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marathon pace

One of the [many] things I am striving to do differently in training for this marathon than in 2008, is to do more training at my goal marathon pace – 7:35/mile.  Starting this week in my training plan, Thursdays are designated for MP (“marathon pace”).  Today, I ran 6 miles, with the last 2 miles at MP.  I’ll build to running 10 miles, with 8 miles of it at MP.

There is also a lot of debate over the standard long run.  The typically piece of advice I’d always heard was to do your long runs about a minute slower per mile than your goal pace.  The newer advice I’m hearing is to start your long run easy, and then about half way through, build to marathon pace.  Some say to do an easy long run 1 weekend, and then a build to MP long run the next.  I’m planning on trying that.

So today, a measly 2 miles at MP … (the idea to run MP after several miles of running is to teach your body to run at MP when tired) … I actually averaged 7:19/mile for my 2 miles.  I’m sure as the miles build, physics will kick in and aiming for 7:35 will be enough of a challenge!

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Day 88

88 days does not seem like that long when I think about running a marathon and what my goal time is.   While I’ll be happy with a PR (3:29:58), my GOAL is 3:19. That’s a 7:35 pace.

The first 3.5 weeks of training have gone well.  I’ve felt strong on my long runs and am building my mileage during the week.  I ran 11 miles last Saturday, drop down to 10 this Saturday, and then start ramping up into the long long runs.  Next week, I start my mid-week runs where I do a few miles at marathon pace in the middle of the run.  Each week, the distance at marathon pace increases.


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Day 111

111 days to go that is.  Today is day 1 of my marathon training plan.  The goal is the Pensacola Marathon on November 11.  I haven’t done anything crazy like registering, but maybe I should.  Real life seems to always derail my plans, but I definitely have the marathon fire in me and am ready to take a serious go for it.  I have an ambitious goal in mind, but am also going to simply see how the training goes.

The above statement is not an excuse – I am curious how my body will do with my training plan. I also remember last Fall when I got sick for 2 weeks and the kids were all sick and running basically didn’t happen for a month.

In 2008 when I ran 2 marathons, I ran 4 days a week and my training was more fly by the seat of my pants.  This time, I am going to run 5 days a week, with speed workouts and tempo runs.

I’ll try to be good about posting progress on how things are going!  Also, stay tuned for a recap on my spring 5K races.

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Heritage Museum 5K

I ran another local 5K this morning – the Heritage Museum 5K in Val’p.

15 degrees cooler and no big hill in a race = 40 seconds faster and a PR!!!

Lisa, my running partner, also ran.  She set a PR too!  The funny thing is, neither of us were really “feeling it” before the race.

The course was an out and back, with gently rolling hills.  Lisa’s tendency is to start a bit on the conservative side and finish strong.  My tendency is to start fast and struggle not to die.

So I started off a bit faster than her.  I hit 1 mile in 5:56 (a bit slower than last week’s race).  That was exactly where I wanted to be.  Mentally, the out and back was TOUGH for me.  At the turn around, I was probably 10 seconds ahead and she looked strong.  I was pretty sure she’d close on me.

I was struggling.  Seeing my time at mile 2 was what I needed – 12:02 (so 6:06 for that mile).  I knew I had a shot at sub-19 if I could hold on.  Lisa said she was gaining on me slightly after the turn around but that just after the 2nd mile, I pulled away a bit more.

As I rounded the corner for the finish, a guy yelled out “18 flat.”  I CAN DO IT!  I could see the clock.  I knew it was going to be close.  18:54!!!

I was beyond excited!!!  My 3rd mile was 6:04.  Lisa finished in 19:13 – a PR for her, too!

My 3 mile PR from high school is 18:37.  So, with the added .1 for a 5K, this race beats that even.  I told Jon at dinner tonight that I must not have pushed myself hard enough in high school! I also told him how much I regret not racing in college.  I’ll always have that wonder of what I was capable of.  Also, in January 2010 I ran a 5K in 18:51, but I knew that course was short.  Today, I know the course was spot-on.  Thus, in reality, this is the fastest 3 mile or 5K I have ever run.  That’s crazy.

It’s still sinking in.  Right now I’m swinging between thinking, “sweet, no need to run any more 5K’s based on this accomplishment!” and “wow, wonder what I can get my PR down to??!!”

