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Garmin Forerunner 305 review

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote about ordering my Garmin watch.  Here I am finally writing my thoughts about it.   In due fairness to myself, I didn’t use the watch a ton before we found out baby #3 was on the way.  So it’s only been in the past 6 months that I’ve really gotten into using it.

Bottom line: I love it.  Here is why …

  • flexibility in knowing my distance (I don’t have to remember a certain route I did to later plot on mapmyrun or gmap-pedometer to know my exact distance)
  • knowing my pace and how far I’ve gone as I run
  • my main reason – ability to do speed workouts without a track or treadmill (more on this in a minute)

My main dislike would be the size …

Garmin makes plenty of smaller watches geared for women, but this watch had the best reviews for the price, so I went with it – knowing it was on the big side.  And I say it’s a dislike, but I use it every run and I hardly notice it’s even there. It more just looks funny! :)

Another note: I do not race in it.  When I race, I want to run based on feel, not be consumed by my watch.  I also know that it would stress me out in a race if my watch did not match up with the course mile markers.

Back to speed workouts.  This is where the watch has become essential for me.  I can set it for most any type of workout – distance/rest time, distance/rest distance, time/rest time, time/rest distance.  I use the 1st 2 options the most – for mile repeats, 400’s, 1000’s, you name it.  There is also an advance option where I can set it for a variety of intervals in 1 workout (a ladder workout – 400-800-1600-800-400 or for say 3 x mile and 4 x 200 in the same workout).  The watch beeps when it’s time to start and stop intervals, making it super easy to just head out the door and RUN.  As I said, this is so key since I do not have a track or treadmill available.  And honestly, even if I had either of those, I’d choose this – to just run on the roads! (or trails – it works anywhere!!)

So yes, I love my Garmin :)


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