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As I mentioned, my husband and I (along with a few friends) have an April challenge going – no sugar and 4000 pushups.  9 days in, I’m right on track.  14 push ups ahead of schedule actually :)  My hubs is doing 3 days on, 1 day off to get his total. I am just going for 134 a day.

I like challenges like this – I like the sense of working towards a goal.  Keeps me motivated.

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April’s challenge

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my kids and I just got back from a 2 week road trip.  We visited family and best friends.  And thankfully we call family best friends too! I know that is not always the case and it is something I treasure immensely in our lives.

Our 1st stop was at best friends’ house just up the road in lower Alabama.  While my 3 and her 2 were playing in best friend bliss after not seeing each other since early December, us Mamas were enjoying catching up.  As we talked through my no sugar February, I told her I would love to do it again with her – ya know, for accountability and support.  At this point it’s March 17 and I am on the front end of 2 weeks on the road AND 2 of my kids’ birthdays March 29 & 30.  So April 1 was a logical start date.  She did text me this morning making sure I wasn’t pulling a cruel April Fools joke!!

When I got home a few days ago, as we thoroughly enjoyed A LOT of birthday cake …
DSC_0722(my cakes may not look pretty but you CANNOT go wrong with homemade chocolate icing … you know, chocolate, butter, powdered sugar – and the blue & pink is to make the 3 year old birthday boy on March 29 and 5 year old birthday girl on March 30 both HAPPY with 1 cake! – we’ll see how many years I can get away with 1 cake!)

as I was … eating lots of cake, I asked my hubs if he wanted to do no sugar April with us.  He immediately says, “sure and we do 4000 push ups” – and he was being SERIOUS.  Being competitive and loving a challenge, I say “SURE!!!”

Our discussion was pretty comical as he realizes no sugar means no coke which really means no Jack and coke and over the course of the night he decides if he drinks a Jack & coke he takes a 50 push up penalty. And for the record, no Jack and coke is fine except for the 4 days his boss/really good friend will be staying with us.  Their “thing” is drinking Jack and coke together.

He also says maybe I should aim for 3000 pushups not 4000, which of course makes me go “Oh you watch me I’ll do 4000!!! Wanna make it 5000?!” and then I come back and realize 4000 is plenty and I really may not make it!

Then I realize he’s texting some of our other best friends in PA to get them on board.  Oh and the husband of my friend who I started this with is on board – he and my hubs really are attempting 5000 pushups.  Our PA friends are doing the push ups but not the no sugar.

Anyway, I love it! I’m crazy and I love a challenge and reaching a goal and having friends involved just makes it PERFECT!! :)

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no sugar – I made it!

I succeeded in my “no sugar February.”  My hubs asked this morning what I had planned for today.  Nothing!  In reality, I want to continue to not have sugar on a regular basis. Yet I do want the freedom of enjoying dessert when we get together with friends, the occasional out for ice cream, etc.  I’m a firm believer in enjoying things in moderation!

It was simply good for me to prove to myself that I could set a goal like this and keep it.   I’m thinking of saying “no chips” for my next goal – not that I eat chips often, but when I do, self control flies out the window. I love salt.  I’ll have to think about that one.

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no sugar update

I posted in early February about my plans to not eat sugar for the month of February.  After the 1st few days, overall it has been easy.  Valentines Day was tough because of the amount of candy my kids came home with, and last Sunday when friends came over for dinner and the wife brought an amazing looking sugar cookie topped with icing, apples and drizzled caramel … I almost caved!

I have caved 1 time – I got together with a new neighbor last Friday morning, and she had made a Paleo banana bread with chocolate chips for us to enjoy.  I didn’t want to be totally rude, so I had half a piece. It could have been worse though – because being Paleo there was no sugar in the bread – just the chocolate chips.  And it was good! I need to get the recipe to make in March! :)

I think my husband has been quite surprised by my self control (because let’s be honest – I’m not typically self controlled around opened junk food!).  Last week before he opened a 2 liter Coke he asked if it was ok or if it’d be too hard for me not to have any.  I told him it was FINE.  He gave me a look and opened the Coke.  The next morning I laughed so hard when I looked at the bottle …


he used a big ole Sharpie to draw a line to mark how much Coke was gone – he says it was 100% to be funny – but I do think he was trying to help me be accountable and to see if I really am staying true.   As I said, he’s been surprised :)

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no sugar

Friday night, I was up late waiting for my husband to get home from a work trip.  As I was eating my THIRD Reese’s Cup from our stash in the freezer (we took stole our favorites from our kids’ Halloween candy and put them in the freezer for our own private stash!), I made the abrupt/drastic decision to not eat sugar for the next 30 days.  I looked at my calendar and realized February 1st was the next day, so decided no sugar for the month of February – yay for a 28 day month!!! :)

I’m doing it partly to prove to myself (and my husband) that I simply CAN do this.  I’ve also been saying for months that I’ve wanted to drop “a few” pounds. I’m hoping this will be the kick in the pants to make that happen.  Side note – I was on my high end of my normal weight when I got back from a month long road trip with my kids this summer, and was on my way to getting back to normal-normal when I got injured, so I have stayed on my high to really high end of normal.  I’m ready to be on the low side of normal!!  I’m tired of thinking and wanting – ready to DO.

So no sugar February!!

I had to catch myself twice already yesterday when I took our middle child to a birthday party.  She ate all the nasty icing off the top of the cupcake and then left the yummy looking cake part. Normally I’d have popped that in my mouth, but NOPE!  Then on the way home, she asked me to open a pack of gummies from her party favor bag and normally I would have swiped 1 for myself before I handed the package back.  So do you see the theme – I steal sugar from my kids on a consistent basis.  Awesome, Mama.

When I told my husband my plan, he did say “What about the Super Bowl??” My response – there is no sugar in chips and dip!!!!  I’ll be just fine :)

I’ll post of my progress! And I’ll post if I can tell a difference in my waist line! – after I recover from the chips and dip tonight during the Super Bowl :)

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