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on the road again / update / 16 weeks

Yesterday marked 4 weeks since I got out of the boot.  Yesterday also marked 16 weeks to the Boston marathon.

The doctor said to ease back into running after 4 weeks of no boot.  So easing I am … I ran .8 miles yesterday with my 7 year old and 1 mile this morning.   Over the past month I have added in biking (spin bike at the gym) and walking.  I’ve continued lifting/core/PT exercises as well.  I’ll continue doing that as I add in running.  And my hubs/parents/in laws all pitched in to get my a sweet new mountain bike for Christmas!!  So I’ll be using that (with my 2.5 year old in tow in the trailer) to change it up a bit.

I honestly have no idea how much/how little I should run.  Since 2007 my only extended breaks from running have been when I had our 3 kids.  After each pregnancy and c-section my body clearly communicated how much I could run as I regained fitness.  Yet through this injury, I have kept up a decent level of fitness. So I can’t listen to my overall fitness to determine how far to run.  You always hear “build your mileage slowly” and “increase mileage no more than 10% each week.”  How slowly though? And is the 10% rule a good one to follow??

It’s overwhelming to think the marathon is 15 weeks/6 days away.


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a trip to the doctor/a glimmer of hope

I went to the doctor today.  I say “trip” because my doctor is just over an hour drive away.  That’s life when you live in a small town.  My foot has been feeling better, but definitely is not 100%.  He gave me a cortisone shot – using my MRI images and a fancy X-ray machine to insure he got the shot exactly smack dab IN the tendon that is causing the most pain.  A lot has changed since my last cortisone shot sometime in the 90’s when the doc just jabbed a needle in my knee and hoped for the best!   

The thought/hope is that this shot will give my foot the final burst it needs to fully heal.  So no more boot (hallelujah 5.5 weeks was looooong) and SLOOOOOWLY add in activity.  After a few days of babying the foot to heal from the shot, he wants me to start walking, biking, and adding in strengthening exercises to strengthen my foot and beef up my scrawny calf muscle resulting from the boot.  If all goes well, I can start running in 4 weeks.

If all does not go well, the next step would be arthroscopic surgery.  I did get a copy of my MRI from last month and if my foot is not healing, I do plan to get another opinion when back in Chattanooga for Christmas.  

This whole processes is taking so much longer than I ever imaged.  The thought that it will be 2014 before I run is slightly terrifying.  Yet what a what to [hopefully] start out a new year!!!!!   

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