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putting the wheels back on

Crap, since my last post, the wheels came off.   It’s been 1 thing after another.  Right after my last post where I mentioned twisting my ankle, I got a NA-ASS-TY cold and couldn’t run for 2 weeks.  2 whole dang weeks.   Since then it’s just been up and down – or actually, mostly down.

Thank goodness I hadn’t registered for the Pensacola Half which is THIS Sunday.

I still had a hope for the Snickers Marathon on March 4, but made a drastic, somewhat impulsive, decision today.  That is the same day as a local half marathon, which always fills up quickly.  Running this morning I thought to myself, there is no way that by March 4 I can be ready to run a marathon the way I want my next marathon to be, so I came home and registered for the local half.

And I am okay with it.  I want to do my best to train hard for a HALF over these next 17 weeks.  I want to run a PR.  Plain and simple.  And that’s it.  We’ll see after that.  Another half?  Full? Maybe wait until the Fall for a full?  We’ll see.  1 thing at a time.

So I am putting together a training plan (yes I love my “plans” – but I really do need the help – it’s a form of accountability for me) to run a great half marathon on March 4!!

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