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eve of my 1st 5K in 23 months

The last 5K I ran was May 15, 2010.  I ran 19:33 (6:17/mile).  I’m honestly not sure what to expect tomorrow.  Ideally, I’d like to be faster than that. I know I’m strong, but I don’t feel fast.

The fun part of tomorrow is that 2 of my good friends are also running and it is there 1st road race EVER!  I’ve been helping them (and several other friends here) by making up running plans and helping them get into running shape.  It’s been fun to apply my coaching knowledge (and running in general knowledge) to help these good friends lead a more consistently active life style.

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2 race recaps and an update

This is long overdue.  A mental slump overtook me just before the Seaside Half Marathon.  It was brought on by a re-energized cold (that I thought I was kicking) slamming me full on the week of the half.  I was so frustrated.

All that to say, the half marathon went MUCH better than I expected it to.  I was a nasty mess thanks to the snot faucet coming out of my nose.  I felt strong for 9 miles.  Lisa (my running partner) and I were running together.  There was only 1 girl in front of us, and honestly she was so far in front of us at the half way turn around, that we were far more concerned about some one catching us from behind than the thought of us catching her.  We we caught site of her around mile 9 (I think) I knew then that Lisa would win and I had a hope for 2nd.  It was energizing to catching that girl for sure.

Approaching mile 10, my foggy brain was thinking only 2 to go.  I hit mile 10 and thought, you dummy, it’s 3.2 to go.  That silly mistake got me a bit.  I was definitely feeling it.  Lisa started pulling away.  My left quad started feeling tight.  Mile 11, tight was progressing to pain.  I was just hoping to not walk at that point!  And hoping that girl didn’t catch back up.  I was running with a noticeable limp by the end, but finished in 2nd place.  Lisa ended up beating my by about a minute.

I ran 1:31:53 – only 18 seconds off my PR.  I was very very happy with that!  And it was honestly the 1st time that I thought, I really can break 1:30 in the half marathon!

So Seaside behind me.  I was SORE.  It took me a good week to recover.  I then got in 2 decent weeks of maintenance running.

Last Saturday, I ran the Rock/Creek River Gorge 10.2 mile trail race.  This was purely for fun – no hope of winning any awards – just for the pure enjoyment of running trails (which I MISS).  It was so much fun!!  And I ran a lot more solidly than I expected.  I walked the BIG hills and was cautious on the down hills, but felt stronger than I thought I would.

And again, I was OH SO SORE after it.  So this past week was an easy, easing back into things week.  Monday, I plan to get refocused.

Speaking of being focused, another reason for my mental slump around the time of Seaside was a feeling of what now??  For almost a year (since I started running after having baby #3) my goal had been a half marathon.

So here is the short term focus and long term goal …
-through the end of May I am going to work on my speed, focusing on shorter races – mainly 5Ks and a 4.4 miler or 8K on Memorial Day depending on where we are
-June is going to be a maintenance month where I back off a bit
-in July, begin building for either a Fall marathon or an attempt on a sub-1:30 half marathon

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12 days and counting …

In November, when I registered for the Seaside Half Marathon, my running had been almost non-existent.  I was optimistic that I could turn things around by March 4 to be able to run a good half.  December was a good “getting back into it month.”  The pieces fell into place in January.  I was starting to get excited, but also kept wondering when something would derail me (I’m not normally a pessimist – it’s just been that type of year for me).  February started off with a bang.  I was getting REALLY excited.  Maybe I could run a PR after all!!

The plan for this week was to get in 2 hard workouts (1 focused on endurance and 1 focused on speed) and then taper that last 8 days.  Well, my taper has begun early.  My pessimist side has been justified.  I started feeling the beginnings of a cold on Saturday night.  I took Sunday off.  I ran easy yesterday morning and felt better than I expected but still have a cold.  I decided that today it was more important to rest and get well than to run a mediocre workout in the drizzling rain.  I’m planning on meeting Lisa (my new running partner) to run in the morning.  We’ll see if I can hang with her.

I had just been beginning to believe that a PR was possible.  My PR is 1:31:35 (6:59/mile pace).  Maybe it is still possible?  Maybe I’ll just be super rested and nail it?  (see, I’m not really a pessimist!!)  So yes, that is my stated goal for next Sunday – to PR.  Yet as long as I run a smart, consistent, mental strong race UNDER 1:35, I’ll be pleased.

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