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not my own

“I … am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ”  (Heidelberg Catechism)

As a wife and mama, I also belong to Jon and our girls.  Their needs come before my own.  I never want my running to be at the expense of our family.  Quite the opposite!  I want my running to enhance our family!  – for our girls to witness me living a healthy, balanced life AND for running to be a healthy outlet where I return home feeling refreshed and energized to engage with my family.

With this mindset, there are days where I plan and want to run … and then those plans don’t work.  Sarah had a fever yesterday, so I didn’t want to leave her with our normal Tuesday babysitter.  So I did not go to practice and thus did not run.  Part of life when you’re a mama.

I had a good run on Monday – 7.4 miles on the roads from Covenant to LMPC, with a bit of back tracking to run the last bit with a girl who was a bit behind me.  Today, we are doing a tempo/speed workout on the track.  It’s a continuous run, where all of the recoveries are jogging – and so I will not be timing their splits.  So I get to run!

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Jamey’s HALF

My super star brother ran a HALF Marathon in 1:11:08 on Sunday.  That’s stinkin’ fast people! – average of 5:26 per mile for 13.1 miles.  I’m so impressed!!!  He wrote a great blog post about it that is well worth the read.

Way to go Jamey!!

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I did wake up early Friday morning for a run, and I am so glad I did! I felt GREAT!  The guys I run with can be so entertaining and Friday was no exception.  These guys do the same thing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (I could get a bit bored with that if I ran with them all the time).  We did it about 2 minutes faster than when I ran with them this summer. That’s always encouraging!

Saturday, I probably got about a mile in as I hauled it to the back of Oglethorpe’s campus to catch my girls a few times in the middle of their race, and then hauled it back to catch the finish.

Today, I wanted to get a good long run in.  I decided to go 10 miles – out and back on Scenic Highway.  Brutal.  Yet I wanted to get it done during the girls’ naps and wouldn’t be able to do that if I drove somewhere.  So I ran from here to the curve that is just before the Healds’ farm and back.  From the hang gliders to the turnout and back (middle 4.5 miles) has some serious rolling hills.  Even with those hills, I averaged 7:34/mile.  Nice.

The HALF is looking good folks!!!

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I had a great run Saturday (just over 11 miles at an 8 minute pace).  It made me so excited for the upcoming HALF thinking my goal really is attainable.  Monday I felt good on a tempo run. Tuesday I felt sluggish – what should have been an easy run felt HARD.  I took yesterday off to time the team on a sweet track workout in the rain (subnote – they ran GREAT – nailing their ambitious goal times I set for them!!!).  I thought I’d feel great today and planned to get in some miles.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  My legs felt heavy and I overall felt just plain sluggish and only ran 4 miles.

Several thoughts …

Looking at my running log, I’ve had 4 great weeks since 2 weeks off from my ankle sprain.  There’s a lot of wisdom in every few weeks, backing off a bit.  Maybe my body is telling me I need a lower mileage week.

I’ve also realized over the past few weeks how I need to pay careful attention to what I eat during the day. My tendency is to not eat enough during the day (unintentionally as I get busy with the girls, etc) and then be very hungry post-run and eat a huge dinner.  Not good!  I’ve been working to make sure I stop to eat a good breakfast (such as eggs and toast or homemade granola with added flaxmeal) and a substantial lunch.  That makes a big difference in how I feel during my afternoon runs.

I think the combo of those 2 things is why I’ve felt sluggish this week.  My brother talks about this on his blog as well – how some days you just don’t have it and that’s okay.  It’s part of running!  But I will say, I’d take his sluggish days ANY day!!! :)

I’m leaving tomorrow night for a quick overnight cross-country trip to Atlanta.  Thus, I won’t be able to run tomorrow unless I go early and Saturday’s running won’t add up to much as I dash around the race course.  So now, at 10:20pm I’m debating if I’ll wake up at 5am, pump (joys of nursing a baby), and run with some guys that always push me and make me laugh, or if I’ll sleep in.  I need the run.  Do I need the rest?  I think I’ll feel better if I run.  Hope I don’t regret it!

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When training for the Jacksonville and Boston marathons in 2008, I faithfully took glucosamine pills.  I was amazed at how well my body held up to the training and 2 marathons in 9 weeks and figured the glucosamine may have had something to do with it.

Fast forward to now.

I totally forgot I had taken this Shaklee glucosamine supplement until the other day when someone asked me if I had ever taken glucosamine.  DUH!  I had definitely wondered why my knees had felt so achy lately after long runs.  I haven’t been taking glucosamine this time around!  So, I plan to call mom in just a bit and order some (mom is a Shaklee distributor) and hopefully it will make a difference.  I’m pretty confident it will.  In 2 places above I have a hyper-link to the glucosamine I have taken.  Here’s a Wikipedia article if you want to read more.  You can also buy various glucosamine supplements at the grocery store or health food store.  I’m biased to Shaklee due to their commitment to high quality.

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running easy

I ran 6.1 miles pretty hard on Sunday, 6.8 miles Monday, took Tuesday off, and did 800 repeats yesterday.  Tomorrow is 3 x [200-300-400].  Thus, today was an easy day.  It can be so hard to run easy sometimes. My body was definitely in full agreement, feeling tired and wanting to simply stretch my legs.   Yet I still felt restless.  I kept thinking about the upcoming HALF and had to fight the urge to push the pace. Part of running a good race or a PR is good health, which comes in part from rest.  I fought the urge, and ran 5.6 miles at a very comfortable 8.40/mile pace.  There will be plenty of other days to throw the hammer down and run hard.

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a good run

I absolutely love the feel of finishing a good run – where I know that I ran hard and it felt GOOD.

I took Friday and Saturday off, not out of choice but out of necessity.  I could have run Friday morning but I knew I need sleep more than a 6am run.  Saturday, I was up at 4:30am to get going for my teams’ race and by the time I got home that afternoon, I had an hour to see my girls, feed Cora, and get presentable to go to a wedding – so there was ZERO spare time.

Once the girls were down for their naps, I headed out this afternoon.  I did an out and back run on Scenic.  While I do not like the speeding cars, I do like the rolling hills.  I ran to the hang glider bluff and back – 6.1 miles round trip.  I ran controlled on the way out and was feeling very good on the way back, so picked it up.  I clocked my last mile in 6:45, going almost 2 minutes faster on the way back than on the way out.

I felt strong. I love that feeling.  The weather definitely helped – 61 degrees and spitting rain. Just about perfect :)  I thought a lot about the half marathon as I ran.  I have my goal. I hope it’s realistic.   I’m excited about racing through Philly.

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