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Boston 2016 in the books, so now what?!  July 15-16, I am running Ragnar Northwest Passage as part of an all female ultra team (meaning there are 6 of us instead of the typical 12). I’ve never done a Ragnar (or any relay for that matter) and am super excited – and also slightly terrified!!  I’ll be running about 33 miles total, split between 3 legs.  It’s a team of strong runners. Should be fun and crazy!

While marathon training, I have sought to have rested legs for key workouts (speed and long runs). My whole goal with training for Ragnar is to have my legs used to running when they already feel spent.  The more I’ve thought about this, the more I wonder is this is how I should also approach marathon training???  I am going to continue keeping detailed training summaries so I can track how I am responding to this type of training.  I am also being as consistent as possible with weight training and hot yoga.

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