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it got me and Hot Chocolate 15K

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I knew my body was FIGHTING. And it LOST.  By Friday I was sick with a nasty cold. The kid that sits in your head and makes it hard to move. I had a fever by Friday night. Saturday I was in bad shape.  I was signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 15K Sunday.

The plan had been to get a good, fast race in to help with my marathon prep. I have a hard time racing during marathon training, because I am so focused on getting my long runs in. I wanted to do at least 1 race this go around.

So much for that plan.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit better, so we headed into Seattle for my race. I was coughing like a 60 year old chain smoker so my plan was to run the race – not race the race. I had been placed in corral A, but moved back to C with a friend who was in town from Tennessee.  I am typically a lot faster than him, and the competitive side of me still wanted to make sure I beat him, but I figured I’d at least run with him for a bit.  We started off at a steady 8 min pace.  A mile or so in, we had a long hill and I pulled away. And never saw him again.  For the whole race, I ran solid. Not really pushing but trying not to back off.

It was my slowest 15K to date (only my 3rd ever!) – 1:13:24.  I was 257 out of 5439, 90 out of 4115 women, and 21 out of 711 in my age group.  The HARD part is, I probably could have been top 10, maybe even top 5 if I’d had a great race. I killed me watching the leaders pass during an out-back stretch.

I am still sick and hope to kick this soon.  Being sick does NOT fit into marathon training!!


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Grand Ridge Trail Run – 5 miler

Finally a race is in the books!  Yesterday I ran the Grand Ridge 5 mile Trail Run.  I figured a trail run would be my perfect intro back into racing – I love the varied terrain and with that, not paying attention to pace – only people.

The race had a 50K, marathon, half and 5 miler. I debated the half, but between my husbands’ work schedule over the weekend and my current fitness, I settled on the 5.  I knew going into the better runners would probably be running the longer distances, and based on past results that top 3 was a realistic goal.

Race morning was COLD – 21 degrees cold.  Brrrr !!!

The race started on a gradual downhill very wide trail.  After about 1/2 mile, we headed up on single track.  There was 1 woman ahead of me.  As we climbed and climbed, I slowly gained on her.  We both actually walked a bit on some of the steeper hills.  I eventually passed her.  We then hit the downhill, and a guy then she passed me. I was running as fast as I possibly could down the hills – she was simply a better down hill raced.  After a bit, we started climbing.  I passed her again and actually pulled away a decent amount.  Once we headed down again, I knew she’d be hot on my tale.  Despite the lead I had, she passed me. I seriously don’t know how she was so quick downhill! I guess I am not confident enough.  Once we hit the wide trail, I closed on her a bit, but she managed to stay ahead and beat me by 12 seconds.

I was 8th overall, 2nd woman. My time was 47:04 – which is terribly slow in 1 sense, but not if you think about the fact that we climbed over 1000 feet in the race! And according to my Garmin, it was 5.2 miles.

It really was a fun race!  And it helped relight my hunger :)


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