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the injury

I finally had my MRI on Wednesday.  I had really been praying that the doctor would have a definitive diagnosis with a definitive plan to move forward to get me back running as soon as possible.  Well, that wasn’t in the cards for me.  Basically, my tendons are very inflamed and it will take time and rest to heal.  Worst words ever to a runner.   So I am in a monster boot until I go back on December 2nd.  No running. No biking. No elliptical. No single leg toe touches. No squats. None of the get strong glutes stuff I had been doing. No nothing that puts any sort of pressure on the back of my foot.

Basically, as the doc and I talked, it was clear we were both frustrated – this injury doesn’t make sense and there is no real reason for why. The only thing I can think of is that I had just started doing speed again – and on the treadmill, I jumped right back in at the pace where I left off in early June.  Perhaps that was too much?  I was doing fewer reps, but perhaps I should have done them a bit slower at first.  Perhaps.  Maybe. Who knows.

I left the doctor with a sense of dread.  On a practical level – I have 3 young kids! How will it work with this huge thing on my foot?! I was also mad/sad/scared.  I came home and wallowed for a while.  But as I processed and prayed, I knew I couldn’t keep wallowing.  I couldn’t for myself – and I couldn’t for my family.  I love running and it is a huge part of my life. Yet I love my family more! (that should be an obvious statement!!)  So I am choosing to be thankful.  I am choosing to be joyful.  I am praying that God enables me to focus on all the things in my life that are amazing!

It all hit home on Thursday (day after the MRI) when I found out that a neighbor/friend of ours’ 8 year old daughter has tumors all in her belly.   They are still running more tests to figure out how bad it is – but it’s bad.  As I cried and prayed for their sweet little girl, I also kept saying “thank-you Jesus that all I have is a boot on my foot.”

So that is the perspective I am seeking to keep. Even though it is still hard not to wallow.

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injury update


I could just insert this picture …image

and say no more.  That’s what I feel like doing.  But I’ll give the update as of this morning.

I ran Monday per the original plan with the doctor.   An easy 1.5 miles.  That’s more of a jog than a run. And I do not like being called a jogger!  I am runner. [but that is a side point]

My foot was feeling a lot better, but wasn’t 100%.  Perhaps I should not have run.  I am stubborn.  I wanted to run.  SO I did.   And it hurt.  I was a miserable mess afterwards.  Not the blissful mental image I had of my 1st run after a break.

Since that run, my foot has been hurting even when I’m walking around, and when I drive.  That wasn’t the case before. My follow up appointment wasn’t until Oct 28, but given that my foot hurt more I called and they had an opening this morning.

The doc put me in a boot to really take the pressure off my tendons and he’s ordered an MRI.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it next Mon, Tues or Wed, before I leave town for a long weekend.

He thinks it’s some type of impingement but without the MRI, he’d be treating me blindly.  When I asked about possible treatments, he very much reiterated that we don’t know yet without seeing the MRI (I think he was trying not to freak me out!)  He said it could be as simple as an injection, but some times surgery is needed.  I’m not letting myself “go there” mentally in terms of thinking about surgery/recovery from it.

This week has definitely been tough as I’ve had to transition my thoughts from I’ve got this little issue to I’m injured and we need to figure it out.   Running is my outlet and it’s gotten more and more tough with that outlet being gone.  Going to the gym isn’t the same for me – I go to the gym to ensure I can still button my shorts and in hopes that I won’t be a complete jiggly slug once I start running again!!  I run because I love it.  I think clearer, pray better, and release all my stress and emotion.

Thankfully I’ve been a very healthy runner and am not used to being injured.  If anyone has any tips, please share!


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I am not running.  And over all I am not handling it well.  Turns out what I thought was a sore achilles is not my achilles at all.  Not running wasn’t helping it get any better, so I decided to go to the doctor.  The issue appears to be bone next to my achilles rubbing my tendons, causing the pain.  The doctor said take 2 weeks of not running, not even the elliptical.  He gave me exercises to do to hopefully strengthen everything in my ankle, thus taking pressure off the bone.

That was 11 days ago.  It had been about 2 weeks of no running before I went to the doctor.  It’s been 29 days.  The doc gave me a target date to try to run of this Monday (Oct 7).

So here’s the deal – my foot feels a lot better – but I know it is not 100% better.  In an attempt to let it fully heal, I’ve even laid off the elliptical and bike.  I’m wrestling with whether I should try to run starting Monday or hold off until it is 100%.

Signing up for Boston while dealing with an injury has been a roller coaster. And it has definitely added to my anxiety level of feeling like I have to run!!!  

And as I said, I am not handling this well.  Running truly is my outlet. And with that outlet taken away, it is hard not to feel grumpy and lethargic.  Or anxious with the aforementioned Boston!

All that said, I have done a decent amount of strength work over the past month.  I figured this would be a good time to focus on my glutes, core, hamstrings and arms.  I want to develop a good routine of these exercise and then maintain it once I start running.  Intentions are always so grand.

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