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10K Race Report

Saturday morning, I ran in the Destin’s Bayou Bay and Back 10K.  I ran 42:16 (way faster than expected!), was 5th overall, and the 2nd place woman.  Being honest … I get sick of 2nd place.  It seems like I’m always getting 2nd.  And I shoulda won.  But more on that in a moment.

Back to being happy!  I ran 42:16!!!!  A 6:48 pace! Wo, dude!  I thought 43:30 – 7 minute pace – was a stretch.  So yes, I was excited, encouraged and energized by how I did.

But there is always room for improvement.  1st off, I stopped to tie my damn shoe about 2 miles in.  I swear I’d double-knotted, but it still came loose.  So after that, I threw down a big surge to catch back up with the guy I was running with.  We were running strong, and I slowly pulled away from him, and caught the next guy ahead of me.  All the while, the lead girl is in sight, and very in reach. I slowly close the gap, and pull even around 4 miles.  After a few steps together, she surges and pulls ahead.  Let’s be honest … that got me.  She pulled a nice lead on me.  I began to close the gap again, but in the last .2, she pulled ahead more and beat me by about 25 seconds.  Maybe I should have held 10 feet back for a bit longer, and closed more at the end?  Definitely should have held stronger in miles 4-5.

On another note, the girl who beat me is 41.  That EXCITES me.  I hope (and believe) that my fastest years are yet to come.  So when I see someone running fast who is 10 years older than me, I get excited!

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a race

I just registered for my 1st race since having Andrew – a local 10K on Saturday.

This is the longest “post having a baby” race I’ve done.  When Sarah was 4 months old, I loafed my way through a 5K.  When Cora was 4 months old, I ran did a 5 mile trail race and was in decent shape.  So it’s about time I run a race since Andrew is 10 months old!!!

I’ve been getting in a good rhythm, getting ready for the half marathon on March 4, so this is good timing for a tune up/reality check.  I honestly am not sure what to expect out of myself.  Ideally I’ll hit 43:30 (7 min pace), but as long as I’m under 46 minutes I’ll be happy.

Last week was another high – 30.8 miles.  Saturday’s long run was 12 miles – longest run since before Andrew.  And already, January is my best month since he was born.  It’s been encouraging to have some good weeks.

This morning, I did a bit of a different workout … 10 minutes warm up, and then 5 minutes hard, 5 minutes normal, 4 hard, 4 normal, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 and then cool down.  I got progressively faster in each interval (the goal) and stayed solid during my normal segments (the other goal).  It was good.

So tomorrow I’ll do a recovery base, take Thursday off, easy Friday and race Saturday.  I’d long to get a long-ish run in on Sunday (8 miles or so) but we’ll see.

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mile repeats

This morning I did mile repeats.  The last time I did this workout was mid September.  Considering how NOT consistency the past 4 months have been, I was quite happy to improve from September!

The workout is 1 mile warm up, then 3 x mile with 1/2 mile recovery jogs, then cool down.  My miles were 7:30, 7:13, 7:01.  It’s a far cry from where I’d like to be.  But it’s progress.  And that’s what it is about right now.  Last time, I did  7:47, 7:19, 7:09.

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Last week, I ended the week with 28.2 miles – my highest week yet since Andrew was born almost 10 months ago.  Saturdays 10 miler was GREAT.  I averaged just under 8 minute pace, and felt solid the whole run.  Last week was also 1 of the few post-Andrew weeks where I have actually been able to get 5 runs in during the week.

I hope to “hit it hard” in the next few weeks, and then back off a bit leading up to the half marathon on March 4.

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good week (thus far)

This week, I finally feel like I am getting back in my groove.  Last week was good, this week (so far) has been better.  Actually, the last 3 weeks have been pretty consistent.  The last week of December, I ran 19.8 miles.  Last week, I ran 18.9 miles, and it was better quality than the week before.  This week I’m at 15 miles so far.  Tomorrow is a rest day, then I’ll go easy 3-5 miles Friday and 10 miles on Saturday.

Here’s what I’ve done this week …
Monday – easy 5 miles – 8:33/mile
Tuesday – 5 miles, with middle 3 miles tempo.  I averaged 7:28/mile for the tempo.
Wednesday – 5 miles at a steady pace – 8″-7/miles

So if all goes according to plan, I’ll hit 28 or 30 miles this week.

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trail run

While “back home” for Christmas, my sister-in-law took me on an incredible trail run!  I hadn’t run technical trails since I sprained my ankle in August 2009. (that Fall, I did run a lot of super easy trails – that are more like dirt roads)

I had lived on Lookout for almost my whole life but had never been to High Point (aka the highest point on the mountain).  We did a 7 mile loop from her house that took as to High Point and back.  We ran a bit, then walked up the ridiculously steep part and scrambled across the ridge of boulders, etc.  The views were spectacular.  It was breathtaking.  We then ran down the gravel road for a bit (steep, quad killer) and then onto the new Connector Trail and ran the 4 miles back to her house.  It was so so so much fun!!!

It had been so long, that I had forgotten how much I LOVE trail running.  Regardless of where we live, I doubt I’ll ever end up a solely trail runner, but I do hope to be able to run trails more at some point.  The trails in FL are sand … so I don’t really have the desire right now.

And I will say, HOLY COW, I was so unbelievably sore after that run.  Wow :)

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good bye 2011, hello 2012

2011 did not go as “planned” in terms of running.  I had hoped to hit 500 miles in the 7.5 months of running since Andrew was born, as I did in 2009 in the 7.5 months since Cora had been more.  I was not even close.  There are BIG gaps of no running – all are with “good reason” yet it still is discouraging.  I haven’t even run a race since Andrew is born.  That is sad to me.  I so enjoy racing.  It motivates me to train.  I love competing against others.  It’s just plan FUN to me.

Aiming high but trying to be somewhat realistic, my 2012 goals are …

  • run 1,000+ miles
  • break 1:30 in the half marathon
  • run a full marathon
  • consistent tempo and speed work


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