running in the rain, running in 400-meter circles, paying good money for the privilege of turning your toenails black, and any combination of the above.

(this is 1 of my favorites) – STAND STILL AT RED LIGHTS.  Seriously.  It will take N O T H I N G away from your run to not jog in place while waiting to cross the street.  (and adds even less)  Enjoy the brief break :)

(this made me laugh out loud – warning – it is definitely runner’s humor) “LOOKIN’ GOOD” and other runners’ lies – Lying is perfectly acceptable to tell a runner that she is lookin good at mile 19 of a marathon when in reality she looks like an insomniac who’s trying to sneeze, and is confused because someone has switched her running shoes with replicas made of concrete.  Yes, lie!  Say something – encouragement is appreciated and desperately needed at that point!

A few rules:
1.  If you see a porta potty with no line, use it. Even if you don’t need to.
2. If you have to ask yourself, does this driver see me? The answer is no. (MY MAIN RULE running on the road – always assume NO car sees you)
3. If you have to ask yourself, are these shorts too short? The answer is YES.
4. You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the runs you don’t do.
5. Not everyone who looks fast really is, and not everyone who looks slow really is.
6. Running any given route in the rain makes you feel 50% more hard-core than covering the same route on a sunny day. (I would also add running in below 20 degree weather)
7. If you care even a little about being called a jogger versus a runner, you’re a runner.

I’ll end with this quote
“The nonrunner sees the runner as a one-dimensional animal. From the perspective of a couch or a car seat or a park bench, the runner is simply a person who runs. After a little more thought, the description may change but only slightly – runners are seen as either fit or insane or both. When pressed, nonrunners may expand their idea of what a runner is but the perspective remains primitive – the runner is a person who is fit, insane, and really tired.” – Marc Parent

(I am definitely wondering what our neighbors think of me – there goes that insane girl again! – to that I say – just wait until I start doing repeats around our 1/2 mile block!!!)

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long run

I’m finally getting my act together in planning out my long runs.  I ran 10.5 miles yesterday (more on that in a moment). This Saturday, I plan to run 12 miles.  Next Saturday, I am racing a local 5K (it’s called the Frosty 5K which is absolutely hilarious to me because it easily could be 60 degrees!!!).  Then I plan to run 13-14 miles and the next week 16-17 miles.  I am still a bit noncommittal (in that I haven’t registered) but I am pretty much planning on running either the Nashville or Louisville marathon on April 24.  I go back and forth on which to do.

So 10.5 miles yesterday.  I have found 1 neighborhood with 2 decent (for Florida) hills so as I planned my route on GMAP, I put that at the end so it ended up being around miles 7-8.  Over all, I averaged 7:10/mile.  Through 9 miles I was 7:18 pace. When I hit mile 9, I planned to tempo the last 1.5 miles. For that 1.5 miles I averaged 6:27 pace (!!!!) which brought my average down.

I have been surprised by my pace lately.  Being flat definitely makes a difference.  I’ve also been focusing on pace for the 1st time in a while.  I’m sure a bit is also simply the outpouring of my stress involved in this move :)

I’m really looking forward to the half marathon in Chattanooga at the end of February.

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initial impressions

Drivers in Niceville do not swing wide to give you space as you run. I have jumped off the road more times here than running on Scenic Highway! That’s crazy!!!

Running on flat is much faster! I’ve been surprised by my pace and how comfortable it feels.  Granted, on Monday, my run turned into a tempo run due to how quickly it got dark (we are on central time and it is dark by 5:15pm right now). I was flying by the end of the run, desperate to get home!!!

My next project is to find people to run with.  It’s been a bit lonely. I really hope to find people to at least do my long runs with.

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last runs

While I know I’ll be back on the Mountain for plenty of visits, this morning was my “last” run with the guys.  OF COURSE it was FREEZING, but Marshall and Marc had promised to be there regardless so there was no whimping out.  I had prepared myself to see 8 or 9 degrees on the thermometer, so when I saw 14 I was actually excited.  That’s sick.  When the wind blew though, the windchill had to be close to 0.  My chin was so cold I was slurring my words the whole run! :)  Ah, memories!

