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the ‘mill

We woke up to a day filled with this … img_5438

My kids had a snow day and the roads were a wet, sloshy, slippery [beautiful] mess.  If it was a cold, dry snow, I’d be tempted to try to run. Not in this 33 degree slush!  Thus, I headed to the gym this evening for a run on the ‘mill (aka treadmill).   While I do have a secret love affair with running speed and tempo runs in the ‘mill (more on that later) I dread [I MEAN DREAD] a normal run on it.  A 6 mile run outside goes by quickly and doesn’t feel long.  On the ‘mill it always feels so much longer and faster than what it says my pace is.  So I slogged my way through 6 miles. At least the run got done!

img_5461And I pretty much felt how I looked post run … shew,it’s DONE.img_5463

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This morning sure felt warm compared to last week!


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Brrr it was a chilly run this morning!! As I’ve mentioned – I have thin FL blood and this was my coldest run in YEARS!!! There is something invigorating about running in cold weather. I feel so alive! So tough! :)  And I felt like I was running in a ghost town – the near by Air Force base that employs the bulk of our town is closed until noon and the schools are closed for the 3rd day in a row – so there was NO ONE out! I only saw a handful of cars even on the main road, and I did not see a single person out besides me!  I am thankful I ran in the daylight so I could see the patches of ice – and thankfully I made it home with no falls :)

(the bottom right temp – 57.9 is INSIDE our house – yikes!!! We keep our house set on 64 in the winter, which I know is chilly, but it saves a ton of money and I have a yankee born husband who likes a cold house! But Florida houses are NOT well insulated and our heat pump can’t keep up on these cold mornings!)

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ice and snow?!

We live in Florida – on the panhandle – or “lower Alabama” as some call it :)  And school was cancelled today and tomorrow for the threat of ice/snow!  Crazier things have happened! It’s 32 and raining now … and the temps are supposed to drop into the 20s.  Even if we see snow flurries, that will be a BIG DEAL around here!  I’m holding out hope for at least a light dusting.

I was able to get my run in this morning before the rain started.   I’ll cross train tomorrow, but with schools canceled they cancel child care at our gym – the note says “for safety of the workers due to potential winter weather” – but I also think it’s for safety for the workers due to the insane number of school age kids that would be at the gym for mom to get a workout and some sanity!!  So it’ll be another early morning tomorrow.  I’ve gotten out the practice of early mornings being injured.  Tine to get back in the swing!

I’ll definitely take pictures if we get a bit of snow!  Our picture from today was my 3 kids bundled up in the dry grass yelling “snow day!”

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oh the cooler air

We just got back from vacation in Maine.  I LOVE running in Maine – such a treat in the summer to run in cooler air. I can run in mid afternoon and it feels GREAT!   The last bit of the trip I wasn’t able to get runs in between Jon going fishing 1 morning thus me not being able to abandon the kids, Sarah having a 24-hour throw up bug, and me not feeling very well myself for a few days.  But the runs I did get in were great!

One afternoon, I ran with 1 of my nieces and 1 of my nephews, both 14 and going in to 9th grade.  After the run, we headed to the dock and jumped in the COLD water and then layed on the dock in the sun to warm back up – perfect way to end a run!!  It was a lot of fun, and I loved sharing that time with them.

Now back home and back into routine.  I did not wake up early this morning because after a travel day yesterday that started at 2:30am … with 2 little ones … I wanted to sleep a bit! :)  I plan to go for an easy run once the kids are in bed tonight.  Tomorrow is another track race.  My plan is to use it for a speed workout. I did not get in as many hard runs (only 1) in Maine so I think it’d be pointless to try to better my mile time.  I think I’ll be super crazy and run the 800-400-200-1600!  The rest time is pretty quick, so it will be quite the speed workout for me.

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rainy morning run

My routine has been all out of whack lately (more on that will be in the next post).  This morning I was determined to get a 5+ mile run in.  Alarm was set for 5:15am.  4:50am BOOM!  A big thunderstorm began.  When my alarm went off, I got up and checked the weather map. It looked like that 1 storm would blow through, and then it’d be fine.  By 5:40am, the thunder and even rain had stopped, so I headed out.  By the end of our street, it was drizzling.  By 1/2 mile into my run, it was POURING.   Squishy heavy shoes pouring.  Since I got a late start, I planned to do a 4.3 mile loop instead of 5.2 mile loop.

BOOM!  So loud it made me cuss in fright/shock.  I immediately turned around and picked up the pace.  I made it home without too many more loud booms (the storm thankfully hit shortly after I got home).  The funny thing is I realized once I got home, that I was over half way through my loop when I turned around, so I actually would have gotten home sooner if I had kept going the direction I was going!  Oh well, I didn’t get struck by lightning and got a 1/2 mile longer run in! :)  And I have an extra sense of satisfaction/hard core feeling for running in the pouring down rain!!

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gettin hotter

I did my long run today (12 miles) during the girls naps.  Knowing it could be in the 70’s for the half in Pensacola next month, I figured it’d be good for me to run in warmer weather.  Our thermometer said it was 77 this afternoon.  It sure was toasty.  At about 9 miles, I looped by our house to get a bit of water and eat a few Clif Bloks (my food of choice for long runs, marathons, etc).  I’m trying to prep better for this half than the Chattanooga one – and 1 way is eating Bloks during my long runs so my tummy will be used to digesting them.  So after a quick pit stop I ran my last 3 miles.

Now I have never been a run in just my sports bra runner – but a long run in 77 degree weather IN MARCH changed that today.  I’m sure my pasty white 2 kids later belly scared a few people. But at least I don’t know them!!! Doubt I’d be brave enough on the mountain where 10+ people I know would probably drive past! :)

I averaged 7:08/mile for the run and felt good.  That was encouraging.  I did tell Jon a bit ago that I feel like I ran a race today. I definitely did not drink enough water early today (we were at the beach!) so I was a bit dehydrated I think.  I took a quick nap, we had a steak dinner complete with red wine, and I’m feeling good now apart from achy knees.

For the record, I do not look forward to summer running here in Florida.

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