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Spring 5K races

After running the Seaside Half Marathon in early March and a 10 mile trail race at the end of March, I decided to focus on racing 5Ks for the spring.  I normally do not like 5Ks because they hurt so bad! And I just like longer races better. Yet I know I have some speed in my legs and I think 5Ks are important.   I focused on a weekly speed workout while still somewhat trying to keep up my Saturday long runs.

I did 4 local races and was the first female in each of them.  I often has joked with Jon that I am destined to a life of 2nd place since so so often I would finish 2nd in races.  It was nice to turn that around this spring :)

Here are the stats …

April 14 – 19:34
April 21 – 18:54
May 14 – 18:56 (course was a bit short)
June 2 – 19:14

Overall, I was happy with each race.  I can pinpoint weaknesses in each race, but non were a disappointment or anything like that.

The June 2 race is worth mentioning … Billy Bowlegs … it’s the biggest local race here and is at 10:30pm.  I had never done a night race and I do think I ate too much for dinner :)  It was an honor to win it.  The local track club keeps a MASSIVE trophy at the local running store that has each year’s male and female winners names and winning time engraved on it.  Pretty cool!

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Day 111

111 days to go that is.  Today is day 1 of my marathon training plan.  The goal is the Pensacola Marathon on November 11.  I haven’t done anything crazy like registering, but maybe I should.  Real life seems to always derail my plans, but I definitely have the marathon fire in me and am ready to take a serious go for it.  I have an ambitious goal in mind, but am also going to simply see how the training goes.

The above statement is not an excuse – I am curious how my body will do with my training plan. I also remember last Fall when I got sick for 2 weeks and the kids were all sick and running basically didn’t happen for a month.

In 2008 when I ran 2 marathons, I ran 4 days a week and my training was more fly by the seat of my pants.  This time, I am going to run 5 days a week, with speed workouts and tempo runs.

I’ll try to be good about posting progress on how things are going!  Also, stay tuned for a recap on my spring 5K races.

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