Saturday morning’s run was also quite memorable. I ran with Boozer and Marc, and James joined us for much of the run.  Marc picked out a doozy of a 10.5 mile course – golf course from his house to Point Park, 1 additional loop around the point, Stephenson to Scenic and back to his house.  So from the far end of the golf course to Point Park was up hill.  And Stephenson has some big hills.  It was a tough 10.5 miles, but we still averaged under 8 min/miles.  I was impressed!  AND it was 18 degrees and snowing!  It actually was really beautiful and a lot of fun!

I have really enjoyed running with these guys over the past few months. They are quite entertaining!  I’m also kindof fascinated by them.  I am such a competitive runner – I time every run, constantly pay attention to pace, want to run specific routes faster over time, etc.  They have been doing this same run for YEARS.  Only 1 guy in the group (Boozer) wears a watch and they all ridicule him for it (and so toss me in with him).  I simply can’t fathom.  I know there is a huge difference in running to stay in shape and running to race, and I would honestly say I mostly run to stay in shape.  Yet I still want to get better.

So tomorrow night Niceville, Florida will be “home.”  I’ve already looked at GMAP to look at some initial routes to run.  It will be a fun way to explore all the neighborhoods.  I hope to find some people to run with … yet no one will ever replace the 5:45am crew!!!


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New Years Eve race and 2009 recap

I ran the Karen Lawrence New Years Eve race last night.  It’s a 4 mile race, 2 laps around downtown Chattanooga.  I ran 26:32 (average 6:38/mile).  I was the 2nd place woman, 25th overall, and 1st in my age group (25-29).  The women’s winner was Phoebe Wright so I’ll take 2nd place to her ANY day!!  1 of my former Baylor teammates was 3rd, and Jan Gautier (who I had never beaten until last night) was 4th.

I was really happy with the race.  My low goal was 28 minutes, and my high goal was 27 minutes.  I definitely surprised myself.  I ran the 1st 2 miles in 13:23.  I really pushed it up the hill the 2nd time, which is in the 3rd mile.  I hit mile 3 in 20:08 so I knew a sub 27 was possible if I stayed strong.  I ran my last mile in 6:24 (exactly the same as my 2nd mile).  This was a more consistent race than I had run in a while (which if you follow this blog at all you know I am really into consistency).

26:32 is a 4 mile PR for me.  In 2008, a few weeks after the Boston Marathon, I ran the King of the Mountain 4 mile race in 26:53.  I was in really good shape, but also quite beat up from 2 marathons in 8 weeks.  But going into last night, I did not think I could run faster than that.  I guess I’m more fit than I thought!

Looking back on the year, I logged 503.7  miles (I actually ran a bit the first few weeks of January in 2009, when I was almost 30 weeks pregnant, but I stopped in mid January; I’m not counting that).  My 1st run after Cora was born was May 13. I loafed my way through .77 miles.  I slowly got back into it – my 1st weeks TOTALS were 2 miles, 3.7 miles and 6.7 miles.  My only weeks of zero miles were because of my ankle, 1 in September and 1 in November.  Every other week, I ran at least once each week.

Of course, when I mentioned to my brother earlier in the week that I was trying to hit 500 miles, he said, “Yeah, I think I’ve logged about 2,200 miles this year.”  Okay, so I suck and 500 is nothing.  I then reminded myself that he did not have a baby this year and has no kids period. That makes a [BIG] difference.

I’ve been thinking about what I want my goal to be for 2010.  Rather than set a specific number of miles I am aiming for, I’d rather focus on consistency and speed.  I want continue to be consistent (and even more so) in my weekly mileage and I want to set some more post-college PRs.

Happy New Year and happy running!!

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